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Westchester County—Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane

Police Detective Jean DeWolff's deep green eyes passed over the incarcerated genius for a moment and Curt stuttered, "I—I'm afraid there's not much I can say about the matter" the quiet secretive tone he used was not lost on Jean.

As a police officer it was her duty to find out the truth in any situation no matter what and the woman could instantly tell that there was more than what he was willing to share, Jean fixed her blouse as she shifted in the lone chair. The doctor of herpetology fidgeted ever so slightly as he clasped his hands together, Jean could almost hear the moisture secreted on them and she knew he was lying.

Jean raised an eyebrow in an amused fashion, "Really? You and your little grudge match you had with Spidey cost thousands if not millions in tax payer dollars, I would have thought you'd have known him a little better than that" she wasn't trying to prompt a direct reaction out of the man.

In truth she wanted to coax one out on its own free will, "What would give you that idea? I was under the influence of my formula, I made a terrible mistake and luckily he was there to stop me. There really is nothing more I know about the man so if that is all you're here for I think it's best you take your leave" Curtis muttered out in that quietly perceptive tone of his.

Jean stayed fixed in her seat, she wanted answers and if the determined gleam in her eyes was anything to go by then she was going to get them no matter what. Doctor Connors gave her an expectant look as if waiting for the woman to listen to his words and leave but Jean wasn't usually one to follow orders anyway.

"Now this just might be my colourful imagination here but I'd say there was more to it than that, how did Spider-Man know where to find you if the two of you didn't know each other? Every time you were sighted together you were fighting, what did he just guess that the giant green lizard monster is really a brilliant scientist working at OsCorp? I'm not buying it, so tell me Doctor… where does Peter Parker fit into all of this?" the question has the desired effect.

Curt is so caught off guard by the seemingly out of the blue question that his eyes almost go wild with protection, "This has nothing to do with the boy" the sentence is forced through gritted teeth and Jean raised her eyebrows in surprise.

She gave him an accusing glare, "So he is involved somehow? It would make sense, you attacked his school and he takes pictures of Spider-Man. What? Did you think you could use the kid to get to the guy that was trying to stop you?" for a moment Jean was onto something.

Fortunately for Peter the woman was in the wrong train of thought, "I told you I didn't know what I was doing. I would never harm him, the Lizard… my other side wanted to get to Spider-Man. Peter was just caught in the crossfire" something Curt used almost instantly to try and steer suspicion away from Peter.

It seemed to work for the most part as Jean gave him a pitied look, "You seem to be remorseful Doctor but I'm guessing you haven't seen the news lately. The NYPD is hunting Spider-Man for the murder of Captain George Stacy, some believe he's innocent but others are prepared to lynch him for a mere misunderstanding" Jean explained as Curt shot her a look of disbelief.

"A misunderstanding? Why—why is he being blamed? The Captain's death it was—it was an accident, I was just—I didn't know what I was doing…" Curt's posture slumped and his eyes found his feet on the cold concrete floor.

Jean remained silent as the doctor slowly cast a glance back up at her, "Why are you here Detective?" he questioned but felt he knew full well why she had visited him.

Jean relaxed somewhat as she answered, "To test a theory. I've met Spider-Man, I've seen him in action and I know for a fact murder isn't his style. He could maybe talk someone to death but that's about it, I'm a police officer Doctor Connors. Just like my Father and his Father before him, I know what a killer is… and I'm looking at one right now" the brunette woman finalized as Curt sighed heavily.

The cat was indeed out of the bag, "It was—it was only for a moment… I would never—I wasn't in control" the Father of one rasped out as he tried to contain his anguish.

Tony Stark had paid him a visit, the nefarious playboy with a fast smooth mouth. He was unable to get anything out of Curt so why was it so easy for Jean to coax out his inner guilt? Maybe because she was a police officer? Maybe because he didn't want Peter to suffer any more than he already had? Maybe it was because she reminded him so much of his wife, Martha's hair was darker shade of red but the look she was giving him was unmistakable.

A look that said enough was enough, a look that told him to be a man and take responsibility for his crimes and sins. A look that said he could still do some good, especially when he had caused so much pain and torment.

Curt nodded regrettably and took a deep breath in before looking Jean dead in the air with a firm tightened jaw, "I—I murdered Captain George Stacy. I assure you that I was under the influence of my formula and wasn't able to stop the Lizard half of my personality but that does not mean I don't have to take responsibility for what I've done, just leave Peter and Spider-Man alone and let me pay for my crimes" he confessed with clear sorrow present in his blue eyes.

Jean nodded respectfully, her time was up and as such Doctor Ashley Kafka opened the door to the small visiting room and gave the Detective a pleasant smile. Jean rose from her chair and gave Doctor Curtis Connors one last pitied look before she left the room, Doctor Kafka lead her down the hallway back towards the entrance of the institute and the two women passed two large men holding one of the many patients resident in a dirty white straight jacket.

