【【【Too Good】】】

"What the hell am I doing?" he asked as he found himself hugging an expensive looking shoe not his size.

When Misaki woke up, he was on the kitchen floor sprawled like an eagle about to be butchered. His borrowed clothes from Usami smelled like booze. His vision a little blurry, like there was some kind of smoke surrounding him. And the worst was his brains were all over the place.

He sat slowly, grunting here and there as he massaged his thundering temples. When he finally got to sit without toppling over the floor once more, he stared at the oven before him and thought things over.

"Why am I lying on the floor like that?" he whispered, scratching his head.

The morning was still early and the sun hasn't yet to rise, leaving Misaki in the faint darkness of the kitchen.

After all pondering and rearranging his thoughts, he silently gasped. He hid his face on both his palms and slowly slid down the cold floor once more, wishing to die of embarassment.

"I am...I want to cry...!"

"Why are you..." Misaki gulped the lump in his throat as he gazed at the pair of serious eyes peircing his every living cells in his body. "...willing to go as far as act like a gay's boyfriend?"

Instead of giving an answer, Usami just smirked at the teen before facing the front. His index finger dancing on the rim of the wine glass, and his profile as if in a different time and place.

"I don't have anything to offer back in return for such a huge favor you're offering me," Misaki continued to press on. No matter how he flip things up, pretending to be boyfriends with this every woman's bachelor was nuts.

With his head a little bowed, his facial features hidden and accentuated by the shadows at the same time, Usami sighed. "Nothing big. Just bored."

I can't understand him...he's a homophobe who's willing acting like a gay...

Misaki cleared his throat. "Well...I wouldn't let such an opportunity slip away..."

"Just remember the condition. And that we're only a couple from 8 am to 3 pm."

The teen leaned closer to the older man with an adamant face. Misaki knew he wasn't gay and he would never in hell fall in love with such a man with a complicated attitude.

"I will never!" Misaki replied in a stern voice. "Same goes for you! Don't fall in love me!"

Usami started laughing a low, and somewhat mocking laugh. He gulped the remaining contents of his glass and turned his face to look at Misaki straight in the eyes.

"Are you joking? That's bullshit," he smirked. "Anyway, I just want to make sure that you will not come running to me saying you've become a fairy."

Misaki's eyes shot wide open. "Fa-fairy?!"

"Yah, please, do me a favor and never say you've undergone metamorphosis ."

Frowning, Misaki grabbed the bottle in front of him and drank huge gulps. How in the world could they pretend they were in a relationship if on the onset they were both like canons shooting out to piss one another off.

"I will never fall in love with another guy, just so you know. And if I would, certainly not you."

The older man, stood and started to take his leave. "Then we have a deal."

When the man was already completely out of sight, the teen out of annoyance started drinking the wine without thinking. He just drank and drank like it was water, or grape juice and by the time he was finished, he was the drunken mess trying to reach the refrigerator to get water for real.

"What the...me turning into a fairy? What's he talking about...he should be worried...about himself...the jerk..." walking and feeling around the kitchen counter, a giggle escaped his wine smelling lips. "I am so going to piss Dad so much...can't wait to see the look on his face..."

He was already literally hugging the appliance just so he wouldn't tumble down. He started sniffing and getting all irate at everything. "If only he would accept my decision...I wouldn't have to pretend in the first place!"

After successfully opening the refrigerator door that felt to Misaki weighed a ton, he fell on his knees and not long after that, he laid there on his back being the dramatic, drunken mess. It was even his first time tasting alcohol. All the more reason, the teen was almost losing his mind.

"We wouldn't have to hurt each other..." he rolled to his side. "I just don't want to go to the Military. I never wanted to become a hero..."

Misaki's ear was on the floor, and he could hear the coming footsteps loud and clear. It sounded like a ticking of the clock and when it stopped, the teen heard a clicking of a tongue and some irritated grunting.

"Don't leave the refrigerator open...this is not your fuckin house."

Blinking a couple of times to clear his eyes, the teen pictured a silverhaired man standing before him. He looked so tall and big from the floor.

"Just gettin...water..."

"Don't lay there for all eternity..."

Usami's brows were in a deep furrow as if thinking if he should help the boy up and drag the kid back to the guest room or just let the boy be.

The older man started kicking the teen lightly on the knees. "Do you plan on sleeping there?"

