Mato was waiting for Yomi for what seemed like years. "Jeez... Where is she?" Mato sighed to herself. "Didn't get a text back either... And that was 2 hours ago! Guess I'll go round to her house then!" Mato clenched her fist and ran. "Wait... why am I running? Oh well, Guess I really want to see her." Mato blushed thinking about Yomi. "Lets go!" She shouted braking into a sprint.

Mato reached Yomis house and was let in by Yomis mother. "Thanks Mrs. Takanashi!" She ran up the stairs and stopped outside of Yomis room. Soft moaning could be heard. "Yomi?" Mato opened the door and went in.

Mato was so shocked at what she saw but decided to stay silent. Yomi was pinned to the bed by a almost exact copy of herself. "Dead master..." Mato whispered to herself watching the horned girl kiss, lick and suck on Yomis neck. "How did she get here?" Mato wondered. She could feel her face grow red watching the two kissing each other. Deeply. "Damn... I'm being turned on by this!?" Mato forgot to be silent and the two broke apart and stared at Mato. Yomi blushed deeply and silently stared back. Dead master on the other hand growled. "Kuroi..." She spread her wings out and hissed at her. Yomi took the demon into her embrace, calming her down. She smiled softly and tucked her wings back in, snuggling into Yomis embrace. "So... this is where you were Yomi." Mato came closer to both of them. "Well, yes... Oh Mato, I'm sorry... But Dead master... She doesn't know how she got here... Explaining her to my mother would be... awkward." She was right. How do you explain a demon who looks exactly like you in every way to... well, anyone?

After more explaining they still had no conclusion to why Dead master was here. "Hey, Yomi... Why were you doing... well, that with Dead master?" Yomi blushed madly and shook her head. "I don't know what came over me... But... I enjoyed it..." She took Dead masters hand and squeezed it. Dead master smiled. Satisfied with Yomis answer. Mato nodded unsure of this... Relationship. Dead master was... Yomi. The dark side of her. Was Yomi... In love with Dead master...? And did she return Yomis feelings? Was this selfcest?! Not that Mato cared about that stuff but Dead master was... Evil... And Yomi was... Pure... Would this work out for them? She looked back at them. Dead master was kissing Yomis hand. Maybe it would work after all. I mean... If they are each others opposites then they should complete each other. Shouldn't they? Too bad Mrs. Takanashi burst in. "Yomi I'm ju-" She paused and stared at the scene in front of her. Mato watching her daughter and... A cosplayer? She backed out the room, shutting the door. "Kids these days."