Chapter 19

It was finally over. Buffy made sure the rogue slayer wasn't a threat. The big bad was dead, at least this one was. And she'd actually graduated highschool. The future frightened Buffy, but not as much as it once did. She talked about the battle with Giles, specifically about Spike.

"He took off right after the Mayor was killed, I don't know if he found shelter in time."

"Yes, as much as I like to think Spike was killed I fear we'll be seeing him again"

"I don't know why he waited until I was out of the building before blowing it up.

"Perhaps he wanted to make absolutely sure the Mayor was inside. Given how powerful he was I can understand Spike not wanting to take the chance of letting him survive."

"Yeah, you're probably right. I mean, it couldn't have been out of any love for me. Right?"

Spike watched from a distance, the ambulances tending to the wounded, firefighters putting out the remaining fires. Dru's death had been avenged, the Mayor was dead and no longer a threat to Spike. He could walk away now, never see Buffy Summers again. But Spike had conflicted feelings. Why had he helped her at Faith's apartment, spared her life earlier? Maybe he had wanted to kill Buffy face to face. She had been his enemy longer than Faith. And with Drusilla gone Spike hardly knew what to do with himself. Maybe he could use a new obsession. If he stayed in Sunydale Spike and Buffy would soon be fighting. Spike decided he liked the thought of that. He wasn't going anywhere just yet.