"No..." laughing, Misaki ran his hand over his face. "I just couldn't stand back...everything is swirling..."

"Why drink if you couldn't hold your liquor?" sighing and resigning himself that he actually have to help the kid back to the guest room, Usami bended his knees and reached for Misaki's hands pulling the teen upwards.

However, Misaki remained like a deadfish.

"Hey, I need effort from you too!"

"I am trying..." Misaki replied, but he was one hundred percent obviously not.

"Hey punk, I'm not going to sweep you off the floor like a freaking princess! Now be a man and stand up!" Usami ordered.

Misaki grabbed on to the arms that were pulling him back on his feet. The way the teen's legs were almost like jelly they couldn't find the strenght to stand for even just five seconds was irritating the owner of the flat. There he went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water too and was greeted by a dunken boy on the kitchen floor, crying and laughing at the same time.

"Sir...do you love your father?"

As if a flash of thunder could be seen in the older man's eyes, Usami's face grew expressionless. His grip on the teen's hands loosening, sending Misaki sliding back on the floor once more.

"I don't care anymore, sleep there idiot."

Pissed and totally lost his thirst, Usami took a step away, only to be stopped by Misaki who started clinging on to his leg.

"I love you Dad..."

Usami looked down at the teen desperately hugging his leg. He didn't know whether to get pissed or laugh or both. He tried yanking his leg free but the more he wanted to break free, the more Misaki's arms grew tighter around them.

"Will you stop causing me so much trouble?!" Usami yelled. "Let go!"

"Dad, just hear me out please? Don't throw me to the same place he died...I can feel I will die too!"

Lavender eyes grew into slits. He didn't care who died, he just wanted to be freed from Misaki's grip.

"You will seriously die if you don't let go now."

A series of pulling and yanking took place between Misaki and Usami. It made Usami lose his temper and he pulled away a little stronger. He was actually trying not to pull so much to avoid somehow hitting the kid, but he didn't care anymore. He pulled his leg abruptly, with Misaki pulling off the shoe he was wearing on the left side.

As if the teen was complete satisfied with having the shoe as a companion, he stopped his whining and nonsense talking and started falling asleep.

Sighing, the owner of the flat went back to his room with his right foot in an expensive shoe and the left one bare. Leaving Misaki on the kitchen floor, lightly snoring while hugging his shoe.

"Urgh...somebody...kill me now..." Misaki grumbled. His voice muffled by his hands. He looked at the shiny, black shoe before him and he wanted to kill himself even more. "Idiot...I am such an idiot...how can I cling to him like that?!"

Truthfully, Misaki didn't want to go home at all. But all his school stuff and his small savings he was hiding under his mattress was there. He had this complete picture as if it was already the reality of how his dad would welcome him. Misaki was sure with his Dad's iron fists, there would be a day that he wouldn't be able to arrange his face back into place.

Despite the heavy head and the heavy body, the teen left the flat without telling either Kaoruko or his fake boyfriend. He walked out the place in tiptoe while swearing he'd never so much as to drink a droplet of any kind of adult drink ever again. Obviously that wouldn't be possible. At that time, little did Misaki know that booze would become his best friend in the very near future.

It was seven thirty in the morning, the morning runners and dogwalkers were already on the streets taking Misaki's thoughts off his home for a while. However, when he reached the doorstep of their house, he was stunned to see his mother standing outside, wearily smiling at him with heavy dark circles under her eyes.

"Mom?" he called out in a breath. Afraid that the king of the household might have also raised his iron fists to his mother.

"Misaki..." she half smiled half cried at the sight of his son. Mainly because of the purplish spot on the once pinkish complexion on the teen's cheeks. Now Misaki looked like a doll with odd makeup for the costume play event at school. "I've been waiting for you..."


The woman still in her clothes from last night glanced at the left side of their porch. Misaki followed his mom's gaze and his mouth opened in a silent 'what'.

"Your dad is really really mad at the moment dear. Let him cool his head...I'm sure later he'll be fine..for now, I've prepared your schoold uniform and bento together with your school things..."

"You didn't sleep at all...did you?" Misaki asked, running his thumb on his mother's cheek.

"Don't worry about me honey. Your dad wants to have a family meeting later this afternoon after your school, I'm sure we can work it out...for now...just don't anger him more than he already is. Be home at five. Okay?"

"I can't even enter the house freely now?" he silently questioned, throwing a glance at his closed room window.

