BEEP, BEEP BE-thump. I retrieved my hand from the top of my now silent alarm clock and opened one eye to glare at the time, it was 7am according to the sinful device and I had half a mind just to ignore the start of the day and return to sleep, it was Saturday after all. I closed my eyes and almost drifted off when I remembered my plans for the day, studying with Sakura.

At the thought a grin slowly spread across my face and a new found energy spread throughout my body successfully eliminating any feeling of tiredness or desire to sleep. I sat up, threw the covers off my body and ran towards the bathroom. As I let the warm water of my shower wash over me I couldn't stop the excitement that bubbled up in my stomach, a whole day of just me and Sakura, alone, in her house. I shivered and almost growled with anticipation.

I had had a crush on her since we were in primary school and rarely got an opportunity like this to be alone with her since we had a wide circle of friends. An opportunity like this was not one to be taken lightly in my opinion so took extra care over the washing of my hair and body, I wanted everything to be perfect.

Once out of the shower I dried myself off before shrugging into my favourite pair of orange jeans and a casual black tee shirt, looking out the window at the sunny and seemingly warm day I decided not to bother with a jacket and finished my outfit off with a pair of black converse and my lucky crystal necklace. The necklace itself probably wasn't lucky but I had come to the conclusion that if I attached good memories to it and with a lot of positive thinking I could make it lucky, and today of all days I needed some luck. People often described me as being loud and obnoxious which didn't particularly bother me but when I was around Sakura, I had a nasty habit of embarrassing myself and being scolded by her. It didn't used to bother me so much but I was starting to worry now that she thought of me as a brother or even worse, a son which was not the kind of relationship I wanted to have with her. I gripped the necklace tightly in my hand and silent begged it to help me in any way it could before making my way to the bathroom mirror.

After a quick brush of my teeth and a gurgle with some mouth wash I turned my attention to my face. I wasn't particularly bad looking in my opinion with thick, straight blond hair, clear tanned skin and large blue eyes. I mean I knew there was nothing special about my looks but I wasn't hideous, I could have been a lot worse off. As my hair was now dried after the shower I ran my hand through it to give it some volume and fluff it up into my signature gravity evading spikes. Dropping my hand and deciding I was happy with the way I looked I blew my reflection a kiss and with a quick smirk whispered "stunner" to myself before quickly heading out the door before my brother had a chance to wake up and pester me.

Once I was in the cool morning air I felt ready to take on the world. I took in a long slow breath of fresh air and quickly puffed it out again, now that I was ready the excitement was coming back and almost boiling over. I didn't want to keep her waiting so I started to slowly jog towards our meeting point, I enjoyed the way the buildings and streets slipped past me with ease as I kept a steady pace, jogging often helped me sort out my thoughts and concentrate on problems that needed solving.

A grin formed on my face in anticipation of the day, I wondered if she would want to keep focused and work or if she would want a little chat? If so could I gently tease her into flirting with me without her noticing it? I hoped we could make snacks and maybe play a little game of truth or dare in which I could dare her to run around her garden naked, maybe she would want me to run with her and then we could come back in and collapse on her sofa in each other's arms and...

I chuckled quietly to myself at the way my thoughts were going, we'd be having none of that a time like this in the morning , if I let my thoughts continue down a path like that I would only end up saying something stupid to her and ruining the day and I definitely didn't want to do that.

I slowed down into a calm walk as I approached our meeting place, it was a wooden bridge. It stood over a small river that ran from the woods down into the centre of Konoha. It was where we used to meet up with the rest out our friends to play as kids but since it was away from most of their houses we didn't come here so often anymore. I still liked the place though, it was peaceful and close to both mine and Sakura's houses which was why we always chose this place when we met up. As I approached the bridge my heart jumped when I saw someone was waiting there but it soon dropped again when I realised it wasn't Sakura.

Standing at the side of the bridge, leaning back against one of the railings and reading what appeared to be one of his many psychology books was Sai. He was in our group of friends but none of us were particularly close to him seeing as he only joined our school at the start of this year, the only reason he really hung out with us was because he didn't particularly fit in with any of the other groups and didn't cause any trouble. He was a strange one though, he always had some type of factual book with him or a sketch pad, he never joined many of the group conversations either it was more like we was observing them and the way we all acted around each other. He did sometimes participate in our socialisations when only a few members of the group were around or during any given class project. He was in quite a few classes with Sakura and me, because of this we knew him the most out of our group so it was our responsibility to invite him out with us when the whole group did something together.

