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Always and Forever

- Raven Mikaelson

Elijah cautiously stepped into the hospital room, avoiding both Salvatores on his way, as his gaze fell upon the unconscious form of Elena Gilbert on the bed. Her usually warm and radiant olive skin lost some of its colour and the steady beeping sound almost drowned out her soft breathing. The lady doctor standing by her side did not notice him yet and pulled out a small vial of blood. He could smell with the aid his millennium old senses the sweetness of the viscous liquid. Vampire blood. And she was just about to administer it. In less than a second he was standing behind her and held her wrist carefully, stopping her startled scream with a hand over her mouth.

"Calm down Doctor, I am here to help." He said softly and after making sure she will not scream let her turn around.

She turned around sharply and looked at him for a moment before recognition flashed in her eyes. "You are one of the Originals." She said softly as to not awake Elena. "Why are you here?" she asked.

He nodded. "I would appreciate if you did not mention my presence to anyone, not even the Salvatores. I wish to help. My blood is much older and stronger than whoever has donated the content of that vial. Allow me to aid the lovely Elena in her recovery."

She contemplated his offer for a moment before motioning for him to sit down. "Roll up your sleeve please, I will take one full syringe and transfer it directly into her vein." She said and stepped towards the cabinet in the room, pulling out a fresh syringe and needle while he obeyed her orders.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked softly as she swiped the alcohol wipe over a prominent vein and pressed the needle inside skilfully, drawing the dark blood slowly into the large syringe.

"I wish to help. Is she present due to blood loss?" he asked, turning his head to look upon the young woman not far from his seat. He heard about Niklaus' plan to drain her and that is why he was on his way here in the first place but word of her escape and his brother's desiccation reached his ears. It left him with mixed feelings of relief and sadness, but at least the hybrid now knew what it felt like to be in pain and how they all have felt after being daggered and revived. With a mind set towards a bargain for his brother's body, he left for the Gilbert residence, but caught the younger Gilbert just leaving the house, talking to Miss Bennett on the phone about Elena being in the hospital.

The lady doctor (something Fell, if he remembered correctly...Meredith Fell, that was it) interrupted his thoughts with soft words. "No, the blood loss would have been easily recovered. She must have fallen and hit her head during the struggle or once at home. She has severe head trauma and a swelling on the brain. That is why vampire blood was required. She means too much to too many here in Mystic Falls. I cannot let her die or live with permanent consequences." She explained.

He nodded. "Her condition is worse than I thought. Supply her with two full syringes. I wish for her to make a swift and painless recovery." He said.

She looked at him with narrowed eyes as if trying to figure out his motive. "Are you trying to repent for your brother's transgressions against her?" she asked curiously.

He gave her one of his polite smiles but his dark eyes remained detached and chilling in their hidden power. "Perhaps, perhaps not." He said as she finally drew the second syringe and he rolled down his sleeve, skin already healed. "See to her full recovery. And if anyone asks, do not mention my presence here tonight." He left after she nodded her consent and administered his blood into Elena's system.

His blood was the least he could do, for how his family constantly put her life in danger. She was the doppelganger and it was her faith. Yet he wished for her to make her own decision, to live a full and happy life that she seemed to long for. And he would forever carry the shame of his actions against her the last time they have met.


"Rebekah!" he persisted but the line went dead. Niklaus was dead and he was still willing to honour the agreement he made with Elena, to let the history-teacher-turned-vampire-hunter follow them and leave Mystic Falls. But his sister foolishly sought out revenge and was about to do something he would never be able to forgive her for.

And so he started running, as fast as he could towards Mystic Falls, only to get to the wicker bridge to see his sister standing in the middle of the road and the car with Elena and her jock friend falling into the water. "No..." he whispered, icy fingers of regret gripping his chest. After all that he has done to ensure she would live, she was about to die at the hands of her sibling, but a different one that he had thought.

