'Good morning Amata-kun, have you been waiting for a long time?' asked Mikono brightly.

'No, I just arrived. Besides, where is Zessica-san,' asked Amata.

'Oh, she's going to be a little late. She said something about 'changing her image', said Mikono.

'Oi, I'm here, mopey girl!' said Kagura grabbing the attention of both Mikono and Amata.

'Kagura?! What are you doing here?' exclaimed Amata.

'Kagura-kun! You look very…different,' was all Mikono could say as she blushed at the sight of Kagura wearing a black top and jeans, which showed off his toned figure very nicely.

'Kagura, where did you get the clothes?' asked Amata confusedly. He never remembered bringing his 'brother' to shop for clothes.

'Oh, this. The chairman gave them to me. Said something about fitting in…' muttered Kagura absent-mindedly.

'Damm right she was, we can't have you running around in a pseudo-skirt showing your midriff now can we?' someone suddenly said.

'What did you… ?' Kagura muttered before coming at a loss for words.

'Zessica-san, your clothes…' said both Amata and Mikono in unison.

'I know, can't always be a bad girl now,' said Zessica who was clad in a navy blue top and a simple skirt which might have been a bit too short. But, it was must decent then her usual attire.

'What happened to you, bitch?' asked Kagura.

'Nothing, just wanted to try something new for a change,' said Zessica winking at him, Kagura just looked away blushing while Amata and Mikono were exchanging knowing glances at each other.

'Well we can't just stand here all day, we've still got a carnival to enjoy!' exclaimed Amata as he motioned for the group to board the ferry.

After an enjoyable ride, surrounded by the stunning scenery. The group finally arrived on shore.

'So, where do we go now?' asked Amata.

'I have a map,' said Mikono as she brought out a map.

'Give me that, smelly wench,' said Kagura as he proceeded to snatch the map out of Mikono's hands.

'Hmm….what is this?' shouted Kagura.

'Keep it down will you? Give that to me,' said Zessica angrily; everyone was staring at the strange yet colorful group.

'I know where this is,' said Zessica as she motioned them to follow her.

'Oh! I can see the Ferris wheel,' exclaimed Mikono excitedly.

'Yeah, we're here,' said Zessica giving back the map to Mikono.

'So, what do we do first?' asked Amata giving his ticket to the staff and going through the gate.

'Hmm…how about we start off slow and easy?' suggested Zessica pointing towards the spinning teacups.

'What?! That's boring,' groaned Kagura.

'Sure, Zessica-san. How about you, Amata-kun?' asked Mikono.

'I'm fine with anything. It's just Kagura you have to convince,' said Amata looking at the angry red-hair.

'You better not spoil this day, asshole,' snarled Zessica glaring at Kagura.

'Fine…but I get to pick what to ride next, ok?' asked Kagura.

'Sure, Kagura-kun,' said Mikono happily as she got in line.

They finally got to a green colored teacup. Mikono and Amata sat on one side, whiel Zessica and Kagura on the other.

'Well, here goes nothing,' said Amata, the worker was already starting the ride. Slowly and steadily their teacup was spinning round and round. The surrounding started to turn into a blur; Amata could see some of the other people holding onto the handles provided. Opposite to Amata, Kagura was wearing a bored expression on his face.

'These people are so weak,' muttered Kagura under his breath.

'Well sorry, Mr. Super pilot. Not everyone pilots gigantic robots on a day-to-day basis,' replied Zessica sharply.

'Now, now guys. Don't start a fight here. Let's enjoy today,' said Amata nervously. Afraid of being kicked out from the carnival for causing a nuisance.

After quite a while of being spun, the ride gradually decreased in speed until it completely stopped spinning. The doors were open for them to get off the ride.

'Well, that was fun. What should we do next?' asked Mikono cheerfully.

'That,' said Kagura pointing towards the 80 meter free fall turbo drop ride that could even send chills down the spines of the bravest men.

'Sure, a promise is a promise,' said Mikono with a gulp as they started making their way towards the ride.

'Mikono, you don't have to do this if you're scared,' said Zessica while they were waiting in line. Noticing that the girl was scared out of her wits by the ride.