Jean turned her gaze towards Ashley unable to ignore the cold dead stare she was receiving from the man, "Who was that?" she questioned throwing a glance back towards the retreating male down the hallway.

The look he fixed her with was hilling and completely devoid of all human life and compassion, "Oh him? That's Marcus Lyman, tragic circumstances" Doctor Kafka answered as she led Jean out of the building.

Manhattan—New York Police Department—37th Precinct

Jean stepped out of her police squad car and pulled out her cell phone, she been recording the entire conversation she had with Doctor Connors and now had proof that Spider-Man was innocent. Although her inner cop was telling her to examine Captain Stacy's body just to be certain, it wasn't entirely out of the question that Spider-Man had committed the crime and Curt was merely protecting him by taking the fall.

She had to be sure and would need to take a look at the autopsy report; Jean strolled into the precinct and smiled as several colleagues greeted her with a wave. She didn't have time to chat though as she has business to attend to, the woman made a beeline for the Chief of Police's office.

Jean knocked shortly before entering and was surprised to see Officer Vincent Gonzales in heated discussion with the police captain, the two of them turned to Jean with flustered expressions before they cleared their throats.

Chief Walter Anderson forced a fake smile Jean's way, "What can I do you for Detective?" he asked as he took his seat at his large Oakwood desk.

Jean stood in front of said desk and folded her arms, "Can I have a word Chief? In private if it's not too much trouble?" she questioned respectfully as Walter raised his eyebrows and motioned for Officer Gonzales to take a step out of the room.

He did so but seemed hesitant, "What's this about DeWolff?" the Chief asked as he prepared to light up a Cuban cigar.

Jean ignored the toxic smell of smoke and pressed on, "I'm chasing a lead in the Spider-Man murder case sir and request permission to see Captain Stacy's autopsy report" the look she received was a curiously cautious one.

"And why would you want to do that? There's nothing to see Detective" Walter informed the woman as he shifted himself out of his relaxed position and into a more erect one.

Jean kept her cell phone in her pocket, "Well sir I believe there's much more to the murder than meets the eye. A new potential suspect has revealed themselves and as a police officer I can't rule anyone out just yet" she answered as Walter placed both of his hands on his desk.

He looked agitated, "We already have a suspect DeWolff. Evidence of Spider-Man's involvement was found all over the place, that's the reason for the manhunt" Jean however felt the explanation was not good enough.

"What? His webbing? Excuse me sir but it's very unlikely that his webbing was used to kill Captain Stacy, if I could just examine the body then we'll know—" as soon as Jean had begun she was cut off.

The Chief's brow furrowed, "The body is buried under six feet of dirt. I will not go digging up a corpse just because you have a theory, I have too much respect for George and I promised his wife that I would catch the killer. Our focus is Spider-Man and I don't want to hear another word on the matter, are we clear?" he pointed a finger at her and Jean resisted the urge to roll her green eyes.

"Well that still doesn't mean I can't take a look at the autopsy report" the sentence came out more snarky than she would have liked and the Chief frowned because of it.

He sat back down in his chair, "If I hear another word out of you about this then you're off the case DeWolff. Now go do whatever it is you do and get the hell out of my office" Jean balled up her fists but instead of punching the man turned on her heel and stormed out of the office slamming the door shut in the meantime.

Chief Anderson shook his head as he continued smoking his cigar, "Women… should've stayed in the kitchen" he muttered to himself.

Outside Jean was cursing to herself just loud enough for others to hear, the man infuriated her and she wondered whether breaking his jaw was worth getting fired. But something was not right; something in Jean's gut was telling her to be careful. If she couldn't get any help from her own precinct then she would have to take the matter away from the law, she would the help of an old friend.

Manhattan—Midtown Science High School

Police and reporters flocked and swarmed outside of the place for learning as the large brawl between an unknown individual that the media had taken to calling the Sandman and the super powered vigilante Spider-Man. Worried parents and guardians were all over the place trying to find their kids to take them home and among that sea of students was one Gwen Stacy.

The blonde teen had pulled one of the many fire alarms dotted throughout the hallways of the school and evacuated the premises upon seeing Peter duking it out with a literal Sandman, she was currently waiting for word or sight of Peter outside of the school with worry and anxiety etched on her face.

She almost screamed when Peter took a hold of her from behind, "You okay? You're not hurt, are you?" the brunette asked as he looked her over carefully.

Gwen smiled as she pulled him into a hug, "Me? What about you, you're the one who was just in a fight. Are you okay? He didn't hurt you, did he?" the girl asked releasing him from the soft embrace.

Peter shook his head with a smile, "I'm fine Gwen. It was a little surreal but nothing I couldn't handle" he closed one eye as Gwen used her jacket's sleeve to wipe away a small drop of blood from just above his cheek.