As Elijah contemplated jumping into the water to save her, he saw the younger Salvatore diving in. She will be saved... He could no longer watch, so he left for his estate near Mystic Falls but far away to find peace in the secluded forest area. He was just pouring himself a tumblr of his favourite Russian vodka when his phone rang again. When he noticed Rebekah's name on the screen, he gritted his teeth before pressing the accept button.

"Rebekah, I believe you are satisfied now after your petulant attempt to kill the hunter?" he asked, his voice completely dispassionate.

"He *is* dead, brother. We no longer have to run." He could hear satisfaction in her voice.

He froze, methodically placing the glass on the liquor cabinet before him in order not to break it in his tight grip.

"Stefan Salvatore jumped into the river after them. I doubt he would have let her die." He said, sounding nonchalantly yet his own chest hollow.

"He did, but saved the jock first. She died. Well, technically. Unfortunately, she died with vampire blood in her system so now she's going to be around forever." The blond sounded completely aggravated. "Then again I can always get a stake and end her. Life wound be so much easier without the backstabbing little whiny teenager."

Elijah closed his eyes for a moment, processing the information. Because of his blood, received last night in the hospital, she was going to live forever instead of getting a normal human life that she craved. He had failed her. A sudden irritation over came him at his sister's voice.

"You, dear sister, have proved petty in your revenge and intention. You are not to touch or plot against Elena in any way. Do I make myself clear?" he asked, his voice grave and serious.

Rebekah just laughed. "Or what? You will dagger me like Nik?"

Elijah's mouth twisted in an unpleasant smirk. "Oh, much worse than that. As the eldest living Mikaelson and therefore the patriarch of our family, I have the right and power to not only disown you but shame your name as well, freeze your financial assets and confiscate any possessions acquired with the family budget. Furthermore, all family heirlooms will be taken from your possession and accommodation gained repossessed." He announced.

The line went silent for a moment before he heard her hiss of outrage. "You wouldn't dare..."

"Of course I would. And do not even attempt to talk about family and family matters with me, for you have repeatedly disregarded both my wishes and orders, and aided Niklaus in matters where it was not your place to. However, as I do value family, no matter how...disjointed ours is, I give you one more chance to change my mind. Do *not* disrespect me again, little sister." He drawled in a cold manner before ending the call.

He knew Rebekah would heed his words, for an eternity is too long to live in shame of exclusion from the family. His own family...Esther, Mikael, Finn dead; Niklaus only the Gods knew where and if he was truly dead, Rebekah forever spoilt and rebellious and Kol, who always made his way with cunning. Yes, they were fractured and weakened, but they were still the Original family and would prevail, he would see to it.

Yet he had a more pressing concern to deal with. He knew Dr Fell would have given Elena vampire blood to aid in healing, but to die with the blood of an Original in your system was a wholly different matter. The transition was much easier to handle, the mind clearer. But once the blood was tasted, she would become hyper-aware of her surroundings. Smells, lights, colours, will all hit her like a wall of bricks and there would be no one equipped well enough to aid her. Elijah finished his drink, and after a quick shower and picking up a few important gifts headed back for Mystic Falls.


Elena woke up, gasping for breath and feeling momentarily disoriented as she looked around. She was lying in her bed, her thick comforter suddenly feeling too heavy for her body so she kicked it off and curled in on herself, the bright light still blinding to her sensitive eyes. Has it all been a bad dream? The choice? The river? Her death?

"Elena." She heard a soft voice beside her and automatically turned her head in the direction. It sounded so familiar, sweet and gentle...Stefan. She opened her eyes once more to see the blinds have been drawn and both Salvatores in her bedroom.

"What happened?" she asked, her senses still numbed.

"You are in transition." Drawled Damon in his usual manner.

Only now did she notice a purring undertone to his voice, like a large black panther ready to hunt. What was he saying again? Transition... into what? Sudden realisation dawned on her and she sat up abruptly.

