Dinner was going very well for Shunsui's family. Sogyo and Koto were well-behaved, still a little shaken from having been living with Byakuya, but just glad to be back with their father. Nanao was as professional as ever, eating her dinner quietly and only making small talk. Shunsui and Jyuushiro sat side-by-side as they spoke to Hana, the topic of Aizen carefully avoided.

"I'm very glad to hear that things are going well." Hana smiled as she delicately cut her steak into pieces, her rich upbringing showing in everything she did. She gently reprimanded her son for displaying such careless manners, smiling as she did so; Shunsui had never been cut out for the rich lifestyle; he was too laidback and carefree, caring nothing for rules and regulations.

"Mom, don't be such a slavedriver." Shunsui chuckled as he waved his fork around lazily. "Look; Jyuu-chan has spilt some of his ramen on the table, but you haven't told him off for slopping."

"But Jūshirō-kun is not my son. I would never try and take the place of his real mother. Now you; stop talking and swallow what you have in your mouth."

Jyuushiro smirked at his boyfriend before he returned his attention back onto his food. He smiled at his children when they started competing for his attention, gently shushing them and asking them to finish off their dinner.

"Oh, yes, Shunsui; I forgot to tell you," Hana placed her cutlery down beside her plate, a serious expression crossing her face. "I saw your father the other day in town. He asked about you."

Shunsui's happy demeanour changed into one of worry and depression. He looked down at his lap for a few seconds before he started wheezing. He grabbed his inhaler and took a few puffs before he reached out and grabbed Jyuushiro's hand. "...What did he say...?"

"He asked how things are going with you and Lisa." Hana didn't miss the scoff her son gave, and she didn't blame him; his father had been out of the picture for twenty years now and had never gave a damn about what Shunsui did or achieved.

"Lisa and I broke up ten years ago, and she passed away just a few months beforehand..." Shunsui mumbled, his voice bitter.

Hana nodded. "I explained that to him. I told him you're with Jyuushiro-kun now."

Shunsui's breath hitched at these words and his grip on his partner's hand tightened. "...How...?"

"He took it well, actually." Hana explained. "He nodded and said to tell you he said hello."

Jyuushiro wondered what Hana was doing talking to Shunsui's dad if he were as bad as he had been lead to believe. Shunsui, as if sensing his confusion, explained.

"He... went to jail..." Shunsui said. "After that, he was sent to rehab for his drug addiction. We were told he was better, but... I don't want to know him..."

"I understand." Jyuushiro was ready to listen to his boyfriend some more if the older man needed an outlet for his stress, but Hana had already started talking again.

"He said he'd love to see you again one day, but I told him it was unlikely. He left soon after that."

Shunsui nodded. "I see. I'll think about what he said. Anyway, Jyuushiro has new medication so forgive him for feeling a bit drowsy. I can feel him slipping off to sleep on my shoulder."

The brunet turned his head and looked down affectionately at the head of white hair that was using his shoulder as a pillow. He leant down and placed a quick kiss on Jyuushiro's head before he wrapped his arm around the frail body.

Hana smiled. "You love him."

"I do. So much. I would do anything for him."

"I can see that. Look after him, honey."

Shunsui let Jyuushiro sleep throughout the rest of dinner, knowing that he needed the rest. He ignored the people that gave them disgusted looks, not bothered in the least by what people thought about his relationship. He only hugged the younger closer to him, focusing on his family to not give them the satisfaction of a reaction.

Jyuushiro stayed asleep for the rest of the night, not even waking as he was carried to and from the car. He was curled up in Shunsui's arms, sleeping peacefully for the first time since Aizen had attacked him.

Shunsui knew it would be a long road to repair the damage they all had suffered, but he knew they could do it; they all loved one another enough to keep them going.