This is a fic for one of my best friends ever. She wanted me to write a fic with Sogyo no Kotowari being Ukitake's kids, so we sat in the library together during lunch at school and came up with everything together, so she gets co-author status just because she wanted (demanded) it.

Also, because of OCD, I refuse to give them original names, so they're called Koto and Sogyo.

Six years had passed by since Jyuushiro Ukitake had discovered he had children. He had found this out only because the mother of his children had arrived on his doorstep with twin boys almost two years old and demanded he take them and never contact her again. Though it had been a distressing time in his life, the frail man had taken them without hesitation, though nothing could have prepared him for the difficulty of taking care of such wild boys – not even having been the eldest of eight children.

At this moment, Jyuushiro was stressing as he tried to get his children ready for school – tried being the keyword.

"Sogyo..." Jyuushiro was on the verge of pleading as he knelt before the older twin, half-dressed in his own work uniform. "Sogyo, please be a good boy and finish eating your breakfast. You shouldn't put your hands in the fish tank, okay? You're upsetting them."

Sogyo pouted as he reached out and pulled on his father's hair. His white hair was short and tied back in a ponytail, his grey school uniform hanging loosely on his eight-year-old body. "Don't be mean, daddy. Koto told me to do it!"

Jyuushiro gently untangled the tiny hand from his hair and placed it on the table, trying not to wince as his white strands were tugged in the effort. "Koto, stop telling your brother to be naughty. And, please, Sogyo; don't pull on my hair; it hurts me."

Koto, the younger twin, was dressed just like his brother, his bright green eyes shining with mischief. He looked around the small kitchen they were sitting in. There were cereal boxes sitting on the bench, dirty dishes piled in the sink. The fridge was tucked in a corner of the kitchen and the window situated beside it allowed the early morning light to flow into the room, brightening it considerably from the dark it was usually in.

"But, daddy, Sogyo was being mean to me!" Koto exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at his twin. "He said you didn't like me!"

"That's not true!" Sogyo defended.

Jyuushiro's voice was weary, his face lined from tension. "That's not true, Koto; I love you both very much. And Sogyo, stop bullying your brother."

After a bit more of stress on Jyuushiro's part, he was relieved to be taking them out of the tiny apartment they lived in and outside to wait for the bus. He had fixed his work uniform, buttoning the shirt and slipping his shoes on, almost ready to go.

"I don't want to go to school," Koto whined as the bus came around the corner just five minutes later.

"You have to," Jyuushiro explained in a gentle manner. He leant down to hug his children tightly before he walked them to the bus. "Daddy has to work today. He won't be home when you guys are, so please don't mess the house again, alright?"

The twins nodded as they returned the hug before tramping onto the bus. Jyuushiro watched until it disappeared down their street before he went back into the apartment in order to finish getting ready.

After he had brushed his teeth and fixed his hair, he grabbed his car keys and left the apartment, locking the door behind him. He didn't want to go to work, just like every other day; he really wasn't feeling well and he wasn't in the mood to be sexually harassed by his boss.

With the twins~~

"Has everyone taken their seats?" the calm voice of the twins' teacher asked as he walked in the door. He wore large black-framed glasses and had messy brunet hair, emphasising his gentle appearance. His hands rested in the large sleeves that sagged downwards and his bright smile along with kind eyes gave him a very approachable appearance. His smile widened when his class chorused 'Yes, sir'.

"Aizen-sensei seems happy today," Koto whispered to his twin. He frowned when the older boy ignored him and poked the other in the arm. "Sogyo?"

"Be quiet!" Sogyo hissed. "Aizen-sensei might have something important to tell us!"

"Sogyo!" Koto whined loudly, drawing the attention of his peers and teacher. His eyes welled up with tears. "Sogyo, stop being mean to me!"

In what seemed like a second, Sōsuke Aizen was kneeling beside the twins, a gentle hand on each of their shoulders. "Are we alright here, boys? I don't need to call your father again, do I?"

Despite the gentle, concerned tone in the brunet's voice, Sogyo shook his head. "Daddy says he doesn't want you to call him anymore."

"Oh, that doesn't matter," Aizen reassured, the children too young to pick up on the sly tone in his voice. "If it's about his children, I'm sure he'll talk to me."

Without waiting for their reply, Aizen pulled his phone out of his pocket and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. Koto remained in his chair, wiping at his eyes, while Sogyo moved over to the door, his curious, trouble-making nature making him prone to eavesdropping.

"May I talk to Jyuushiro?" Sogyo heard his teacher say. There was a few seconds of silence before the brunet spoke again. "Yes, I know he doesn't want me to call anymore, but it's about his children. ...Oh, thank you very much. ...Okay. Thank you."

Sogyo wasn't sure who the man was talking to, but he knew when Aizen was speaking to his father; the brunet's tone of voice changed from calm and soothing to... well, Sogyo couldn't think of a word to describe it, but it sent shivers down his spine.

"You're talking to me, Jyuushiro~" Aizen's voice took on that tone that Sogyo didn't like. "I'm rather surprised; you usually avoid me at all costs~ ...Oh, yes, of course, Jyuushiro; they were fighting again. ...No, they are fine. ...Maybe~ Maybe I just wanted an excuse to talk to you. ...Oh, don't be like that, Jyuushiro! They love me~ ...Jyuushiro, don't hang up on – damnit."

Sogyo hurried back to his seat before his elder could return back to the room. He pretended nothing had happened as he smiled brightly, wrapping his arms around his now-calm brother.

"Are we all better now, Koto-chan?" Aizen asked, smiling at his pupil. He nodded when he received a quiet confirmation. "I'm glad. Now, everyone; we're going to learn about algebra."

Sogyo couldn't help but whisper to his brother when Aizen's back was turned. "Daddy hung up on him again."

"Yeah, I don't know why daddy doesn't like Aizen-sensei," Koto whispered back. "Aizen-sensei is so very nice."

Sogyo nodded in agreement, whispering together for a few more minutes before they each focused on their work.

Kyōraku Liquor Store~~

"Are you alright, Jyuu-chan?" Ukitake's boss, Shunsui Kyōraku, asked with a worried voice. He watched his employee wipe at his eyes with his sleeve, knowing that he should not have put the call through to the younger male.

"Y-yes..." Jyuushiro mumbled. "I'm fine."

Shunsui sighed, twisting the small brown curl that hung down in front of his face. He moved closer to the smaller man and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close. He refused to let go, even when Jyuushiro twisted and growled in his embrace.

"Let me go, Shunsui!" Jyuushiro demanded, his usually happy demeanour turning cold. "I'm not in the mood for this!"

Shunsui's tongue reached out and licked at the pale exposed flesh of Jyuushiro's neck. He shook his head. "Nope~ Not until you agree to be my lover~"

"I've said no!" Jyuushiro exclaimed in annoyance. "Stop pressuring me!"

Shunsui laughed as he released the skinny man. "That took your mind off things. Now, in return you can suck my – "

"Shunsui!" Jyuushiro snapped. "We're working!"

Shunsui just shrugged. "Never stopped me before, has it?"

Jyuushiro sighed. The sad thing was that the statement was true. At least Shunsui had not been as forceful about it as he usually was.