He stared at it for a good one minute before staring back at his mother where his older brother Takahiro got his looks.

"Alright...sorry mom."

With a dejected face and a heavy heart that was starting to feel like it was being buried everytime, Misaki grabbed his things and started walking away. Thinking he'd take a bath at school. Thinking he'd have to hurry make his essay assignment he wasn't able to do last night. And thinking what on Earth was his father thinking for a 'family meeting'. The last family meeting they had was when General Takahashi had forced Takahiro into the car and dragged the teen to the Military Academy. Misaki was just eight by that time and didn't actually understand what was going on. The next thing he heard about his precious brother, Takahiro had died because of military hazing.

The private high school where Misaki was attending was just a twenty minute walk away from their house. He had plenty of time to prepare himself for classes that starts at 9 am. With eyes not focused on anything particular, Misaki climbed the steep hill, making him sweat from the exertion of his aching ribs. He just realized that his fall on the floor after his father grabbing him last night might have been more serious than he thought.

He looked at the ground littered with dry tree leaves. However he stopped when a pair of black shoes blocked his way. Innocently raising his gaze to his front, Misaki suddenly wanted to curse his luck at misfortunes.

"Good day, Takahashi-kun?" a deep voice coming from a handsome young man started. With a smirk, he raised his hand to reach at Misaki's messy hair and started twirling the locks in his fingers. "Can I ask a favor?"

"Get lost, Shiba." Misaki spat, continuing his walk on the steep hill.

Shiba was a handsome guy from a family of government officials who kept on constantly harassing Misaki the day Misaki became friends with Usami Kaoruko.

"Ho ho, feisty so early in the morning..." Shiba leered as two more of his friends who looked like suitable to be rugby players out of nowhere appeared Misaki's back.

Many students had been passing by the ruckus Shiba was making, but many were not made courageous enough to stand up to a Cabinet Official's son. And so they passed like there wasn't wrong happening.

"What do you want?" Misaki spat pretending to be calm, deep inside he was feeling horrible from his drinking spree, his home matters and now this punk who seemed to enjoy harassing others was starting to eye him. He was seriously lucky at getting misfortunes.

"Just want you to give Kaoruko my letter..."

"Ha?" Misaki almost burst out laughing. "Give it to her yourself!" Misaki snapped, continuing his walk.

The young man stepped forward at Misaki, not allowing the brunette to take a step further. Shiba with his narrowed blue eyes grabbed Misaki's collar and hissed at Misaki's face.

"Acting so high and mighty after befriending the girl huh? I bet you flaunting you're gay is just your ploy to get on her good side. I wouldn't be surprised if suddenly you two started going out."

Misaki could see himself rolling his eyes. Clearly, people have their own interpretations of one thing. One meaning of another could have a total different meaning for the other. Which was what was exactly happening to him. People who knew he was gay started mocking him, but this Shiba was thinking Misaki likes Kaoruko. It was too stupid Misaki wanted to cry.

"What the hell are you saying? How many times do I have to tell you I am gay?" Misaki spat once more, irritated that like his father, this stupid wasn't also buying his story.

"And that we're good friends and that she's a guy hater so if you want to get on good terms with her, do something about your bad breath."

Obviously, Misaki was just lying, but Shiba got ticked off and pushed Misaki on the shoulder. "What huh you want to get your other cheek busted huh?"

"Leave me alone. If you're so crazy about Kaoruko, then face her upfront! Why me?!"

"Because you've seriously infiltrated her barrier. Hey, why don't you hand her over to us so we could hang out?"

"If you want to 'infiltrate her barrier' then become a homo!"

The tension around the high school students grew heavier and heavier. Many students who didn't care but want to be amused stopped on their tracks and watched the whole scene with their phones taking up snapshots. A General's son versus a Cabinet Official's son?

"Oh yeah...you've been saying you're gay and all that shit, but you haven't proven anything. There are a lot of Kaoruko senpai's admirers wanting to kill you you know?" Shiba drilled a hole on Misaki's face with his eyes. "Then strip. Isn't that what gays do? Stripping and parading and sucking cocks?"

Misaki found it extremely offensive. He didn't know but what this Shiba-kun was saying were like sulfuric acid that he was being forced to swallow.

"Or maybe..." the teen playfully pinched Misaki's nose and smirked. "How do gays get a turn on? By looking at men? You look like you're about to eat me...oh god I am so scared."

