Old guilt

Xander was driving Dawn out of Sunnydale. When she woke up she was going to be angry at him for knocking her unconsciouss, but she would be alive. As Xander was driving he saw a familiar face in the back seat. He knew what this was, the first evil, their enemy. But it had taken the form of Xander's old friend Jesse.

"Still Buffy's lapdog huh. She'll never be yours."

"That's your opinion. And did you have to take his form?"

"Typical Xander, always assuming the worst about me."

"You're not Jesse."

"I was your friend for 16 years. You met Buffy and less than 2 days later you were ready to stake me. All for a girl who would sooner make out with vampires than you."

"It wasn't just about Buffy. It was about helping people, stopping you. And maybe a little bit avenging Jesse."

"I am Jesse. I used to play doctor with you and Willow. Remember how she used to read medical books and diagnose us. We never had the heart to tell her she was playing it wrong."

"I remember."

"I heard your yellow crayon speech that stopped Willow from destroying the world. As I remember you forgot to bring your crayons and I loaned you mine so you could stop the cute little redhead from crying. So really, I deserve some of the credit you've been taking for saving the world."

"Maybe you're right. Jesse does deserve some of the credit for that. And when Buffy does find a way to stop you, part of that victory belongs to my friend."

"Fine, keep telling yourself tht I'm not Jesse. I'm merely the first evil. But know this, I've been around a long time. Dawn is just about waking up, and I have a good idea what's about to happen. And I am really going to enjoy what's about to happen."