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Santana felt heat rush to her cheeks again as Quinn allowed yet another glance to linger for a moment too long. It was probably just the alcohol but, whatever it was, it was working. It had been happening all night and Santana was beginning to wonder if finishing the drink in her hand was a good idea.

If she was really honest, it had been happening for a little longer than just this one night. She first noticed it when they were both back home for the holidays. Something about Quinn was different. There was a little more fire behind her words, a little more determination to do things that would make her happy. There was a little less care for what other people thought of her and Santana liked that. She had found herself watching her friend's movements, looking at her in a way she'd never looked at her before. Truth be told, she was looking at her like she was an option.

Santana had tried not to entertain those thoughts too much and that slap had certainly cooled the water. Talking about the slap though, that was kind of hot. When Quinn had brought it up, in front of Rachel in New York, Santana couldn't help the smirk which had graced her features. There was a small part of her who thought she really wouldn't mind 'hitting that' very hard.

Santana shook her head and took a long drag from the straw in her glass. So much for not finishing it. Placing her drink on the bar, she put up a hand and shook her head as the barman motioned to get her another. Turning around she found herself scanning the crowd for golden blonde hair and piercing green eyes.

She felt her shoulders slump slightly at not being able to find the woman and made to walk over to Mercedes and Mike when she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder.

"Looking for someone Rosario?" That husky voice breathed across her ear and she felt it reverberate throughout her body as she turned slowly, Quinn's fingers running from the exposed skin of her shoulder, all the way down to her hand. Clasping Quinn's in her own she offered the woman a fleeting smile before pulling her onto the dance floor for a second dance.

As soon as they reached the dance floor, the track which had been playing ended and Finn and Rachel took the stage.

"Do you know what they're singing?" Quinn whispered into her and she was suddenly aware that she was still holding the woman's hand.

"No idea." Santana responded nonchalantly, but on the inside she could feel her pulse begin to race as Quinn's thumb swept lightly over her knuckles. She hoped, desperately, that the song would be upbeat.

She should have known better.

The moment the music began Santana considered turning around and walking back over to the bar for a shot of something strong. Quinn, however, had other plans.

"May I have this dance?" Quinn's lips seemed to pout slightly at the question and as Santana's gaze travelled from red, slowly, up to green she felt her pulse reach much lower. What was she doing?

She didn't know what Quinn saw as their eyes met, but inside her head Santana had screamed 'yes' in at least two different languages and she hoped, for both their sakes, that her eyes hadn't seemed quite as eager.

Regardless, Quinn took her look for compliance and let her hand slip out of Santana's long enough to put both arms around her neck. Santana felt her eyelids flutter closed at the contact and she felt her stomach somersault as she put her arms around Quinn's waist, pulling their bodies together.

Finn and Rachel's voices floated around them, but Santana was unable to make out any of the lyrics, she couldn't name the song, all she knew was how consumed she felt by everything that was Quinn.

"I've never slow danced with a girl before." Quinn's lowered voice somehow overtook the sounds around her and as the woman pulled away slightly she found herself disappointed by the loss of contact.

"I like it." Shit. There it is. How was this woman doing this to her? Santana felt her face scrunch up into a confused smile and she was sure she saw a suggestive glint in Quinn's eye.

As Quinn moved against her she felt soft fingers trail down her arms and lift her hands, placing them around her neck. She felt Quinn's hands run down her sides, a delicate pressure in the touch, and her hands came to rest in the small of her back, just above the curve of her ass.

Santana's heart beat out of her chest and she willed it to stop reacting, afraid Quinn would be able to feel it against her own chest. The sweet agony was exacerbated by Quinn tucking some of Santana's long dark hair behind her ear before nuzzling against her neck.

"I really want to take you upstairs right now." The words ghosted over Santana's skin and she was embarrassed by the small whimper which left her as a tingling sensation took over her whole body.

Pulling back, Quinn looked her in the eyes, her own darkening with lust as she whispered, "I'll take that as a yes."

Santana was frozen, her feet remaining stationary for a long moment before she let herself be pulled from the dance floor.

Santana found herself feeling unsteady and wondered whether it was the alcohol, the elevator or the woman with the key card, which she had just pulled from her cleavage.

Still reasoning that it was probably the alcohol, Santana felt herself falling as the door she had been leaning against, opened suddenly.

She felt a pair of strong hands grab her by the waist, keeping her from meeting the carpet and as they staggered into the room together another glance from Quinn was all it took for Santana to lose control.

Pushing her up against the door she slammed her right hand against it, up above Quinn's head, as her other hand came down, fingers sliding around her waist and bringing their bodies together again.