He winced, "Who was he Peter? Why was he after you?" Gwen questioned her voice firm.

Peter shook his head worriedly, "I—his names Flint Marko but he's just a small time thug. I put him away a few days ago; I didn't expect him to come back let alone like this. I don't know why he was after me, he said something his boss hiring him to kill me" he answered and Gwen looked shocked for a moment.

"T-to kill you?" she breathed out as Peter shook his head.

The boy was still tired, "To kill Spider-Man. Apparently he was just using me to get to him, maybe he saw that I was taking pictures of Spider-Man and thought there was a link. No wait, scratch that. Marko's too dumb to realize that, his boss on the other hand might not be. By the way, who pulled the fire alarm? I told the Principal to evacuate but he looked a little too stunned to move" Peter questioned as Gwen smiled.

"That would be me" she answered and Peter grinned.

He took her hand in his own affectionately, "That was you? You really are amazing, you know that right?" Peter asked giving Gwen a silly smirk.

Gwen waved his compliment off, "I have to be to put up with you" she retorted as Peter chuckled.

But the small moment of teenage love was gone and in its place arrived a serious moment of worry and concern, "What are you gonna do?" Gwen's green eyes looked over Peters features to find him in deep thought.

"I don't know, I-I guess I need to look into this. This is serious Gwen, this right here. What happened a few minutes ago is serious, and if someone really does want to kill me then you need to stay away from me" as soon as the words were spoken Gwen was already shaking her head and ready to protest.

Peter shushed her, "This is serious. If he knew to use me to get to Spider-Man then what if he finds out I have a girlfriend? You're gonna stay at home until I can get to the bottom of this, school's probably gonna be closed for a couple of months after the fight. I just—Gwen I need you to do this for me, just listen to me for once. I swear if you pull the same stunt like you did when I told you to get out of OsCorp I will tickle you to death" the small joke lightened the mood somewhat but Gwen knew Peter was being deadly serious.

Something that rarely ever happened, she nodded hesitantly because Peter sounded like he knew what he was talking about. The girl turned upon hearing her Mother shouting her name, before she left she gripped Peter's chin and pulled him into a deep kiss. One that took the teenager's breathe away, she relinquished her grip and ceased contact whispering in his ear that he better stay safe.

Peter nodded and whispered back a promise and with that Gwen departed headed over to her Mom who was stood by her car waiting to take Gwen away from the madness surrounding the school, the secret vigilante watched as the car started up and left unsure of whether or not he would be able to get to the bottom of his problems.

One thing's for certain, someone definitely hates me and I'm starting to think the Black Cat may have been right.

Manhattan—Avengers Tower—Upper Floors

Steve Rogers was walking through the top few floors of the tower checking up on every one of his team members making sure they were adjusting to life well with the walls of the Avengers, granted nothing too major had happened yet that deserved their attention so it had been mostly quiet on the home front.

Bruce and Hank were as usual hard at work in the Research and Development departments of the tower and Tony was unusually jumpier than usual, the soldier didn't fully understand why but according to Pepper he'd been having upsetting dreams concerning the invasion.

It was to be expected considering how fragile Tony was without his armour, and suddenly harsh words sounded throughout Steve's head.

Big man in a suit of armour, take that off and what are you?

Granted Tony had hit back but Steve's words were more than a petty threat, they held some truth. Out of all of the Avengers Tony was one of the more vulnerable members, he needed the Iron Man armour to even pose a threat. Now though Tony and Steve were close friends and Steve knew how to protect himself, he had heard word of Tony returning to Malibu for time away from New York. The soldier was sure to give Tony a lesson or two in self-defence before he left because the playboy sorely needed it.

Steve was about to pass the gym but when he heard womanly grunts he stopped in his tracks and entered to see what was going on, unexpectedly his blue eyes were met with the sight of Carol Danvers punching away at one of his reinforced punching bags. It blasted back and hit the wall after three blows and Steve was surprised to see around twenty more in the same general area all lain to waste by the Avenger.

The look on her face was clear, she was agitated and looking for something to take out her aggression on. Unfortunately it seemed the bag weren't doing the job and as Carol turned to fetch another punching bag she spotted Captain America watching her, she flushed slightly as her long golden hair was a complete mess and her face was covered in sweat.

She nodded towards him, "Captain" she greeted and Steve smiled with a nod.

He moved over to her shortly, "Still getting used to your strength?" he inquired as Carol gave a small laugh.

"It's a little off putting, I can't even grip a door handle without crushing it. These bags can barely stand the weight of one punch, not that I'm bragging" she told him lifting another one of said bags and hanging it up.

Steve pondered, "Well we'll have to make something stronger. Something sturdier, I can tell you're upset Carol. Frankly I'm just glad you're taking out your stress on these rather than someone else, namely me" he said making Carol furrow her brow.

