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Chapter 3: Nightmares

I opened the front door timidly and glanced around, as far as I could see the cost was clear. I tiptoed into our house and got a sudden jolt of excitement through my belly along with a slight hope, it was only six pm, maybe he would still be in bed? It wasn't as though he had never gotten up this late before? Maybe I would still have time to prepare him a quick meal and serve it to him in bed like the loving brother I was...

My dream was short lived as I felt hot breath on the back of my neck, I froze and cursed my stupidity. Why did I even allow myself to hope for some luck? If my previous experiences of the day were anything to go by I would not be having an easy time before bed.

I was broken out of my thoughts by a breath disturbingly close to my ear "so nice of you to join me" he drawled lazily. There was a pause before I felt one thick arm wrap snugly around my waist and another around my shoulders. He stepped forward so he was right behind me and bent down to press his nose and mouth into the top of my head before growling into my ear.

"I missed you"

The vibration of his voice sent shivers down my spine, feeling this he dug his nails into the soft flesh of my shoulder and chuckled. "What's wrong little one? Too much for you?" I let out a small squeak at the pain of my now bleeding shoulder, at this I felt the claws recede and was instead grabbed and roughly spun then pushed up against the wall. I closed my eyes as my brother's hot breath fanned my face, not needing to look to see what state he would be in. "Man up runt" he hissed into my face which only made me grimace more as his breath smelt rather strongly of blood, I decided I must be imagining things as there was no way his breath could smell like actual blood but with each ragged breath it smelt stronger.

He must have seen my distaste as he growled and using the collar of my top, painfully dragged me through to the kitchen and threw me onto the floor. I didn't have a chance to make any noise as he quickly straddled me, putting all his weight on me and forcing the air out of my chest. With one hand he grabbed both my wrists pinning them to the floor and with the other he took a handful of my hair, forcing my head back in a way that made me stare up at him. He looked terrifying, being over a head taller than me and muscled to the point of being mistaken for a body builder, the way he leaned over me left no room for escape. He was easily twice my weight and abnormally strong so I didn't even try to struggle, I had made that mistake in the past and learned the hard way that it only served to fuel his anger.

Although in bad mood he was still incredibly handsome. Even without his "godly figure" as he liked to call it his face was rather charming. He had straight, thick red hair and slanted dark red eyes. At a glance they were brown but if you took the time to analyse them, they were an unusual shade of maroon. He had a flicky nose and a tidy yet somewhat big mouth, the combination of his features gave him a very unwelcoming and fox like appearance.

He sat up and reached over t the counter top before pressing a knife into my neck, the blade was cold with a dry sharpness to it and against my neck it felt huge. Kurama leaned forward so his hair covered his eyes and grinned maliciously at me before growling "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" I scrunched my eyes shut and fearfully waited for the pain.

My heart must have beaten a few hundred times before the knife was removed and his unwelcomed weight lifted from my chest allowing me to breathe again. I panted and looked over at him, he placed the knife back down on the counter top and smiled at me more kindly.

"I'm just joking brother you know I would never hurt you" he purred before walking off in the direction of the living room. I sighed and picked myself up, noticing for the first time since I got in that there were dirty plates in the sink. "Kurama..." I questioned gently "have you, eaten at all today?"

"Of course I have" he scoffed "don't treat me like a five year old, runt"

"What exactly have you eaten?" I asked with genuine curiosity.

"Just some steak that was in the fridge, I would have left you some but I decided you weren't worth it"

Unfazed by his insults I continued "did you actually cook then?"

"You're such a patronising little shit" he growled appearing in the doorway "yes in fact I did cook, I microwaved it"

Impressive, for him "that sounds, em, successful? How long for"

"About a minute"

That explained the smell of blood "dear god, I take it back, that sounds hideous" I tried not to retch at his disregard for health and safety.

He smirked at my reaction "excuse me for not being the domestic goddess you clearly are, but there has to be at least one man around here" he grinned, impressed by his own joke.

I decided to change the topic before things got any more out of hand "so, are you hungry then?"

"Sure, why not. And since I am such a bad chef it looks like you will be cooking for me" he said proudly as I resisted the urge to tell him I wasn't stupid enough to think otherwise.

"I think that's probably for the best, what do you want? I'm not going to the shops for you if you want anything we don't already have you can get it yourself."

He bared his freakishly sharp canines at me before replying "if you're going to be such a brat then just make me a cup ramen or something, I'm sure that's well within your skill set"

"Alright fine then go through, sit down and ill bring it to you in a few minutes"

He grunted something unintelligible and stalked off, leaving me to my thoughts. I kept my hands busy with preparing both our cup ramens while my mind wandered over the events of the day. Disregarding the weird game of spin the bottle and the unrelenting awkwardness the day had almost been successful, one of the main reasons I had gone over to Sakura's house was to revise after all and I could recall and understand almost everything we had been over. I guessed that in a way that one small success made the day worthwhile.

