Chapter 1

Spike remembered this bench. He and Dru killed a homeless man on this bench. He begged for mercy, that just made Dru bite harder. Everything had been for her, for over 100 year he loved her. Spike even allied with the slayer for Drusilla, promised to never come back. Then there was Faith. Did Faith even know that Dru had killed a slayer? Was it about avenging Kendra? It didn't matter. Either way Faith killed Drusilla. Spike would make her pay. She would suffer before he killed her. Spike hadn't tortured the other two slayers he killed, had given them quick deaths. Not for moral reasons he just didn't take stupid chances where slayers were concerned. But with Faith, Spike wanted to make her suffer first. He considered his former truce with Buffy over. If she, or any of her family and friends got in the way of his vengeance Spike would snap their necks without a second thought. As Spike was contemplating exactly how to take Faith down other vampires approached him. Spike recognized one of them. This was Lenny, a former minion of Spike's who now seemed to work for someone else. Spike didn't think much of any of these vampires individually, but ten against one Spike might want to save his strength if he can.

What do you want?

I'm part of the new welcoming committee. My new boss would like to talk to you about a new job opportunity.

Maybe you've forgotten that I'm not a team player.

But you have common interests, or at least common enemies. Come with me and he can explain it better.

And if I refuse?

: We kill you. Even if you survive he will send others. Trust me Spike, it's better to be on his good side.

What the hell, I'll hear him out. Let's go then.