For the ones who have already read this; nothing has changed except for the summary. For the ones who haven't read this yet: This is the first drabble I ever wrote, after my two year break from fanfiction. It got me back to writing and as you know by now I've posted several drabbles afterwards.

I will post 5 drabbles a day until complete. 90 total. Enjoy!


Your hand is resting on my stomach, to keep me from moving as you thrust into me from behind. Pants fill the small space, but we really can't be quieter. God, it feels so good, your long hard cock sliding in and out of me. Your other hand moves to my nipple, and I bite my lip to keep from groaning out. My knuckles are white from holding on so tight, but I know that if I move you'll stop doing what you're doing and I don't want that.

God, this is good.

"I know, baby, I know."

Oh shit. I said that out loud.