The sensible part of Misaki was telling him just ignore the jerk in front of him. He got two monsters at his back and he knew this early conversation was going nowhere. But Misaki was beyond his boiling point. The other students just watched like they were on a freak show. How cold could they get and how much more could they ignore this scene. SOmeone should have called a teacher, or a guard or n adult. But no, they just watched there for fun.

"I will never, ever get a hard on by looking at you. That's for sure," Misaki snorted in return. It earned some hooting from the watchers.

Again Misaki lied. He didn't know either. But he'd do anything to piss Shiba and he was successful. Misaki felt the firm fist of Shiba, a classmate and a Karate Club member drew his breath out of him by hitting him on the part just below his heart cavity.

Misaki instantly fell on his knees. His things scattered on the warm pavement.

With Misaki completely tired since from yesterday's events, the only thing he could do was glare while Shiba was grabbing his collar, same way his father did last night. Perhaps, Shiba was a long lost brother?

"Looking at you pisses me so much, Takahashi, you know that?"

Misaki closed his eyes as he could sense that the guy who was practically almost on top of him was about to hit him on the face, Misaki sighed a defeated sigh. Everything is just so senseless...

A screeching sound of tires broke the students' attention from the circle of bullying towards a red sports car that was running like a bullet but was still able to stop in a knick of time.

Many looked dumbfounded when they saw who got out from the screaming imported red car. What was more was the utter anger plastered on the manly face as he trudged his way inside the circle.

"What the fuck are you doing?" the voice was soft and yet there was something menacing in it that left the buzzing sound into a halt.

Misaki opened his eyes. Shiba looked up, his hands still on Misaki's collar.

"Fuck off!" Shiba shouted. He always had this assurance that nothing could go wrong with him being a son of an important government official. Thinking he could do the same with this man hovering above him.

"Could you get your dirty hands off of him?"

"Usami-san?" Misaki mumbled. He was starting to wonder why this man, dignified and handsome was getting so worked up between high school fights.

With a cool expression, Usami without effort grabbed Shiba's wrist and gripped on it. He didn't yank it, he didn't pull it however, the pain was clearly visible on the teen's face and he released his grip on Misaki, panting like his wrist had just been broken.

"Are you okay?" Usami asked Misaki, totally ignoring Shiba like the kid didn't even existed.

To everybody's surprise, much to Misaki's horror, the man bended lower and grabbed him by under his arms like he was some precious doll. Gently, and adorably he helped Misaki to his feet. He even patted Misaki's shirt to shoo away dirt that clung to it.

Most of all, the thing that left Misaki in utter loss for words and reaction was when this very same tall man in a sleek suit cupped both his cheeks and pressed a kiss on his sweaty forehead.

"I take my eyes off you and there are already guys wanting to have their way with you..."

"What?" Shiba shrieked. "I am no homo!"

Misaki just stared at the calm lavender eyes that were not letting go of his green ones. Next thing he knew was a huge hand pressed on his back and despite his clothes, Misaki could feel the coldness coming from them.

"Oh my god! They're an item!"

"For real!"

"Why are gay guys always so good looking?"

The circle broke and as if a royalty was coming, the students created a line of space for the two. Everyone was looking from Misaki's pathetic face to the apparition of how a hunk should look before them.

Usami led Misaki towards his car.

"What are you doing?" Misaki whispered.

"You're acting skills suck. Can't you do better than that surprised look on your face?" Usami replied, his lips almost looked like it didn't even move.

Misaki was almost touched by the kindness he forgot their setup. Seldom would people stand up for someone they didn't know that much. And whether it was acting or not, if a person suddenly appears before someone gets themselves be beaten to a pulp, naturally, a tingle of gratefulness would be sparked.

It felt like a slap, strangely to Misaki, when he realized and remembered their deal.

I am being weird, am I not?

Misaki was still hesitant, but he lifted his arm and circled them around Usami Akihiko's waist. Usami, for all the world to see placed his arm on Misaki's shoulders, brushing Misaki's cheeks with his thumb.

Narrowing his eyes, Misaki realized Kaoruko inside the car. The girl just threw a slight nod at him and faced the front once more.

As if there was a swarm of flies behind Misaki, the teen turned his head and saw undeniably the awe, disgust and surprise all in one on his schoolmates' faces.