"I am a vampire." She whispered in astonishment. Surprisingly, the thought did not shock her as much as she would have expected. Living around so many supernatural beings, it was only a matter of time until she died and lost her humanity. Why was she so calm? Shouldn't she be freaking out?

"Not yet, you will have to complete the transition. Thanks to Stefan here who let you die with vampire blood in your system." This time she could hear the anger in his voice and it did little to comfort her jumbled thoughts.

"Vampire blood?" she asked, not remembering digesting any.

"When you were at the hospital, Meredith Fell gave you some to heal you; otherwise you would have dies from serious head trauma." explained Stefan gently. "We can wait, postpone the transition. Bonnie is already looking for something to skirt around. Perhaps you can stay human." He suggested, yet his optimism was not shared by the rest of the present.

"Leave." She said simply. "Please. I need to rest." She added after seeing their grave faces. She needed some time to process.

"Take your time." said Stefan in that same gentle tone that was starting to irritate her somewhat, before they left.

She curled up in her bed and closed her eyes, her mind moving a mile an hour. She had to complete the transition and become a vampire or died. Memories started flooding her mind. The sense of relief at death claiming her in the river...the choice she had made when Damon pressed her, yet too soon for it to be a real decision. Could she ever really choose between them? Were Stefan and Damon who she needed right now? Was she ready for a relationship after the past 10 months of hell and confusion? With a startling clarity, she realised the answer to all above questions was very simple, no. No, she was not ready. She had so much to learn about being a vampire, controlling the urges that would surely arise within her new body...

A rustling sound made her open her eyes and gasp at the sight of the eldest living Original in her room. "Elijah...I thought you were gone."

He shook his head. "I was, until I heard... Would you like me to leave?" he asked politely. If she did not wish his presence, he could always leave her in the care of the Salvatores, no matter how unsatisfactory he found that option.

Elena just shook her head. Elijah was a man of his words and she knew he would be far away from Mystic Falls by now if it was not important. Their agreement was after all that he would let Ric chase them to get the hunter away from Mystic Falls. Wait...Rebekah stood on the bridge, she died because of her. She died, linked to Ric. That meant that Ric was dead too... Her eyes widened with realisation as her thoughts came to a natural conclusion. She has lost the last parental figure in her life, her human life and faced an eternity...

"Elena." Elijah's soft baritone pulled her out of her musings and her eyes focused on his patient face.

"Ric is dead..." she blurted suddenly, to which he merely nodded.

Her mind and body suddenly felt numb, as if she was only a bystander watching an episode in a TV show. Her life did not feel as if it belonged to her anymore, yet there was little time to dwell. She needed to pull it together, complete the transition, arrange Ric's funeral and then...take it one day at a time. She knew what needed to be done, yet could not bring herself to do it just yet.

"Elena." The Original called her name again and she refocused.

"Right. Why don't you tell me the aim of your visit?" she asked, offering a small crooked smile that did not reach her eyes. "While always a gentleman, none of your previous visits has been a mere social call."

Elijah chuckled, amused at her wit even in such a life-altering situation, no pun intended. "Yes, I believe I owe you an apology and come offering help." He said with that warm smile he always had for her.

She had noticed before that his face while usually polite, when he was around her, his lips stretched just that bit more into a warmer smile. She herself could not deny her almost a fondness for the moral and honourable man, his letter and apology for endangering her life fresh on her mind.

"What apology?" she asked, motioning at the other side of her bed to make himself comfortable.

He accepted her offer and sat with one of his legs bent, in order to be able to face her. She found the contrast between her room filled with bright colours, memories and the reminders of her youth, and his perfectly tailored suit and straight back. Amusement suddenly overcame her numb state and a chuckle escaped her lips. Then another, and another until she was laughing softly, a slight undertone of hysteria lacing her giggles. She could not stop and started panicking slightly.

Elijah recognised the signs of emotional overload in her behaviour and composed his features into a stern mask. "Elena, focus." He snapped at her and she instantly stopped laughing, shocked at the change of his demeanour, her eyes wide.