She placed her hands on her wide hips and fixed him with a questioning gaze, "Why were you so quick to defend him?" Carol wanted an answer as his word was simply not going to be good enough this time.

Steve shook his head, "I have to admit I'm not used to someone calling me outright on the decisions I make. You've got heart, but you need to understand when to fall in line just like the rest of them. Even Tony listens when he knows when to, but what I'd like to know is why you were so hostile towards him?" he questioned making Carol fold her arms and frown.

"I was doing my job, he's a wanted murderer and I'm an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D" she informed the leader of the Avengers.

Steve once again shook his head, "Wrong. The second you agreed to be an Avenger you gave up that position, Avengers don't arrest people. We stop global threats, we leave murderers and thugs to the police or someone else who's just trying to help out" the innocence of just wanting to help people for the sake of doing the right thing was not lost on Steve.

Memories of constant rejection from the United States Army flooded his mind because he just wanted to help, it was an old fashioned ideal but something the Captain still held close to his heart and there was nothing that would change that.

"Spider-Man's a friend, not an enemy. But you still haven't answered my question, why were you so angered by his mere presence?" Steve asked remembering the way the woman had stalked toward him when he had shielded Spider-Man from her.

Carol faltered slightly but looked Steve dead in the eye, "I-I just don't trust men in masks" she stated calmly ignoring the secret inner shame of her past.

Steve's blue eyes met her own with satisfaction, "I won't pry as your reasons are your own personal business but I recommend a change in attitude Miss Danvers. I need level headed people on this team, not someone holding a grudge for absolutely no reason. You were suggested by Fury not just because of your new powers but because you were one of his best agents, now that you're part of the Avengers you're going to be put into the public eye. People need to look up to something and you Carol will be an icon for women everywhere, do you think you can handle that?" it was all a little heavy but Steve was certain he needed to straighten Carol out before she got too out of line.

Carol swallowed the information and nodded respectfully, she had been thinking with her fists instead of her heart and head. The advice was taken in stride and Steve bid her farewell before he headed for the gym's exit, he passed Janet on the way out and couldn't help but notice the woman with a sense for fashion carrying two black and yellow outfits of some kind.

Manhattan—the Penthouse Apartment of Norman and Harry Osborn

The red and blue acrobatic figure of Spider-Man landed on the side of the large building right outside of one of the large windows of the apartment, Peter sneaked a small peek inside the building and spotted his old friend Harry Osborn sat on one of the brown leather sofas engrossed in a book of some kind.

Peter glanced around the large apartment and gave a low whistle upon seeing how expensive everything looked, unfortunately the whistle was just loud enough for Harry to catch wind of and the boy turned towards window only to see nothing staring back at him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Harry wondered who had come to visit him so early, the blonde teenager opened the door to see a drowsy Peter Parker stood there with one of his cheesy smiles.

"Hey Pete, how was school?" the boy asked as he motioned for Peter to enter.

I totally fought a beach… and won!

Peter smirked inwardly, "Uhh pretty uneventful actually. How's your day been?" the brunette photographer questioned as Harry moved towards the sofa he was previously sat and on and held up the book he was reading.

"Just been doing some light reading, Dad says it reduces stress" the blue eyed teen said in an off handed manner.

No amount of books could reduce the stuff I go through.

Peter smiled as he took a seat, "Reduces stress? Noted" he commented receiving a dry chuckle from the younger Osborn.

But as soon as the laughter had died down an unsettling silence emerged between the two, that is until Peter's curiosity got the better of him.

"So what happened Harry? Where'd you go? One minute you were my best friend the next you were gone, Aunt May and Uncle Ben wouldn't give me a straight answer" Peter inquired making Harry glance off to the side.

His blue eyes looked back over at Peter and he rubbed his hands together as he took a seat opposite the brunette, "I'm sorry. I really am, Dad sent me away. Some sort of private boarding school in Europe, said he wanted the best education for me plus he was getting worse" Harry mentioned making Peter recall the rumours he had heard about Norman Osborn's decline in health.

Peter gave Harry a convincing smile, "Couldn't you call? Or send me a postcard or something?" the query made Harry shake his head.

"Dad wouldn't allow it, said I could make new friends. I was pretty young Pete, I had to listen to him. He was just trying to protect me, he didn't want me to see him when he was most vulnerable" Harry told him prompting Peter to recall the few times he'd met Norman Osborn when he was younger.

The man was a no nonsense kind of man with a scowl that never seemed to disappear from his cold face, the thoughts made Peter shudder somewhat. But the old nickname he had made up all those years ago made Peter snicker slightly and he looked at Harry with a small nostalgic grin.

"Stormin' Norman" Peter bit out and a fond smile lit up Harry's features.

But there was something else that didn't seem right to Peter, "So why are you back?" he asked.

