konnichi wa! i decided to write this story based on real love story. whose? mine. lol...but of course, i edited some things and placed it in a yaoi settings. hope you enjoy!^^

The Great Pretender

the pretender and the homophobe

Misaki Takahashi purposely waived his hips as he walked across their living room. Making sure that his father would see how he was acting so lewdly and flirtatious. The eighteen-year-old high school student could feel his father's eyes burning at the back of his skull. He almost jumped out of his skin hearing his father had crumpled the newspaper he was holding.

"Are you purposely trying to irritate me young man?!" his father barked.

The green eyed young man gritted his teeth before turning at his father, showing a sweet flash of his pearly whites.

"Ah...Otou-san...I didn't know you were there. I'm leaving now."

However, before Misaki could take further steps towards their door, he felt his blazer being yanked backwards and felt a hot sensation burning on his face as his father's knuckles hit hard on his flesh.

In a far corner of the library, Misaki tried to understand the words written on the book he was reading. But they were too blurry as his eyes started pouring out hot sting of emotions contained inside for two long and the sob he tried so hard to supress from their house all the way to his high school escaped his mouth. His shaking hands gripped the sides of the Economics book he had borrowed.

"Nii-chan..." he hid his face on the book, his tears soflty tainting the dirty white paper. "I am going to leave that house soon and reach your dreams for you. Father would have to kill me, before he could force me to be in an army. He wouldn't be able to make me...like how he forced you."

"Hey are you stupid?" Takatsuki Shinobu exclaimed as he and his friend Misaki walked towards their third period class.

"Befriend that guy-hater girl? Are you out of your mind?" the blonde scowled. He knew Misaki's situation far too deep but he just couldn't understand why Misaki would want to be close to a guy-hater girl.

Misaki ran his hand through his silky hair and smiled sweetly, playing the gay game he started the moment he saw a teacher close to his father. He was so sure that teacher will eventually tell his father how flirtatious his son was in school.

"That girl is quiet popular around here right? If a rumor gets around that Takahashi Misaki, the only left son of General Takahashi of Japan's Military Division A, is a close friend of a notorious guy hater, then my being gay would spread faster."

Shinobu could only shake his head at the stupidity but he didn't say anymore as he took his seat and prepare his things for the Statistics class. After all, unlike Misaki he had the freedom to choose whatever he wanted to be. Unlike his friend who was being forced to join the military by his strict and stiff father.

Shinobu stole a glance at his dear friend's cheek with an obvious bruise. He was left wondering why a father would still want his remaining son to join the army, when his oldest son already died from being in it. Was the "continuing the blood of soldiers" that important to General Takahashi that he wouldn't even listen to Misaki's wish of fulfilling his dead brother's wish of taking Economics?

How parents think really was a mystery. Did they make babies for them to order around and force towards anything on their whims? Or Misaki was just plain unlucky?

Two days passed and Takahashi Misaki successfully befriended the notorious man-hater, beautiful senior Kaoruko.

How Misaki managed to do it was a mystery to himself as well. He just talked about the things girls would normally talk about. Fashion, makeup, baking...everything that he painstakingly read through the night came handy. Plus telling the girl he was gay though he really wasn't was a lot of help to the game he was playing.

Misaki excitedly imagined his father's reaction once he heard of it. He was so sure he'd get another punch or two on the face, but until he graduates high school, he'd put up with it.

Sunday came and Misaki who was wearing a bold pink jacket in the middle of broad daylight smiled to himself. Kaoruko had invited him to her apartment to do some baking. He may be lying about being gay, but baking was really a passion. Something he always wanted to do but what his father forbade him to do. According to the great general, the kitchen is for women only. A man never had to step in it. It was a woman's role.

Sighing at the narrow mindedness of his father, Misaki blinked at the piece of paper he was holding. Making sure he wasn't just making a huge mistake.

"Oh my God," Misaki whispered. "This? This? THIS?!" Misaki gawked at the montrous, exclusive condominium before him. He turned left and right. His mind was blown away.

He knew Kaoruko was from a well-off family. But not as well off as THIS.

Nervous the entire time he was on the elevator up to top most floor of the condominium, Misaki wondered how he would face such a high status family. He came from a fine family too, but that kind of luxury was only in his imagination until that day he stood in front of the room number written on the piece of paper the girl gave to him. He wiped his sweaty hands against his jeans before pressing the "talk" button of the intercom beside the steel door.

"Ano...Good morning. This is Takahashi. I'm here to see Kaoru-chan..." Misaki muttered nervously.

He stood there for so long it felt like it lasted for all eternity.

Misaki wasn't sure if he heard an irritated grunt at the other side of the intercom. "Takahashi?"

"Eh..ha-hai! Takahashi Misaki sir..." he added "sir" because maybe it was his friend's father.


What's this? Is there an xray machine here scanning me if I have deadly weapons on me? Kaoru-chan...

"Eh?" Misaki could hear a somehow distant voice of a girl coming from the intercom. "Why didn't you let him in right away?! You're so hopeless!"

Before Misaki knew it, the gate to impossible luxury opened revealing Kaoruko still in her pyjamas smiling at him.

"Misaki-chaaaaaaaan! You're on time I'm surprised! Come in!"

"Sorry for intruding..." Misaki mumbled as he roamed his emerald orbs through the endless space before him.

He felt so small as he absorbed the spacious place. It was so bright because of the glass panels allowing the sun to shower it's glory inside the huge flat. He felt like he could run forever in it but won't be able to finish running around it. He knew he was exaggerating But so what? It was his first time ever setting foot in a real exclusive flat for the richest among the rich. He decided he'd memorize every detail.