'No, I…I am also a pilot of Aquarion. I can handle this!' said Mikono hotly.

'Well…whatever you say,' said Zessica in a defeated tone.

Finally, it was their turn.

'Amata-kun, could you sit with me?' asked Mikono shyly.

'Uhh…sure,' said Amata blushing as he sat on one of the 2 middle seats.

'I was thinking that maybe you would be able to sit on the edge?' said Mikono innocently.

'Ermm…sure,' said Amata taking the seat near the edge of the 4-seater.

'What are you looking at? Be a gentleman like Amata and seat on the edge too,' said Zessica.

'Don't need you to tell me twice. The edge is more fun then sitting in the middle 2 seats,' snapped back Kagura.

'Attention, will all visitors please fasten their safety belts,' said a voice over the P.A. system.

'Oh, its gonna start. Better fasten our safety belts. Don't want them loose later on, now do we?' said Kagura glaring menacingly at Mikono.

'Stop scaring Mikono, idiot!' Zessica shouted at Kagura.

'The ride will start at 3…2…'

'1!' shouted Kagura as they were suddenly lifted 50 meters off the ground. Many people were already screaming by now.

'Amata-kun. I'm scared,' said Mikono clutching Amata's arm.

Zessica was also a bit shaken, being just on a seat is different from being inside a cockpit. But, she stood her ground and glanced at kagura challengingly.

The ride was steadily being elevated until they were around 80 meters off the ground, everything was so small that the people looked like ants. Suddenly, the ride did a quick drop!

'Ahhh!' screamed both Mikono and Zessica as they both held on tightly to either Kagura or Amata.

The ride suddenly stopped around mid-way and started elevating itself again for another round.

'Amata-kun,' Mikono's voice was small and muffed between Amata's arm, her eyes were also both shut tightly.

'It's alright, I'll be next to you,' said Amata reassuringly.

Suddenly, the ride did a death-defying drop until it reached the ground. No one screamed because everyone had lost their voice. Several moments later, murmurs and sigh of reliefs were heard among the crowd.

'Mikono-san it's over,' said Amata warmly to the girl who was still holding to his arm.

'You can let go now, whiny girl. Never thought you'd be so scared,' said Kagura smirking at Zessica.

'Hey, I never said I was scared. I just…' stammered Zessica. She quickly let go of Kagura's arm and looked away to hide her blush.

'But, next time could you not scream so loudly? I think I ruptured my eardrum,' said Kagura teasingly.

'Hey, enough with the teasing. It's not unusual a girl to be afraid of 80 meter turbo drops, alright?' exclaimed Zessica as they walked out of the ride.

'Alright, what should we do next?' asked Amata.

'How about we play something less dangerous and more fun?' asked Zessica, glaring at Kagura and directing his eyesight towards the still very shaken Mikono.

'Fine…' groaned Kagura.

'So, what should we play?' asked Amata.

'Umm…I've always wanted to try the merry-go-round. Cayenne promised to take me as a kid, but never got around it…umm, if you guys think it's too childish, I understand…' said Mikono quietly.

'Sure, why not? We'll go on the merry-go-round with you , Mikono-san,' said Amata.

'Really? You're the best, Amata-kun,' said Mikono brightening up.

'Alright, let's get in line,' said Zessica pointing towards the long line of people waiting to go on the merry-go-round.

It was finally their turn. However, there were only 2 horses left.

'I guess we'll just have to share then,' shrugged Amata.

'Amata-kun…wi….will you sit with me?' asked Mikono shyly.

'Uhh…sure, Mikono-san,' replied Amata the color rising on his cheeks.

'I guess we'll have to share the other one then,' muttered Zessica under her breath.

'Fine…hold on tightly,' replied Kagura bluntly.

'O..ok, just don't move around,' stammered Zessica. She put her arms around Kagura's waist as the ride started to move slowly.

'Wow, he's pretty ripped. Wait, what am I thinking about? We're just friends,' thought Zessica conflictingly as she stared at his back.

Meanwhile, with Amata and Mikono.

'Wow, Amata-kun is so warm,' thought Mikono as she snuggled against Amata's back which took him by surprise.