It wasn't that he wasn't thankful and happy to see Harry but the sudden appearance of his old best friend confused Peter slightly, "I got older and realized that I wanted to come home and help my Dad out. I mean I'm seventeen Pete, I've gotta start somewhere" Harry said making Peter nod in acknowledgement.

Still, the reason didn't seem good enough for Peter. It wasn't as if he didn't appreciate the bond a Father and Son shared, the photographer would have walked to the ends of the Earth for his Uncle Ben but something was telling Peter that it wasn't right. Between the strong feeling he was getting in his stomach and the low continuous pulse of his spider-sense Peter knew there was something more to Harry's return, he just wasn't sure whether or not Harry knew.

If I was terminally ill I wouldn't want to send my Son a continent away from me, I'd want to spend my last few moments with him. Sorry Harry but that doesn't exactly scream Father of the year.

In the meantime he decided to ignore it, "So where is your Dad?" Peter asked curious to see whether or not he'd get to catch a glimpse of the famous Norman Osborn.

Harry frowned, "Where else. He's still at his office up at OsCorp Tower, he rarely ever comes here. He even spends his nights there, it's a little worrying" he mused and Peter nodded.

The blonde teenager glanced at his wrist to see that it was getting fairly close to a financial engagement he was supposed to be attending in place of his Father, "Sorry I have to cut this short Pete but I'm going to one of my Dad's charity balls. I gotta start getting dressed, you want me to show you out?" Harry offered but Peter waved him off.

"I know the way but thanks, this was great Harry and I'm glad you're back. You wanna do something sometime? Like a movie or dinner?" Peter suggested and Harry enthusiastically nodded.

He smiled, "Sounds great. Your Aunt gave me your cell so I'll give you a call sometime, now if you'll excuse me I have a party to attend" the boy joked as he bowed towards Peter.

Peter smirked as he replied, "Later Harry" he said his goodbyes before he headed towards the front door of the apartment and left leaving Harry alone to get changed into something a little more formal.

All right, what's next on the schedule?

He thought to himself however as Peter left the large tall building housing Harry's penthouse apartment he couldn't help but yawn, the teenager had duked it out with the Sandman only a few hours earlier and he was already feeling tired before that crazy fight. But he tried to keep his word and did promise a Mister Johnny Storm that he'd swing by and say hello, Peter set off to the Four Freedoms Plaza but was he happy about it? No, he really wanted to get some sleep.

Damn straight, show me a bed and I'll sleep for a week.

Another thing he really needed to do was call his Aunt May, the aftermath attack on his school was no doubt being televised and May would want to know whether he was okay or not. Peter lazily pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and prepared himself to calm the woman down on his way over to see Johnny.

Hell's Kitchen—the Law Practice of Nelson and Murdock

"I—I murdered Captain George Stacy. I assure you that I was under the influence of my formula and wasn't able to stop the Lizard half of my personality but that does not mean I don't have to take responsibility for what I've done, just leave Peter and Spider-Man alone and let me pay for my crimes" the recording of Doctor Connor's confession played throughout the room from Jean's cell phone.

The woman stopped it as she gave the lawyer Matt Murdock a curious look, "Well? What do you think?" she asked and noticed Matt's eyebrows knitted together underneath his ruby tinted glasses.

He addressed her, "He mentioned a Peter. Who's Peter?" hearing a normal name in the same sentence as the Lizard and Spider-Man singled it out.

Jean frowned but answered anyway, "Some kid. He takes pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle, I think it'd be best if we left him out of it though. He's still in high school for God's sake" that was all of the relative information Jean had found on the boy.

Other than his parent's deaths when he was a boy and his Uncle's recent demise at the hands of a common street punk the kid seemed pretty ordinary, Matt chose to drop the subject for now but made a mental note to cover the boy as well.

Matt hummed, "Well in any case a confession is certainly strong evidence. I could definitely do something about all of this but I would have to look into it, do you think you could get me access to the police Captain's autopsy report?" he questioned sparing a glance Jean's way.

He heard the woman sigh heavily, "I'm afraid that's not possible. For some reason the Chief was persistent about not letting see them, he threatened to have me thrown off of the case if I went nay further with it. That doesn't seem right to me" Jean told him and watched Matt placed a hand to his chin.

He smirked, "I'm blind and even I can see something's going on. How did he act? Was he angry, was he tense?" Matt questioned.

Jean tried to recall Chief Anderson's behaviour, "He was aggravated. A little tense, like he was hiding something but I just don't know what. He was having some kind of quiet argument with another officer before I talked with him, I couldn't hear what was said though" she informed Matt and he seemed satisfied for the most part.

Matt nodded, "Thank you for bringing this to my attention Jean. I'll definitely be looking into it but if I may, what made you dig a little deeper?" he inquired curious to know why his long-time friend was so fixated on proving the vigilante's innocence.

