"Hey Raven," Beast Boy's blushy presence interrupted her concentration abruptly, causing her to wobble slightly from her place meditating above the floor. Peeking an eye open, she looked toward her green friend whose face was slowly being consumed in red.

Sensing he wasn't going to leave her be till he had gotten over whatever it was he wanted to tell her, she relaxed her feet to the ground with a sigh. Little did the boy know, but she would give him her attention anytime, for however long. She pretended not to know this either, or that she loved it when he would just talk at her for hours.

"I, um…" this time though, he didn't seem to have any words to find. Raven tried to recall what might be the cause, and when she deduced it, a matching blush started to cover her face. That couldn't be the reason, could it?

She decided to play her gamble though, stepping forward toward Beast Boy. Once she was a foot away, she leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss on his warmed cheek. Meeting his wide eyes as she withdrew, she said with one of her small, rare smiles, "Happy Valentine's Day, Gar."

His only response was to blush even deeper still, push a little heart-shaped box in her hands, and bolt, much to both Raven's amusement and disappointment. She enjoyed the chocolates contained in the gift as she finished her meditation, before going to seek him out.