I was surprised to see him of all people, why would he be out unless it was to meet someone? and who would have invited him out apart from Sakura or me? With these questions in mind I cautiously approached the bridge, as soon as he heard my footsteps on the bridge he looked up from his book and acknowledged me. "Hi Sai" I greeted him with a nod. "Hello Naruto" he said with an emotionless smile and walked towards me, I regarded him with a quizzical look on my face which quickly turned to shock as he wrapped his arms around my lower waist tightly and nestled his chin into the crook of my neck and shoulder.

"um Sai, what are you doing?" I stuttered in confusion, this was so weird I could hardly process what was happening.

"I'm hugging you" he said simply, as if that would clear up any of my confusion.

"I gathered that, but why? "

"I read in a book that when you want to strengthen your relationship with someone, it helps to regularly enforce your bonds with appropriate physical contact"

"Oh, okay then I see" I murmured patting him awkwardly on the back. "Sai you can get off now"

He didn't reply but instead let go of me and returned to leaning against the side of the bridge, picked up his disregarded book and continued to read. With a lack of anything better to do I watched him for a few minutes in silence while thinking of something to talk to him about.

"Sai, what are you doing here?"

Again he looked up and me with an emotionless smile "I'm waiting for someone, what about you Naruto?"

"Same here" I told him bluntly, he didn't seem to mind my rudeness though because he only nodded and continued to read his book once more.

I analysed him whilst he was reading, the way he turned the pages so delicately and held the book so lightly, even the way he leaned against the railing made him look very feminine. He had a very willowy figure, I doubted he ever bothered to lift weights or even try to build up muscle, that's not to say he wasn't toned though. I squinted my eyes a little bit as I continued to analyse him, almost every time I saw him he wore a top which showed off a fair amount of his belly. That had always puzzled me a bit because I doubt he lived without a mirror in his house, he must know how he looked so either he was extremely dense or he wanted to look girly.

I scrunched up my forehead, trying to figure him out before I was snapped from my thoughts.

"Naruto!" I looked over and saw Sakura walking towards me. I had almost forgotten that I was meeting her here but having been reminded I smiled. "Sakura!" I exclaimed started to skip towards her. When I was a couple of feet away from her I remembered something Sai had said. Physical contact ehy? I smirked inwardly before changing my face to a grin and stretching my arms out for a hug.

Sakura's eyes widened and she looked from my face to my arms as though she was unsure of what I was trying to do, her eyes settles on my hands and she smiled before stepping forward and giving me a double high five. Not quite what I was aiming for but I still had the entire day with her.

She looked up at me then quickly flashed her eyes towards Sai then back to me. "Are you ready to go?" she asked with a nervous smile on her face.

"Yeah let's get going" I smiled back to her as we turned and I fell into pace beside her, I hadn't missed her nervous expression but I couldn't for the life of me place the cause. Trying to figure it out I fell silent and kept to my thoughts until I heard another pair of footsteps fall into place beside me.

I looked up and saw Sai walking with us with his book tucked under his arm. This surprised me because Sai wasn't rude and I didn't think he was the type to ditch someone.

"Em Sai, weren't you waiting for someone?" I asked him knitting my brows together.

He turned and looked at me "Yes I was, I was waiting for Sakura so we could study for our geography test together" he told me blankly before smiling towards me in an attempt to soften the bluntness of his words.

In shock I turned and looked at Sakura sceptically, she blushed and looked down "I just thought that since all three of us had the same test and were in the same class it would make sense for all of us to study together" she told me apologetically "I didn't think you'd mind..." she trailed off and I felt bad for stressing her out.

"Don't worry about it Sakura I don't mind at all, I'm just a little shocked" I told her with a smile. "Besides" I looked from her to Sai, "the more the merrier"

Sai didn't reply to the statement he just kept looking straight on as we walked towards Sakura's house, but Sakura looked up at me and smiled. I was glad I had made her feel better seeing as her smile now seemed genuine, but I couldn't help but feel the slightest bit annoyed that Sakura and I wouldn't have the whole day to ourselves anymore.