'Mikono-san?' whispered Amata. However, upon seeing the girl's peaceful appearance he decided to let it be.

Eventually, the merry-go-round stopped. People started getting off the ride.

'So, what do we do next?' asked Mikono cheerfully.

'How about we get something to eat,' suggested Amata.

'Good idea, I'm getting a bit hungry,' said Zessica

'Why don't we go find seats in the cafeteria?' suggested Amata pointing towards the cafeteria.

'Sure, Amata-kun. Zessica-san, why don't you and Kagura go order for all of us while me and Amata-kun find seats?' asked Mikono.

'That sounds like a good plan,' said Zessica tugging Kagura by his shirt.

'Ok, see you guys later. Mikono-san, let's go find seats,' said Amata.

'Let's see…could we have the set for 4 please?' asked Zessica over the counter.

'That will be 150 Kowloons please,' replied the cashier.

'Crap, I forgot to bring my wallet,' said Zessica fidgeting.

'Here, and keep the change,' said Kagura coolly handing the cashier two 100 dollar notes.

'You didn't have to do that you know,' said Zessica disapprovingly.

'Then how would you have paid? Magically conjuring money out of thin air?' suggested Kagura.

'Here is the food you ordered miss. Please enjoy and have a nice day,' said the cashier.

'Thanks,' said Zessica carrying the tray.

They were making their way back when Zessica was suddenly knocked over by a man who was in a hurry, the impact had sent all the food flying.

Kagura quickly sprang into action by catching the tray and all the food with one hand and catching Zessica before she fell onto the ground with another hand.

'Are you alright?' asked Kagura looking into her eyes directly.

'Yeah…you can let go now,' said Zessica blushing, it was even more embarrassing that so many people saw the scene. Some were even clapping their hands.

'Treasure him, dearie. He's a keeper,' said one old woman who came up to them with a wink.

'I'm sorry, you must be mistaken. It's not like that, we're not…' said Zessica hurriedly. Blushing at the misunderstanding.

'Oh, then that's too unfortunate. Men like him are one in a million nowadays,' sighed the old lady walking away.

'That was awakward,' said Zessica nervously as she put the tray down on the table.

'Amata, what's a 'Keeper'?' said Kagura very seriously. Mikono and Amata both facepalmed while Zessica breathed a sigh of relief.

'Uhh..a keeper is…' began Amata before being cut in the middle by Mikono.

'Amata-kun, are you sure we should tell him this? We're not even sure Zessica-san…' whispered Mikono.

'Ummm…' said Amata mouthing 'Help me' to Mikono.

'Kagura-san, a keeper is a term for someone who is a very close friend to you,' explained Mikono. Amata just gave her the 'What?!' look.

'Ohh, I see. Figures, I haven't know you guys for long. No wonder mopey girl here didn't say I was a keeper,' Kagura said to himself.

'Erm…that's right. So we hope that you can open up more and be friendlier to us. How about we start digging in?' said Zessica awkwardly.

After eating a playing a few more rides, they decided that the last thing to do was ride on the Ferris wheel.

'Umm…pardon me for the selfish request. But, could ride on the Ferris wheel with Amata-kun only?' asked Mikono.

'Sure,' said Zessica giving her the thumbs-up sign.

'I'd be glad to Mikono –san,' said Amata.

'Alright, it's decided then. Me and Kagura will take the next one,' said Zessica pointing towards the incoming cart.

'Thank you, Zessica-san and Kagura-kun,' said Mikono.

'So…' said Zessica trying to break the awkward silence between them.

'The view is nice from up here,' said Kagura quitely. He had a peaceful expression opposed to the serious and angry expression he usually hung.

'Yeah, you're right,' said Zessica taking the opportunity to appreciate the view of the whole carnival basked in the evening sun.

'I wish life could stay like this forever. Free and no worries,' said Kagura softly as he started remembering about his memories in altair.

'If only I had opened my eyes earlier, Jin might have still been here. Better yet, if only I hadn't existed…' said Kagura painfully. It was particularly painful for him to think about Jin.

'Don't say things like that,' said Zessica under her breath.

'What?' said Kagura not catching her the first time.