Jean shrugged but ultimately answered, "I'm a police officer. In an ideal world every man or woman of the law would fight tooth and nail to save an innocent person from a lifetime in prison plus the guy's pretty funny, not like your devil guy" she finished with a somewhat light hearted joke and it seemed to have the desired effect.

Matt smirked knowingly, "We can't all be the class clown. Don't worry Jean, I can promise you that Spider-Man won't go to jail. It'll take some time but I have a few contacts that should know what to do and as always I won't tell anyone you were here" Matt assured her.

Jean nodded with a grateful smile, "Thanks Matt. Tell Foggy I said hi" she said as left her cell phone on the table for the blind lawyer and took her leave.

Matt picked up his office's phone shortly after Jean's departure and dialled a number, he waited for few seconds before someone picked up on the other side of the line.

"Hey, what is it Matt?" a feminine voice greeted the blind vigilante in a friendly manner.

Matthew however got straight to the point, "Contact your friend. I think I might be able to prove his innocence in the Captain Stacy murder case" he told her receiving a 'will do' from the woman before she ended the call with the quiet click of her folding her cell phone.

Manhattan—the Baxter Building—Lobby

Peter Parker had arrived at his destination shortly after ending a call with his Aunt May and was having trouble keeping his drowsy brown eyes open, the wall-crawling teen strolled over to the reception's desk and smiled out of common courtesy to the man stood behind said desk.

"Good afternoon sir, can I help you?" the man was maybe in his forties and was balding slightly.

Peter nodded, "Yeah I uhh—I'm here to see a Johnny Storm. What floor would he be on?" he asked as the man checked the name on the small desktop in front of him.

After a couple of seconds he found a result, "I believe a Mister Jonathon Storm currently resides on the top floor along with his sister and her—" the man was suddenly cut off.

"Yeah okay got it, thanks" Peter drawled out as he headed for the stairs.

He really was tired and he couldn't stick around for the guy to tell him his life story, the teenager opted for the stairs because they should have done a good job at keeping him among the land of the conscious. If he stepped into one of the elevators he was afraid he'd fall asleep by the time he'd reach the top floor, Peter gave a silly smile at the thought.

Minutes later…

Peter reached the very top of the flight of stairs in record time and smirked mentally thanking the spider that decided to bite him, he continued his journey down a large grand hallway and raised his brown eyebrows when he arrived at a tall set of double doors. Hesitantly he knocked and waited for someone to answer, the sound of heavy footsteps entered his ears and the doors suddenly swung open revealing the large football player like physique of Benjamin Grimm.

The Yancy Street born man grinned, "Peter! How you doin' kid? I didn't know you were stoppin' by" the brute of a man literally pulled and unsuspecting teenager into a death grip with a hearty smile.

Oh my God! I-I can't breathe!

The contact certainly woke Peter up, "Uhh hey Ben. Actually I'm here to see Johnny but it's great to see you too man" Peter greeted as Ben set him down and he tried to regain some of his breath.

He smiled, "Oh… when the kid said he was havin' a friend over I didn't think he meant you. Well it's good to see ya Pete, I was watchin' the game so if ya don't mind I'm just gonna get back to that. Got a little bet goin' with Johnny actually" Ben waved as he left Peter by the door to continue watching his game.

Peter called out to him, "Tell Alicia I said hi!" he shouted and Ben threw him back a thumbs up.

"Will do! JOHNNY! You got a visitor!" Ben screamed at the top of his lungs and Peter had to cover his ears slightly on account of his enhanced hearing.

As Peter took a look around he had to admit the place was pretty spectacular, the science aspect was not lost on the Midtown student and he had to wonder whether or not Ben and Johnny had an interest in science. Ben had mentioned that Johnny had a sister, maybe she was the scientist.

The fleeting movement of Johnny Storm jogging down yet another set of stairs entered Peter's field of vision and he smiled as he greeted the blonde teen, "Hey. I'm Peter, it's cool to meet you" he said shaking Johnny's hand in a friendly manner.

Johnny gave him a small smile, "Likewise. I see you've spoken with the creature, he didn't crush you did he?" Johnny joked referring to Ben.

Peter smirked, "He's not so bad. Being friendly's a good thing" he hit back and the two were unknowingly making their way towards the kitchen area of the floor.

Johnny pointed out, "Yeah but overly friendly is just creepy. I mean can you imagine if he did that to everyone he met? I'm pretty sure he'd be arrested" he mocked and Peter's mouth curled upwards.

"So you and Ben live here? It's a little big for just two people, don't you think?" Peter questioned as he wasn't too sure whether Johnny had a sister or not.

Johnny shook his head as he opened the large refrigerator and pulled out two cans of soda, "It's not our place. It belongs to Reed, Sue's boyfriend. He's a big smart science guy, you've probably never heard of him" Johnny guessed throwing one of the cans Peter's way.

