For those who noticed, 103 has been fixed.

"Oh God, Edward, harder," you moan in my ear as your hips meet mine. Your nails are digging in my back which gives me more pleasure than I ever thought it would.

I thrust harder and faster, wanting you to come first before I get there, but I'm really close.

"Rub your clit for me baby, rub it and make yourself come," I command you. You do as I ask and not long after that you come on my cock.

As I watch you arch your back, your expression telling me all about the pleasure I'm making you feel, it slips out in the worst way possible.

"Marry me." It's a groan while I come myself.

When I'm back on earth, I can't believe I just said that. I have no ring, and no romantic gesture. But when I open my eyes and look at you and see the smile on your face, I can't regret it.

"Yes, I'll marry you Edward."

I grin widely, and seal your promise with a kiss.

I will leave it up to you as to what time frame this last one is :-) All I know is that it's in the future!

And that's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed. I have more in the works but I need to finish it first before I can start posting. It might be a couple of weeks, it all depends on my muse. If you're interested, put me on author alert :-)