The sun began to rise in the distant sky, the light shining through the windows of a rental car parked on the slope of an unremarkable hill. The tree branches dotted with fat spring buds tried to stop the light's process, but only succeeded in creating delicate patterns that danced in the breeze.

Scully found herself awakened by her cramped neck resting on the side window. Blinking slowly, she straightened with a stretch her small size allowed her even in the negligible space of the passenger side. Looking over at the other side of the car, she couldn't help the smile at her sleeping partner's face.

In the dappled light, Mulder lost the air of having suffered much that hunted the depths of his hazel eyes. She allowed herself a rare moment of weakness and just watched him breathe; in, out. Then she woke him, pressing a hand gently to the side of his face. Brief eye contact is made before he shifts and straightens as best he can.

With that another day of their lives starts, for the better or worst.