His features instantly softened and he offered another smile. "Apologies, your emotions were taking a hold of you and I find this approach always works to bring someone under control. It is perfectly natural at this stage." He offered, hoping he did not offend her.

The brunette merely nodded in gratitude before sitting up more, her back against the headboard. "I'm sorry. Please continue." She offered a small sheepish smile.

He nodded. "As I already implied, I owe you an apology as the patriarch of the Mikaelson family. For how first Niklaus endangered your life, which unfortunately lead to you consuming vampire blood, and my sister Rebekah who cause your mortal death."

Elena raised her hand to stop the flow of his words and he respected her wish. "It was not you who committed those acts against me, therefore I do not hold you accountable for their actions. Even though you have the responsibility for the family now." she acknowledged his position as the eldest. "And if I understand well, you saved my life by giving me your blood. Apologising is really not what you need to be doing right now." she managed a small reassuring smile.

Elijah just shook his head. "Elena there are...consequences for being turned by an Original. My blood in your system will cause you to be slightly different than a regular new vampire." He admitted.

She raised a quizzical eyebrow. "What consequences?"

For the first time in a millennium, Elijah felt weary. He could not predict Elena's reaction, no matter how well he has observed her in the past when she was still human. Too much has changed in her life and he felt disconcerted by the unpredictability of her current state. But nevertheless, she deserved the truth.

"Your senses will be much more enhanced and heightened than those of a regular vampire. That may cause various reactions to blood, your urges will have to be monitored for a while. You will still be susceptible to sunlight, as we all are, but vervain will not affect you as harshly. And you cannot be killed by anything other than a wooden state. It is as if you have become a part of the family, similar to a bond of marriage or procreation. Finn has turned his lover Sage, who was very powerful indeed, you have met her. Those who were our next of kin, the few we have turned personally...all gone, Niklaus has made it his mission to weaken our lines by killing our direct descendants. You are the only one directly of my line at present time." he tried to explain.

"Similar to a bond of marriage?" she looked at him confused.

He chuckled. "Not quite so. I believe the human custom states that if you are to marry someone, you marry their family as well because they will directly influence your life, in what way is debatable. Is it not so?" he asked.

She nodded. "Kind of. But that doesn't make they will affect your identity if you marry into the family."

Elijah shook his head again. "From a sociological point of view, that is highly debatable. What I meant by using the human analogy, is that others will be able to sense my blood inside you because of its age and power. It would be like any single straight male that sees a woman with a wedding band on her finger. They turn their head and look for a single woman. Or at least they should." This time she chuckled with him at his old fashioned but much appreciated views.

"And therefore you will be protected by the Mikaelson family, as if a partner or a child would be. That was the purpose of my analogy. I apologise if it confused you." he added.

Elena just shook her head. "No, it's fine. I get what you mean, it's just...a lot to handle at the moment." She admitted, not used to showing a weakness in front of the regal man.

The Original however merely nodded. "That is perfectly understandable. However, if you are willing to complete the transition, sooner would be better rather than later."

She knew it was coming. Choosing to die now would be a disgrace to all those who have risked their lives and paid with them to keep her safe in the past. And she would not allow it.

"I will complete it." She said with new determination in her eyes.

Elijah's carefully schooled features did not hint at the relief that settled in his mind, he merely nodded. "In that case allow me to offer my aid in two aspects. If I may?" he asked, offering her a small box. Fine ornaments were carved into the old cherry wood and she had a sense it was quite old.

"For me?" she asked, surprised that he would be offering a gift. Perhaps it was a way of his to welcome her into the family do to speak. She could still not believe that the oldest, most powerful family of vampires on Earth was who she will be viewed as a part of. While the experience was almost completely surreal, she appreciated his honesty and willingness to help her. He could have left her to deal with this on her own, or to let Rebekah kills her. But here he was, perfectly mannered as always while she tried to grasp the fact that she will be a powerful vampire. Again, surreal.