What did he say?

Peter caught it with practiced ease and Johnny was surprised by how fast the motion had been, "Wait a second… Reed…? Wait—you mean, Reed as in Reed Richards? Doctor Reed Richards?" Peter had to be sure.

Johnny nodded as he took a gulp of his drink, "The very same. Wait, you've heard of him? I wouldn't have pegged you for the science type" the blue eyed teen commented genuinely surprised.

That is so unfair! I-I had no idea!

Peter however was over the moon, "You live with Doctor Richards? Your sister is dating Reed Richards? Wait, then that means your sister is… Susan Storm? Why didn't you say anything dude?!" Peter asked throwing his arms out to the side for added drama.

Man, can't believe I didn't see it sooner. Why didn't the name Storm stand out to me? Well I have been pretty busy lately… understatement of the year.

Johnny smirked, "Because then you would've done the exact same thing all of my other friends have done. Literally stalk my sister!" Johnny quipped and Peter looked offended.

"I would never—I have a girlfriend!" Peter replied making Johnny raise both of his eyebrows and pull the can of soda away from his lips.

He fixed Peter with a suspicious gaze, "Is she hot?" he questioned and Peter stuttered for a moment before replying in confidence.

"Insanely" he merely stated earning an approving nod from the younger Storm.

He had to ask another question though, "Is she anyone from Midtown? Someone I might've known?" the subject had definitely garnered his undivided attention.

Peter rolled his eyes, "Gwen Stacy" Johnny shook his head.

"Sounds kinda familiar but I'm not getting anything, does she have any friends?" he was instantly back into the conversation with another interesting query.

Peter wasn't completely sure who Gwen actually hanged out with, Liz Allen sprung to mind but Peter figured she was just a girl that got on with everyone at least that was how he had managed to woo her. Peter shrugged his shoulders and Johnny looked disheartened for a moment, the moment passed before Johnny spoke up once more.

"So how's your day been? Oh and what was up with that disagreement you were having when I called you?" Johnny asked.

Oh I just had a throw down with the Sahara desert, you know the usual.

Peter rubbed the back of his neck as he took another drink of the soda, "Nothing. Its high school you know? Every day is full of drama and arguments and all that stupid gossip stuff, I mean at the time it seemed like the most important thing in the world" he explained and Johnny hoisted himself up onto the large white marble kitchen counter.

He rubbed a hand though his spiked blonde hair, "So what changed?" his blue eyes took on a more solemn look and his expression seemed less playful.

Peter shook his head as his gaze found his shoes, "Life. Real stuff, stuff I took for granted" Peter answered and Johnny nodded firmly.

"I know how you feel man" he stated once again quenching his thirst with his soda.

Peter cast his gaze back up at Johnny and offered him a smile, "It gets better dude. I promise you" he muttered and Johnny sighed.

The sad truth is that it does get better but with time, I was so angry when Uncle Ben was shot that I literally wanted to kill the man responsible. Now I think I'm a better person, at least I hope I am.

"I'll hold you to that" he said holding his can up for Peter cheers.

Peter smiled as he finished his soda and tossed the empty aluminium can into a nearby trash can, "So… what do you do for fun around here?" he questioned drawing a silly smirk out of the blonde haired teenager.

Manhattan—OsCorp—Office of Norman Osborn

"Mister Osborn? Uhh hello? You're having problems with your lights?" the quiet voice of one Maxwell Dillon echoed through the large seemingly empty office.

The African American man glanced around the room but didn't see any sign of the man who had requested his services, Max was an electrician employed by OsCorp. The funny thing was despite the place being full of genius' most of them didn't know their way around the inner workings of household appliances and electrical circuits, it was Max's job to fix anything that needed fixing.

Max moved over to a large dark brown desk and couldn't help but take a quick glance at the flurry of papers dotted carelessly over it, his brown eyes quickly surveyed the area before he looked back down at the desk. Max quickly took notice of several rolled up pieces of blue construction paper protruding from one of the many drawers of the desk, the electrician's curiosity got the better of him and he pulled one out to take a closer look.

After unravelling the large piece of paper he was surprised to find blueprints of some kind of large metal aircraft big enough to carry one person, he noticed a prototype name at the top of the drawings labelled 'glider'. Interested Max took out the rest and quickly found more designs for strange and unusual constructs, things labelled 'pumpkin bombs and razor bats' stood out the most but the one that caught his complete and undivided attention was a large blueprint solely dedicated to the masked vigilante known as Spider-Man.

Max straightened his glasses as his eyes scanned the page, the information held on the wall-crawler ranged from his superhuman strength to his enhanced agility and speed and Max felt like he was having a heart attack. The man was a huge Spider-Man aficionado and had followed the red and blue acrobat ever since his first appearance in New York, most of his apartment was filled with newspaper clippings and pictures of Spider-Man in action as well as articles and any useful bits of information he could get his hands on.