"You've barely said a word to me since before we started dancing." Quinn panted, looking from Santana's lips and back to her eyes.

"All my energy has been taken up trying not to fuck you." Quinn gasped and Santana was surprised to find herself sounding so assertive. Finding her confidence she dragged her right hand down the wooden door and let her fingers glide over the pale skin of Quinn's cheek before letting a single finger creep towards the woman's lips.

Their eyes met again, hooded and hungry and Santana felt arousal pooling between her thighs as Quinn sucked a tanned finger into her mouth.

"So. Fucking. Hot." Santana punctuated each word with a kiss along Quinn's jaw before removing her finger and replacing it with her lips. She felt her eyes close as they rolled back in her head at the contact, the heat from Quinn's lips spreading straight through her.

Running both hands up Quinn's body, Santana let her palms glide over her breasts and continue to the woman's shoulders. Slipping her hands inside Quinn's jacket she moved back enough for her to be able to arch off the door, allowing the article to slip to the floor.

"It's one for one, you next." Quinn bit her lower lip as she began helping her out of her dress. Santana silently cursed herself for choosing something so tight.

Standing in front of one of her closest friends, in nothing but her underwear and heels, had Santana feeling rather vulnerable and she made quick work of removing the Quinn's dress to even things up. Santana had seen her in very little on a number of occasions, but seeing her standing right there in a red lace bra and panties made her head swim.

Pulling Quinn away from the door, Santana turned the woman in her arms and walked her towards the middle of the room. As they stood by the bed, Santana's arms snaked around Quinn's torso, she moved blonde hair aside and kissed her way up Quinn's neck. Reaching her ear she grazed her teeth along the pale skin there before she asked Quinn the only question which had been on her mind for the past ten minutes.

"Are you sure you want this?" Her heart was pounding for an entirely different reason now and as Quinn turned into her arms, bare flesh brushing against bare flesh, Santana sighed deeply and looked downward. Feeling Quinn reach up to cup her chin, she let her lift her gaze so that they were eye to eye once more.

Quinn leant in and placed a soft kiss to Santana's lips and she whimpered yet again at the tenderness of the touch. "Very sure."

She shuddered as Quinn reached behind her own back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor before reaching around tanned skin and unhooking Santana's. She felt every single nerve cell in her body react as short fingernails dragged their way down her arms, taking her bra with them. As her bra dropped to the floor to join Quinn's, Santana felt bold and stepped into the blonde, both women gasping as bare chests touched for the first time.

The next few moments were a blur as Quinn removed her own panties before turning Santana and pushing her down on the bed, Santana lifting her hips as Quinn slipped her fingers into the waist band of her panties and dragged them off quickly. Quinn leaned over her and kissed down tanned skin until she reached Santana's breasts. Sucking on each nipple, in turn, she licked her way back up Santana's neck to her lips.

Lowering herself onto Santana, the two shuddered again at the feeling of their breasts pressing against each other. As Quinn came to settle into her, Santana smirked at the blush which had crept up her friend's neck and had settled in her cheeks. "Quinn Fabray, are you trying to top me."

With this Quinn threw her head back and let out a low chuckle before kissing her deeply, her tongue slipping out to explore Santana's mouth. As their tongues battled against each other, Santana began arching off the bed slightly, unable to still the movement of her hips.

Quinn pulled back, leaning on one elbow by Santana's head while the other hand played with long dark hair. "Truth? I have no fucking idea what I'm doing." The two shared a smile before Quinn continued, her own hips rolling downward against Santana, causing a low moan to escape.

"All I know, right now, is that I want you inside me." Santana's eyebrows knitted together and her mouth feel open, letting out a surprised gasp at the boldness behind Quinn's words. Barely missing a beat, she responded by involuntarily rocking her hips up into the woman before snaking a hand down between their bodies and letting her fingers dance through the other girl's wetness.

Santana allowed a satisfied smile to grace her lips, pleased that she'd had the very same effect on Quinn that she had had on her. As her fingers slipped dangerously close to Quinn's centre, she paused briefly, wanting to hear the girl beg.

Quinn pushed her hips against Santana, rocking against her fingers, trying to take control of the situation. She groaned when she didn't get her way and exclaimed in frustration, "Oh just fuck me Santana."

She felt her own centre throbbing at the woman's words and pushed two fingers deep inside Quinn. A sharp intake of breath and a low moan spurred Santana on and she used the motion of her own hips to thrust in and out of Quinn who rolled her body against Santana in perfect time.

With the motion of her hips and a hot woman writhing above her, Santana didn't think she'd be able to last much longer herself. As their eyes met, Quinn crashed their lips together once more before her lips parted and hovered directly above Santana's.