I picked up both cup ramens and made my way towards the living room with a small sigh, one positive outcome of a whole day was not something to boast about. Hopefully the revision would pay off in tomorrow's test though, if I could at least answer every question then this day would be a lot better than I had first thought.

"Here you go Rama" I placed the cup down on the table, I hoped that with the casual use of the nickname he allowed me to call him, he would overlook the fact that I hadn't been bothered to give him his meal directly. He didn't bother replying instead he simply picked his food up and stalked away, leaning against the window whilst he ate and watched something that had caught his interest outside.

"Hey Naruto, do you dare me to scalp one of them?" he grinned to himself as his observed some poor person he considered his 'prey' getting on with their day to day life. I joined him at the window, looking for what he was referring to but could only see a group of young children playing a game of tig in the street outside our house. Surely he couldn't be meaning them? I glanced over at him but my worries were confirmed by the fact that he still grinned sadistically and his eyes followed the game with unhealthy interest.

"No Kurama, id prefer you to take out your anger on me than one of them" at this offer he finally tore his eyes away from the unsuspecting children to fix me with a malicious gaze.

"I'm not angry Naruto, what would make you think that? I'm just bored" he finished this disturbing statement with a smirk that gave me shivers.

I didn't see the need to reply to him as we had had conversations similar to this before and he probably knew what I would say next. I decided to leave it there and quickly finished my ramen before retiring to my room.

"Goodnight Rama, I'm going to study a bit before bed" was the only explanation I gave him as I made to put my dishes away. There was a snort quickly followed by "bullshit" but once again I didn't reply.

On the way from the kitchen to my room a subtly locked the front door, as a precaution (not so much to keep bad people out, but to keep my brother in). Before simply retiring for the night.

Just as Kurama predicted I got no studying done in the remainder of the evening, instead I lay around on my bed listening to my iPod and thinking about my brother and I. Although we were brothers, we were only half brothers which wasn't surprising when looking at us side by side. I wasn't very big but I certainly wasn't small for my age either, I was just about average size but next to him I looked like a child and our differences didn't stop there. I had always been tanned but he was pure white, my hair was short and fluffy while his was spiky and fairly long, it almost looked like a mane around his head and face. Kurama's ears were also pointier than mine and his teeth were a lot bigger and sharper, thinking about us made me wonder if we even shared the same mum.

Our mother had been fairly young when she fell pregnant with Kurama but when she told her boyfriend of the time he had left her, leaving her to take care of him by herself. When Kurama was three she had met my father and they were married with me two years later, the only reason I have my mother's last name is because my mum wanted Kurama and I to have the same name. I suppose I must have taken after my father with my looks and Kurama after his, I always wondered what Kurama's father had looked like but my mother never had any pictures of him.

I decided to go to bed before I could think anymore about my parents as that never lead to anything good so I got undressed and slipped under my covers, the day must have taken quite a toll on me as I fell asleep almost as soon as my lamp was off.

Unfortunately it didn't last long, I woke up in a cold sweat, almost too afraid to move. I didn't need to try to remember to know what my nightmare would have been, after all it was the same one that I had had since I was six years old. When some of the fear had subsided I glanced over at my clock which read 3:24am, luckily I still had time to sleep, but not here. Slowly I got myself up and walked over to my door, I had to take a few deep breaths before opening it. The hallway was pitch black and ominous, the darkness was so thick it could conceal even the worst monsters and hide traps of any sort, but I needed to go, I needed comfort otherwise I would be awake and afraid all night.

I clenched my fists and dug my nails into my palms before stepping out into the blackness and once I left the safety of my bedroom the terror I felt when I had woken up returned. I tried to walk with calm, even footsteps to prove to myself that I wasn't afraid and I tried to hum to myself to take my mind off the pressing darkness, but neither worked as I realised that the noise I was making would allow anything searching to find me and my slow pace would only help them catch me quicker.

With my control breaking I sprinted the rest of the way down the hallway to the last open door before throwing myself into the safety of my brother's bed. He grunted at being woken so suddenly and turned around to face me, but I buried my face into the mattress in an attempt to stop my heavy breathing and shivering. I heard him take in a breath, probably to shout at me or insult me but instead he just sighed and I felt two rough hands around my ribs before I was lifted and quickly put down on the mattress again. I looked up in confusion to see that he had lifted me over him and placed himself between the door and me, and was now lying with his back to me. I was surprised but very grateful, and as I snuggled up to his back I could feel myself relaxing so I allowed myself to fall back asleep feeling comforted and protected.

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