The complete analysis of Spider-Man abilities would be the crowing addition to his collection of all things Spidey so Max quickly made a move and stored the blueprints inside his box of tools, granted they stuck out quite a bit but it should have gotten the job done for getting them out of the building and back to the safety of his home. After all Norman Osborn was a powerful man and Max did not want to be caught stealing from the CEO of OsCorp's office.

Unknown Location

As the news footage about the fight between the new super villain the Sandman and the vigilante Spider-Man played a frown found its way onto the Kingpin of Crimes large round face, he grumbled something to himself under his breath before switching the small television off and turning to face the much smaller Doctor Otto Octavius.

"Be a good doctor and wake Mister O'Hirn—oh why bother with false identities, go and wake Mister Sytsevich up. See whether the serum has taken yet" Wilson advised in a patronizing manner.

Otto nodded timidly, after all what much could he do? The genius turned on his heel and pulled a small electronic remote out of his white coat's pocket, with a simple push of a button a huge table rose from a hidden compartment in the floor and on it was the large hulking yet slumbering form of Alexei Sytsevich.

The Russian thug had been loaded full of an experimental super soldier serum, not unlike the one used to birth Captain America into the world. However Alexei had also been implanted with cybernetic enhancements and was surrounded in large impenetrable armour not unlike the hide of a rhinoceros.

Otto checked the many machines hooked up to the sleeping Alexei, "He's still reeling from the effects of the anaesthesia. He'll be out for at least another few hours or so" the doctor informed the large rotund crime boss.

Wilson frowned but the results produced were more than satisfactory, "Sir? If I may, why do we continuously send super powered thugs after the arachnid? It seems like such a waste of resources, what if he manages to sense a connection and trace them back to us?" the good doctor voiced his worry and it made Fisk raise a surprised eyebrow.

"Since when did you grow a backbone? Need I remind you doctor just who funds your ridiculous research, step back in line Octavius. I want Spider-Man gone and I want it done soon, you're almost as annoying as that pest is. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a charity ball to attend" the Kingpin stated as he waltzed away from the scientist with a grim smile.

Manhattan—the Baxter Building—Upper Floors

Peter and Johnny were currently sat in front of the large sixty inch HD television in the lounge are of the top floor, Ben's football game had finished and the large behemoth of a man was currently snoozing away on the sofa as the two teenagers played one of Johnny's video games.

The game was a first person shooter and as Johnny scored yet another headshot on Peter the brunette frowned, "You know when I asked what there was to do around here I was expecting something a little more… exciting?" Peter explained as Johnny paused the game and raised an eyebrow.

"What, you don't find this fun?" Johnny questioned as Peter held up his hands.

He defended, "It's pretty fun but when you live in a place like this I would have expected something more" Peter said but Johnny scratched his head.

He pointed over his back to one of the many labs on the top floor with his thumb, "Well Reed and Sue are too busy working on his shuttle thingy. That's not fun to me, what is fun is the giant sleeping his troubles away" Johnny smiled as he referred to Ben.

The teenager stood and lightly and quickly disappeared from the lounge running into one of the many rooms of the top floor, he returned not long after and grinned at Peter as he held up a shaving razor.

Peter paled instantly, "You wouldn't" the teenager deadpanned but Johnny almost skipped gleefully towards Ben's sleeping form with a mischievous and determined grin.

He loomed over Ben with the razor in hand, "I freaking would" Johnny replied and upon doing so brought the blade down to scrape it above Ben's right eye.

The entire eyebrow completely disappeared and Peter's spider-sense erupted inside his head, the photographer bolted leaving Johnny behind to face the coming storm. Johnny was surprised to see Peter move so fast but understood why he had when the large angered form of Ben awoke.

Ben sleepily glanced at the razor blade in the kid's hand and then furrowed his brow in confusion upon doing so the small facial gesture felt different, he traced the place his right eyebrow should have been in only to find nothing but smooth skin and suddenly Ben knew full well why Johnny had the razor blade.

His face went red and Johnny bolted from his spot leaving the razor to fall to the ground, "JOHNNY!" Ben screamed as he vaulted over the sofa in search of the little twerp.

When Peter heard the scream echo throughout the entire floor from his hiding place one lone thought crossed his mind for a single swift second, and was it ever accurate.

I can't believe he did it!

Author's Note: So Matthew Murdock wants to help Spider-Man, now just how is he going to do that? Oh yeah, he's freaking Daredevil! So Peter finally manages to sit down and talk with Harry and is it me or does the guy seem a little delusional? When will Johnny learn? Here's hoping Peter can keep him in line and be there to offer his moral support, plus what happened to Carol to make her so distrusting towards men in masks? Nothing good I'm sure but stick around and you just might find out, thanks for reading and as always stay safe!


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