"I want to feel you." She panted and Santana had no time to respond before Quinn had shifted one leg in between hers and was reaching a hand towards her centre.

Quinn grazed her fingernails along the inside of Santana's thigh, bringing them closer and closer to their destination. Stilling her own movements against Santana's hand, Quinn looked her in the eye and bit down on her lower lip.

Feeling Quinn's sudden hesitation, Santana brought her right hand down, wrapping it around Quinn's wrist and let the woman's finger's glance her wetness a couple of times. Feeling Quinn relax, she was encouraged as the woman began rocking against her once more, encouraging her own fingers to explore deeper. Santana smoothed fingers of her free hand down the back of Quinn's, curling them against hers, pressing them inside her.

Santana's head rolled back into the pillow at the contact and it took everything in her to maintain a steady rhythm inside Quinn. When she felt her curl her fingers upward, Santana let out a string of expletives, followed by Quinn's name.

"Curling's good then?" Quinn's panted, Santana feeling the girl's muscles tightening further around her fingers.

Santana repaid the favour, curling up into Quinn and watched as she girl's jaw went slack and she panted heavily before licking her drying lips.

Santana raised her eyebrows at the girl and they shared a knowing smile. "Curling is fucking good." Santana repeated the action, loving the increasingly frantic sounds coming from the other woman .

"What else?" Quinn panted, her eyebrows knitting together as Santana felt the resistance around her fingers increase. "Show me what else is good."

Santana let her thumb glide upwards and graze the woman's clit softly, "This," she flicked her thumb back the other way, "…this is really good."

Anticipation and arousal tightened in Santana's stomach as she felt Quinn bring her own thumb up to her most sensitive point. Quinn looked her in the eye as she dragged her thumb through the wetness and pressed it lightly to Santana.

As she gasped she sped up her pace, thrusting in and out of Quinn and circling her clit again before pressing against it. Quinn gasped, alternating between low moans and calling out Santana's name. Santana brought her free hand to the back of Quinn's neck and pulled the woman down into her, kissing her desperately.

A final flick of Quinn's thumb against her own clit caused Santana to come undone, rolling her hips into Quinn's hand and tangling her fingers in blonde hair, urging her closer, wanting to feel as much of the woman against her as possible.

As both woman came down slowly from their high, Santana rolled them over, and kissed Quinn fervently, loving the feeling of the woman's lips moving against her own. Straddling Quinn's hips, she sat up, dragging Quinn with her and let her short fingernails scrape over her back as she kissed down her neck and across her collarbone.

Santana pulled back slightly to look Quinn in the eye before rolling back into the covers and dragging a sheet over her body as she let out a light chuckle.

Looking over at Quinn, who'd fallen back against the pillows, Santana felt herself smiling at how hot the woman looked, hair tousled and grinning, eyes slightly glazed.

Quinn sighed heavily. "So that's why college girls experiment." She swallowed deeply, finally getting her breath back.

Santana shook her head, unable to hide the smirk on her face, "And thank God they do."

Quinn smiled at her and Santana marvelled at how comfortable she felt talking like this with the girl after what they'd just done.

"You know, it was fun, and I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, but, ah, I don't know, I think for me it was more of a one-time thing." Quinn was now leaning up against the headboard, one toned pale leg visible above the sheets and Santana couldn't help but smile at the thought of what was under those covers.

She might have been slightly offended at Quinn's words, but the look on the other woman's face gave her away and instead, filled Santana with confidence.

"Look, you don't have to worry. I'm not going to show up at your house with a U-Haul."

Quinn breathed out a laugh and a smirk took over her lips as she reached for a water bottle from the nightstand. As she unscrewed the cap on the bottle, she smiled at Santana with the same lust filled look which found them in trouble in the first place.

"So what happens next?" Her voice was low and Santana felt her eyes close as she marvelled at how incredibly sexy Quinn sounded when she was turned on.

"Well you could walk out first," Quinn pouted playfully as she brought the water bottle to her lips and Santana felt her centre begin to throb at the look in Quinn's eye, "…or we could make it a two-time thing…"

Santana felt smug as the words rolled teasingly off her tongue, but when Quinn maintained eye contact with her, placing the water bottle back on the nightstand, her heart thudded in her chest. Quinn let the sheets drop from her body and crawled the few inches across the bed towards Santana. As she tore the covers away from her, she lowered her body down onto Santana before dragging herself up level with her.

"Fucking hell Fabray." Santana breathed as the woman's lips connected with her neck, kissing their way up to her ear before whispering husky words which sent her throbbing into overdrive.

"I bet there's a lot you haven't shown me. If I'm a slow learner, maybe this'll have to turn into a three-time thing."

There it is. Did it fill the gap sufficiently?