"Scully," whined Mulder, tipping his chair back to normal sitting position as he broke the silence they had been sitting in for most of the day. There were no cases to work on, just forms to fill out. He was not handling it well and the obvious solution was to bug Scully. Even her scolding him would be a relief.

She though didn't even look up at him, just kept typing up case notes. In fact it seemed she hadn't even heard him, or at least was pretending not too. So Mulder tried again, making his voice even more childish this time. "Sculllyyy…"

She lifted her head now, meeting his eyes and raising a perfect brow. "Yes, age-degenerated Mulder?" she answered in her most professional tone.

She wanted to distract him, have him go off and talk about actually cases where people had been de-aged. Mulder refused to take the bait though, continuing on his quest to annoy his partner. "Sculllyy. I am bored." he added a pout to the mix.

She continued to look on in an unimpressed manner. "Why don't you go get me some lunch than?" she said, turning back to her typing.

Mulder changed his whole demeanor, turning on some charm now. "Why don't you come with me?"

She pressed a few more buttons, before shutting the laptop. Giving him a coy smile, she grabbed her coat and then held his out for him. "I thought you'd never ask," she said in answer, as he gave her a befuddled grin and bent his back so she could place his coat on his much taller frame.

With that, she opened the door, and bowed him out. "After you, sir." He chuckled, wondering at her change in mood but not daring to question it. They entered the hall, and Mulder placed his hand on the small of her back, where it was meant to be.