Goosebumps ran all over Misaki's body at hearing his first name roll out from Usami's mouth. It sounded creepy...creepy in a good way. And it scared the hell out of the teen.

Misaki slowly looked back towards the car and realized that Usami had opened the car door for him.

"Misaki, get in...you'll be late."

Like a robot that has lost his senses, Misaki just followed what he was told.

Usami slammed the passenger's side door shut and walked graciously towards the driver's side. He looked bored pulling it open but before getting in, his lavender eyes in menacing slits darted at the bunch of faces looking at him. His glare directly focused on Shiba.

"Next time I see you messing with my lover..." Usami had heavily emphasized at the last word as if trying to imprint to everyone's mind his and Misaki's relationship. "I will be the last thing you'd see in your whole life."

The man hopped in and started the car. In an instant, the car had created a marvelous distance and had already taken a left turn, completely disappearing from the students' vision. By that morning, Takahashi Misaki's having a gorgoues boyfriend was leaking out faster than the waters of a raging river.

No one in the car uttered a word. They rode the remaining few meters to the school gate in silence.

Once the red sports car reached the high gates of the private academy with the school emblem calling out for attention, Kaoruko right away hopped out of the car, leaving Usami and the still baffled Misaki inside.

"Uhm..." Misaki looked to his right, to his feet, before finally being able to look at Usami's face. "I guess...thank you?"

"I just acted how a lover would act if he saw his partner being bullied, didn't I? No need thanking me."

Misaki's grip on his bag grew tighter.

"Ho-how did you know I was there?"

The man took out a cigarette and started lighting it.

"It was Kaoruko who told me that it's probably you in the middle of that mob being bullied. Anyway how weak could you get not being able to protect yourself? You're a male for crying out loud."

Despite the monotonous voice, Misaki could feel the irritation in the voice of the man beside him.

"Until when are we going to keep this fake relationship?" Misaki asked facing the front. They both had discussed the deal but no one had said about the deadline or when's the end of their charade.

"When you finally managed your old man not to send you to the Military."


"That's the whole point of this set-up right? But let me tell you, I don't intend this farce to go on for so long. We better end it quick."

There was a flinch on Misaki's brows Usami didn't see.

"I know we have to end it soon," the teen replied.

Misaki started shuffling to his side and he pushed open the car door to leave. He was about to step out with his bag across his chest when he heard his name be called.


The teen, still uncomfortable hearing his own name come from a person other than his father and mother turned his head. With questioning eyes he waited for the man to say something.

Misaki knew for sure he had stopped breathing the moment he saw the man lean closer to him. The hand that protected him from Shiba reaching out to him in a slow manner, had rendered Misaki totally motionless. Unlike that guy hitting on him last night, Misaki couldn't even raise a finger or toe to start his run.

So close, their cheeks almost touching, Misaki's eyes remained opened wide as he felt the fingers brush his hair. Within a matter of seconds, Usami was back on his seat looking at his fingers.

"You've got a dried leaf on your head," Usami announced, waiving the dirty, brown leaf at Misaki's face.

Without wanting to stay one more minute alone with Usami Akihiko, Misaki hopped out and ran towards the gate without looking back.

Misaki could still feel the violent drumming inside his chest like he was being choked to death. He knew feeling that was kind of weird. That was really weird.

"I think...I need to be careful..." Misaki thought to himself.

Only after Misaki heard the loud screeching of the car did Misaki look back at the small red dot racing away.

He really should be careful. Usami Akihiko was such a great actor, too good of an actor that Misaki was afraid he might actually start forgetting it was just an acting.

chapter notes: my heavy sched is because of this:

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short summary and i am kind of biased: Brian (29) is like the perfect, perfect, perfect seme in the world that everybody wants to sleep with, like he's got some magnet on him. and Justin (17 turning 18, oh i love how he revealed his age AND i wouldn't know if it's awesome that he met the King of Jerks when he was just trying to open up to his real self...i guess it's good, if not then i wouldn't have something to fangirl about)is the most adorable thing ever holding on to his love for Brian even if the King of Jerks constantly says he's single and all and that F*** is just F***... and Brian doesn't believe in love. I tear up my heart and eyes and all other organs for Justin for falling in love with the Supreme King of Jerks. the other friends of Brian are equally adorable and fantastic. it was a whole great experience watching it...it's been a while since i watched something that didn't allow me to yawn and go sleepy. 10/10...because i am still pretty much overwhelmed.

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