'I said, don't say things like that! You are you and Amata is Amata. Besides, didn't you remember what Chairman Crea said? She said that you live to repent for your sin, live for those who didn't make it…' said Zessica tearing up.

'Hey now, don't cry on me,' said Kagura awkwardly putting his arm on Zessica to comfort her. In response, Zessica snuggled into his chest and cried her heart out.

'It's ok. I won't go anywhere,' said Kagura softy awkwardly hugging her. He had decided to return the favor from the cemetery and decided that this time it was him that comforted her.

Meanwhile, with Mikono and Amata.

'Mikono-san looks really cute,' thought Amata staring at Mikono who was enjoying the view.

'Amata-kun is there something wrong?' asked Mikono.

'No, nothing,' said Amata hastily worried that Mikono would notice that he had been staring at him.

'I hope these peaceful days will last Amata-kun. I would like to enjoy them with you,' said Mikono leaning her head on Amata's shoulders.

'Me too, Mikono-san,' said Amata softly stroking her hair as Mikono snuggled closer.

'Amata-kun,' said Mikono looking up to him.

'Hmm?' Said Amata when Mikono suddenly smashed her lips against his.

'I love you,' said Mikono between their kiss.

Suddenly, they were outside the Ferris wheel. Amata was levitating while carrying Mikono.

'Seriously, get a room you two,' shrugged Zessica upon seeing the two of them.

'That idiot,' muttered Kagura under his breath.

'So, Amata quite an exit you made there,' said Kagura exiting the Ferris wheel and walking towards Amata.

'Flashy for a guy like you. Never knew you had it in you!' continued Zessica. Both Amata and Mikono blushed harder.

'How about we call it a day and head back?' said Amata shifting the focus of the conversation.

'I agree with Amata-kun, I feel a bit tired,' said Mikono.

'Sure, this place is getting boring anyways,' said Kagura coolly.

'Really? That's not how you were up there,' smirked Zessica nudging Kagura by the arm.

'What do you mean, Zessica-san?' asked Mikono curiously.

'Don't say a word, bitch!' said Kagura hastily while blushing a deep shade of red.

'That makes me want to know even more, Zessica-san. What is it? What happened?' asked an excited Amata, determined to get some dirt off his 'brother'.

'Hey, are you forgetting that I am here!' protested Kagura.

'Well…since Kagura did behave like a good boy today and he did save me, so…it'll be a secret between him and me,' said Zessica playfully, winking at Kagura.

'Oh, my brother is calling me,' said Mikono answering her cell phone.

'Hello? Yes? A helicopter? Now? Yes, I understand,' said Mikono putting away her cell phone.

'Apparently, Cayenne got worried and sent for a helicopter to pick us up…' said Mikono.

'Well someone's overprotective,' said Zessica.

'You mean that helicopter?' asked Amata pointing at the helicopter that was descending towards them.

'Yeah…that,' said Mikono.

'Could we please go before we attract more attention?' asked Zessica pointing at the people that were staring at them and the chopper.

The chopper was big enough to fit all four of them comfortably. Mikono sat next to Amata, while Zessica sat next to Kagura.

'So, you guys had fun?' asked Cayenne.

'You bet. You won't believe what Mikono did. She…' began Mikono before Mikono suddenly pulled Zessica aside.

'Hehehehe, we had lots of fun. I tried lots of rides. That's it,' said Mikono nervously. Not wanting to image what would happen if Cayenne knew about her and Amata's flashy 'exit' from the Ferris wheel.

'Well, I'll be catching some z's. I'm dead tired,' said Zessica.

'I guess me too,' said Mikono yawning.

'Huh,' replied Cayenne not know what just happened.

There was a comfortable silence between the 3 boys as they flew towards Neo-Deava Academy. Kagura was looking outside the window silently admiring the view.

'Well, I'll leave you boys, I gotta go back to the pilot room,' said Cayenne leaving the two brothers in the same compartment.

Once again there was a comfortable silence between the two brothers.

'So, how's life in Vega?' asked Amata.

'It's ok,' replied Kagura. A thin smile forming on his lips as he looked at the green-haired girl that was fast asleep on his shoulder

'Life was good,' Kagura thought to himself as the helicopter flew towards the sunset. .