Busy with making himself look like a complete ignorant, the intense glare he was trying to brush off grew even more. He felt his body turn on its own to meet the glare.

Misaki looked innocently at the frowning lavender eyes at him. The man was tall. He was wearing a lose cotton shirt and a black trousers, bare footed. Somehow looked older than them. Not just by appearance but by the aura the man was giving off. It somehow intrigued Misaki why his friend, a man-hater was living with a man. The silver-haired man who seem not be fond of him the least bit seemed to be not a father figure at all.

Seemingly not being able to gaze away, Misaki felt soft hands clung around his own thin arm. He was slightly taller than the girl so when he looked down, he met Kaoruko's serious eyes.

"Misaki-chan, don't mind my uncle. He's a homophobic, but don't give a damn to him. Okay?"

The girl pulled him towards the cooking area. She peeked into the refrigarator and grabbed a whole tray of eggs. Misaki darted his eyes from the already ready equipments for baking to Kaouroku's flowing long hair.

"Uncle? Homo-phobe?"

"Yeah." She answered in an uninterested voice. "He's name is the great writer Usami Akihiko," she rolled her eyes. "I told him a friend would come. A male. Naturally he knew you'd be you know since he knows I hate men."

"You hate men and you live with one?" Misaki asked confused.

"No I am just crashing here for the time being. He's grumpy and the worst homophobic but I feel fine with him. Just ignore his glare. He feels like he'd die just breathing the same air with a gay guy. It's a disease."

Misaki looked down at the cute apron set on the table and smiled at himself awkwardly. Well I am not really gay but a guy-hater and a homophobic relatives living together? What a crazy pair..."

The two pair started their craft. Misaki beating the eggs, Kaoruko preparing the icing. Without any sound, the two teens looked surprised when the silverhaired man emerged out of nowhere and pulled the fridge open with a total blank expression. Misaki who was closest to the fridge tried to inch away.

"It sweltering here," Misaki heard the deep voice mumble as the man took a bottle of water for himself. Misaki was sure he saw the piercing eyes at him while the tall man gulped the water down.

"Ignore...ignore..." the teen focused his eyes at the bowl of eggs instead.

Misaki was so sure the owner of the flat would be gone as fast as he appeared. He felt huge discomfort when the man lingered and stood beside the huge, silver refrigerator.

"Oi...Kaoruko, how long will I have to endure a homo in MY flat?"

Kaoruko's pretty face scowled. She wasn't the prim girl many thought she'd be.

"Can you leave us alone? If you can't stay with my friend, then lock yourself in your room!"

I am not gay so I am not really affected, but...his eyes are scary...

After a moment of silence, the girl dropped her apron on the table and looked worried. "Oh my god, Misaki-chan...can you wait for me here? I forgot to buy something for the cake! I'll be back in a few!"

Without even listening to Misaki's protest, the girl flew away to change her pyjamas and not long after that, slammed the steel door shut. All the while, Misaki's eyes never left the bowl of eggs about to be overly beaten. He didn't know what to do with the homophobic glaring at him.

The boy froze when he felt the tall man behind him.

"So Mister Gay...I am honestly, honestly disgusted having you touch my things, so if you could please hurry and leave?"

The voice was so slow. And though he had no any hard feelings towards being called gay since it was his goal to spread it around anyway, the way he was being chased off somehow offended and hurt him.

Slowly, Misaki placed the bowl of the egg whites he'd been beating for some time now and took off the very pink, lacy apron that Kaoruko insisted he wear. He didn't want to stay together with a man with a knife for a tongue anyway.

He walked quietly towards the main door feeling like he was walking a death march as the uncle of his man-hater friend followed him from behind.

The tall guy opened the door for him with a fake smile. His thin lips curled upwards but his eyes were menacing and demeaning.

When the heavy steel door opened, Misaki stared wide eyed at the woman standing by the hallway laughing merrily with a man. He froze unable to move for a minute.

"Oi...I need to close this freakin door, move out of the way..." the voice hissed behind him impatiently.

That woman is a friend of Otou-san...

The moment the woman darted her eyes at Misaki's frozen direction, Misaki's body moved on his own and he desperately clung to the nearest guy beside him. Usami Akihiko.

"What the fuck are you doing you homo!?"

The guy tried to yank his arms from Misaki's grasp but Misaki held on to them tighter. The green eyed boy faced the disgusted man and faked a sweet smile. Something that disgusted the man even more.

"Come on...come on..." Misaki muttered, his fake smile still plastered on his face as he pushed the man back inside his flat with all his might.

As if Usami had just gotten the worst germs in the world, he frantically wiped his bare arm with his other hand with a completely angry look at Misaki.

Misaki who had shut the door behind him panted nervously. Yet he was relieved he was sure the woman saw him and would surely tell his father. The angry man before him was not his main concern for now. But when he saw the man huffing and glaring at him and started walking towards him with a deathly aura, Misaki started feeling uneasy.

"I told you to get out. Yet you had the nerve to touch me?"

"Sorry...I just needed to..."

"Fuck you all homos are dirty!

The wide space looked like an imaginary cube shrinking and shrinking, crushing Misaki inside it. He wasn't gay, but he was getting insulted.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM ABOUT GAYS!" Misaki burst out, raising the flag of all the gays in Japan.

The lavender eyes pierced him from outside to his core he shivered. He could clearly see hatred from them. Soon he found himself trapped between the man's long arms on both his sides. Usami's flawless face hovering above him.

"The problem with gays...IS THAT ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKIN LIARS."

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