Beyond The Ego

Hello everybody! Something a little bit different from me today. I've been wanting to do a one-shot on Danger Duck for a long time (as he is my probably my favourite Loonatic) but haven't really found the time or motivation, but now I have! Enjoy guys :)

His name is Danger Duck.

Anthropomorphic superhero

The charismatic and cocky Loonatic

Guardian of the universe

But peel away the Loonatic suit, who is Danger Duck?

What's beyond the ego?

A shadow…

A shadow that that followed and haunted him…

No escape

Beyond anyone's knowledge, even Zadavia's, was Duck's real past

Duck bore the mental scars of a troubled childhood… Deep scars… One's that he had hidden from everyone, except himself…

He could still recall it…

The angry screams of his so-called parents

The pain of being kicked, punched and thrown about like a rag doll

The painful bruises, the black eyes

The burns…

Duck still always glanced at the scar on his arm; the skin turned red and distorted beyond repair.

He recalled the time his team first noticed it:

"Yo Duck, how did ya get dat scar on yer arm?" quizzed Ace.

The others all glanced at Duck's arm and gasped slightly.

Duck –who was glued to a magazine- glanced up at his leader, who was poised ready for the mallard's response. He noticed the others all glaring at him too, waiting. "Car accident" he responded simply, and quickly looked back down at his magazine, pretending to read it.

His teammates were slightly taken back by his bluntness and exchanged confused looks. But they figured that Duck's short and blunt answer was because it was a sensitive subject, so they pressed the mallard no further…

A car accident? Was that really the reason?


He hated lying to his team

But Duck was still severely traumatised by what really happened.

He remembered with sadness and anger as his father tossed his lighted cigarette at him, shouting at him all the while

Duck remembered the feeling of horror as he saw his arm burst into bright orange flames

He remembered his piercing scream, the burning, and the agony

But most of all, Duck remembered watching his father just stand there, lacking any moral feeling, watching, laughing, and doing nothing as his son burned alive

A tear still always used to escape his eye and trickle down his face, but was quickly wiped away as he tried to block out that horrible memory.

Eventually he had escaped

He had fled from the black hole that had so nearly sucked away his life

He had escaped

And he was never going back.

He had grown up

He had learned to live, to be free…

But those scars would always be there; Literal and figurative

Haunting him, tearing at his soul…

Yes, he had a life now

But it was empty

Mechanical almost

No purpose

But one day, in the year 2772, when he had just turned 20, everything changed.

The meteor strike had given Duck a new lease of life

With his powers came a new responsibility, a gift

A purpose

It was like he was reborn

A phoenix rising from the ashes

He still could recall like it was yesterday the day he had first become a loonatic

He had felt so proud

He had accomplished something in his life

And his team, who although he found annoying at times and DEFFINETLY vice versa

He loved them

They were his family

His family

From that moment in 2772, something was stirred inside of Duck that changed him

Not just a new strong, confident, cocky and brave Duck

But something else

The ego was born…

Danger Duck was born…

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