But she accepted the box and opened it slowly, only to reveal the most beautiful ring she has ever seen in her life. It was delicate, cool silver that would contrast with her olive skin. It was made into two branches of a tree, leaves at the tips in the form of small lapis lazuli stones. Simple, yet so poignant and delicate at the same time. A gasp escaped her lips at the beauty of it, and the magnitude of such a gift.

"It is stunning..." she whispered, her slender finger gently caressed the cool metal as she spoke, "but I could not possibly accept such a gift." She looked up, her doe eyes meeting his dark bottomless ones and she almost felt like it was natural to accept for a moment, before he spoke.

"Elena, not only do you need a daylight ring, but I would not have you wearing one that was inferior to either your new status or beauty. As the direct descendent of my line, it is both my pleasure and duty to present you with this offering. Now, if you would kindly allow me..."

He sat a bit closer to her, pulled the ring out of the box and took her petite hand in his large warm one. "May I?" he asked politely and she could do none else but nod her head in consent.

The cool metal glided over her skin, before settling on her right ring finger. It fit perfectly and warmed her skin, as if accepting her as the owner. It admittedly made her hand look elegant and the way the light caught the small lapis lazuli leaves was mesmerising.

"Thank you..." she managed in a hoarse whisper, still stunned by the magnitude of the gift now in her possession.

"It was my pleasure, truly." She could hear a smile in his voice and a moment later felt his soft lips press against the knuckles of her hand, right above the beautiful ring.

Finally he withdrew his hand from hers and straightened in his seat. "There is one more thing I wish for you to have in your possession. A small talisman that will enhance the bond of my blood and let you find me in any circumstances. One of the witches at my disposal has charmed it, if I was to make such close kin again. I see it will be of use now." he handed her a small golden cufflink.

Elena chuckled. "A cufflink? Really. Of course, what else would it be, considering I have not seen you wear anything other than a suit?" amusement clear in her eyes as she looked at him again.

This time, it was Elijah who raised the eyebrow in question. "Are you complaining about my wardrobe, Miss Gilbert?" he drawled, yet she could clearly see he was teasing her. How unusual indeed...

Yet she was quickly recovered. "Oh, I would not dare, sir." She added the last word as a jibe, rolling it on her tongue in a purely teasing way. Two could play that game.

She could see his eyes darkening for a moment before a chuckled startled her gaze to fall on his proportionate lips. "Very well, Miss Gilbert. I do not care for mockery and will take my leave now." he stood and walked over to the door, but there was no injury in his tone.

"Until we meet again, lovely Elena." He added and closed the door after a last look at her smiling face.


It has now been two weeks since he left her residence, after the reassurance of her willingness to complete the transformation, and word got to him that she was mostly safe and adapting. The Salvatores were not happy about his involvement and the elder of the brothers seemed particularly vocal about it. Of course he could care less about the cretin, but worried the tension could influence Elena's well being.

He remained at the comfortable Tudor-style villa house near Mystic Falls, but enjoyed his peace and solitude, provided by the comfort of woods stretching in every direction of small clearing. The week of rain begun the day before last and Elijah found himself contemplating whether he wished to have any involvement in his brother's affairs.

Niklaus, ever the resourceful Original, had of course came remained alive through the body of Tyler Lockwood, one of his pet hybrids. While Elijah felt relieved his brother was not that, he could not detect any particular feeling of joy either, at the news of his brother still willing to terrorise the streets of Mystic Falls.

His sombre thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his front door and he startled slightly at the unexpected sound. No one, not even his siblings were aware of his presence her and that really left only one option. Elena.

He strode to the door and opened it fully only to have his assumptions confirmed, the petite shivering frame of the young woman at his doorstep.

"Elijah..." she whispered, a large duffel bag falling from her shoulder before she herself started descending toward the ground. He caught her easily, yet could not help the stab of panic in his chest as he noticed the copious wounds from a shot gun in her back, blood already pooling beneath her unconscious form.

He will want answers later but now, now he had a wounded woman to take care of.

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