"I got the snacks!" announced Bart, throwing a few chip and candy bags in Jaime's direction. "So what is this about you showing me all the retro video games?" He sat next to his friend on the couch, several more grocery bags full of junk food releasing their contents on the floor of the Reyes' livingroom.

Jaime smiled at his friends enthusiasm, passing a game controller his way. "Hermano, I'm going to beat you at all the "retro" video games."

~*~(Two Hours Later)~*~

"Totally not crash, dude!" Bart whined, watching his commando go down for what felt like the hundredth time. Not even when he cheated and used his superspeed could he sneak in a win. He reached to the floor, hand searching for another bag of food to inhale. Finding only wrappers, he pouted.

Jaime caught the frustration in his friend's voice and face. "You're not having fun?" he worried. He had hopped to keep both their minds off whatever the future might bring by just chilling and having fun. Bart had seemed excited about this idea, but his enjoyment seemed to be waning.

"I guess it's just, well, these only end with one or both of us dying," Bart muttered, eyes directed downwards. "Maybe it's silly but…"

Jaime nodded, reaching out to give Bart's shoulder a reassuring squeeze. After sitting in silence for a moment, Jaime's face lit up. "I know what we can do," he stood and flashed a grin at Bart. "Un momento!"

With that he disappeared up the stairs, only to return with an arm full of DVD cases. "If it's a happy ending your looking for, I have just the thing." He dumped the cases next Bart on the couch.

"Disney movies?" Bart questioned, picking one up.

"Even better," Jaime chuckled, switching the video game out with a DVD. "Pixar movies."

"I've never seen any," Bart said, settling into the couch as the menu screen came up and Jaime switched the langue to English dub and started the movie.

After many hours, and several runs to the kitchen for snacks, Bart proclaimed that Ratatouille was his favorite. Jaime accused him it was just because of the food aspect. Bart made no denial to this fact.

But each ended with the good guys winning out, and left both boys with silly grins on their faces. And they shared this happiness gladly with each other.