We walk toward the hollow log where I hid my bow and arrows. I retrieve it and lead Peeta toward the path that will bring us to our clearing. I found the clearing inadvertently twelve years ago, when I grew tired of any sight of Gale every time I enter the woods. When the new Panem government built the gates.

I wander to a different path of the woods and stumbled upon it. It shaped almost round with a small pond on one side and the trees are gone around it, covering it up from sight. I take Peeta there after several visits, after I was sure I remember the path correctly. It has been our special clearing since then.

Peeta constructed it up sometime later. He built a small shack with a 'Mellark's shack' sign hung on it, planted some primrose around the shack and some Katniss near the pond, where he bred some fish I brought from the lake.

I also built some snares and traps around it, spread some dandelion seeds on one end and planted some strawberry patch on the other end.

We reach it in an hour. The snow-covered the ground just like the town square, since there is no leaf canopy above it. I see some snares with games, but ignore it and walk straight toward the shack. I put my bow aside, drink some tea out of the flask and wait for Peeta to sit beside me.

"I saw some games on the snares," Peeta takes the tea a sip. "Rabbit stew for dinner. Haymitch would be pleased."

"Do you ever think of dump me?"

Peeta turns his head briskly to me. I look into his blue eyes, holding my breath.

"Please don't," Peeta puts the flask down. "Not this. Not now."

I look at him, confuse. Suddenly his body stiffens his eyes wide in horror.

He gets an attack.

I take his face in my hands and kiss him gently. I hug him tightly when I let go.

"It's okay, Peeta. That's not real. Everything is fine."

His body stiffens for a little longer before he finally hugs me back.


"Hush… it's okay. Everything is fine, Peeta."

He releases my arms and looks at my face, tears dwells in his eyes.

"What did I do wrong?"

"You did nothing wrong, Peeta," I answer, startled.

"Then why are you dumping me?!" Peeta asks. Pain is clear in his voice.

"I'm not dumping you, what are you talking about?"

"You asked me, if I ever thought of dump you."

"Yes, I asked you," I answer, bewilderment.

"Then you are planning to dump me, aren't you?"

"No! I'm not! I will never do that. I will never think of it," I shout out loud.

I just get how Peeta took my question and I start crying, sobbing. I'm so stupid. It hurt me so much when he jokingly asked me that question on our way here, but I ask him the same question without thinking. Implying to him that his joke is true and I hurt him unintentionally.

Peeta frightened by my reaction. He holds me close, wipes my tears away and soothes me. What is wrong with us? Crying and hugging over a very stupid misconception that continually repeated.

I take him here to tell him the good news, but I carried away by his joke comment and end up makes him think I'm going to tell him a very bad news instead.



"I'm pregnant," I whisper quietly, my voice barely audible.


"Okay," I look into his eyes. "I just want you to know that I am happy about it. Terrified, but happy. Very happy."

Peeta looks unsure. "Um… why are you terrified and very happy again?"


"I'm sorry; I didn't get what you said earlier."

"Then why you answered me with okay?"

"Uh… I heard you say something that I believe the answer is 'okay'," Peeta says quietly. "But then you said you happy but terrified and it just doesn't fit."

Is he really didn't hear it?

"I'm really sorry."

That's it. He really didn't hear it.

"You know what, forget it!"


"Forget it, Peeta!" I take a deep breath to calm myself. "Just let it be. I'm going to collect the games."

I leave Peeta behind. It takes all my courage to tell him that I'm pregnant without being freaked out, but he didn't hear it. Worst, he replays me when he didn't even get what I said.

This scene is supposed to be beautiful, with me telling him the special news at our special place and all.

I collect all the games when I realize I didn't bring my game bag. I didn't mean to get any, so I didn't even think about it until now. I'm annoyed with myself I can't help but sobbing, again.

I get down, hug my knee and curled up on the ground, tremble with my own tears and the cold snow on the ground.

Peeta runs toward me, I can feel the ground vibrations when he gets close. He lifts me off the ground and brings me back to the shack. Embraces me tightly. I hide my face on his broad chest, sobbing even harder.

I feel so dumb. I've cried all day. What is wrong with me? I should feel tired already, shouldn't I?

"I want to go home," I whisper.

"What is it, love?" Peeta bend down; puts his ear near my face.

"I want to go home, Peeta." I repeat.


Peeta place me on his back and carry me home. I put my head over his shoulder and hug his neck tighter. I feel warm and safe right away. This is my place, near him. But after a while I can tell that he is panting.

"Let me down, Peeta."

"No, I'll take you all the way to home."

"I know. I'm fine, I'll walk."

"No, I'll take you all the way there."

"I'm fine, Peeta. You're panting."

"I'm fine, Katniss," he smiles.

I kiss his cheek. "Thank you and sorry."

"You do nothing to sorry about and thank you too, for the kiss."

I kiss him once again. He stops and turns his face to me, kisses me on my lips. I linger my lips on him. We let go for air and smile to each other. He starts to walk again.

"I'm going to take you home as fast as I can. My shift at the bakery is over and the bed sound very inviting, warm and comfortable for some activity."

I laugh when he speeds up.

"Oh… I don't know about that."

"What? I carry you all the way, I deserve a generous reward."

"Yes, you are. But you'll exhaust as we reach the bed, you'll prefer sleep instead."

"You get the point there."

We laugh.

"Sing for me."

"What you want me to sing?"

"The valley song."

I sing the valley song without further ado. Over and over again, quietly near his ear all the way to the twelve's gate. As we almost reach the gate, Peeta trips and almost loses his balance before he steadies himself. I clutch to his neck, my body stiffens.

"It's okay, Katniss," He touches my cheek.

"Please be careful, Peeta. I can't fall. It's dangerous for us."

"We'll be alright, a couple of scratches or bruise maybe. But, fine. You don't afraid of it do you," Peeta chuckles.

"No. Of course not. I'm just afraid if I accidentally hit my belly."

"Yeah… that's not good. You'll probably lose your appetite-."

"And probably our baby," I say quietly.

Peeta stop. "Our baby?"

"Yeah. Our baby. The one who is growing inside me."

Peeta puts me down and turns over. He looks at me, eyes wide in surprise. He moves closer and hesitantly puts his palm flat on my abdomen.

"You can't feel it yet, Peeta," I chuckle.

"Do you… do you really… are you sure, I mean are you…"

"I'm pregnant, Peeta.

"You pregnant? Katniss?"

"I have your baby in me. So, yeah… I'm pregnant," I smile.


"Peeta!" I laugh.

He laughs frantically and lift me from the ground before kiss me passionately for the longest time.

"Everything will be fine, Katniss. I'll take care both of you. I'll protect both of you. I promise. You don't have to worry. Everything is fine."

"I know," I smile. "I want, need and love this baby as much I want, need and love you, Peeta. So I know. Everything is fine."

"I want, need and love both of you too. So much. The three of us will be fine." Peeta puts his forehead on mine. "Thank you… Katniss."

I never felt happier upon a thank you before.