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Baby chuckled over North and Sandy's crazy antics, watching them make an even bigger mess on some occasions and do their fumbling best to make it a bit better. They really were over the top some times.

And surprisingly nimble, she mused as she watched Sandy manage to somehow ninja his way up over North's shoulder, snatch the camera hood and deftly flip his way to the ground. As North and Baby watched in stunned silence the little golden make up fellow gave them a sly wink and swaggered away.

Where Sandy was sly and sassy smooth – North was boisterous and risky.

Baby stopped watching them after a while and busied herself with cleaning up and occasionally catching Jack's eye to wave at him. He looked absolutely perfect on the ice, a regular winter spirit if she really thought about it. And whatever charm he had seemed to have rubbed off on Aster. North really had done well in choosing Jack.

He was not so good at serious clean up however. If the loud sound of North's raised panicked voice and the shattering crash of what sounded like a tree were any indication. Whatever you do. DON'T look back.

She found a large tarp near the GYG van that she decided needed folding up. And anyways it looked like more cases of equipment were underneath.

At least that was what she expected to find.

As she leaned over to pick up a corner of the tarp something rustled underneath. Actually more like someone. There was a small muffled voice beneath the silver thing's surface and she reacted immediately.

"GET OUT." She yelled fiercely, reaching under blindly she grabbed what felt like the front of someone's shirt. With surprising strength for someone her size she hauled the mystery person up speedily and slammed them into the van's side. "And here I thought all you creeps were gone …."

Instead of pulling out one of Golden Empire's cronies she had grabbed some mousy looking guy. Who looked extremely frazzled as his hat fell off from the force of her slam. "Gyaaaah! Do not hurt! DO not hurt!" he yelped, waving his hands frantically. Baby blinked in surprise, backing away to get a better look at him. Who the –

"Ferdinand! You're still here?"

Baby turned around just as her sister swooped down on the pair with a comforting smile at the mystery boy. The older sister wrapped an arm around the shaken teen, patting Baby's hands to make her release him. "Did you hide when Pitch's crew come? How long have you been hiding? Wow!"

He gave a small shy smile up at Tooth before casting Baby a wary look. She offered back an awkwardly apologetic smile. "Ah…. Hi? Um, who is this guy again? Tooth?"

"Ferdinand is a new intern! Came to us all the way from France! Europe! All to learn the ropes of model photography from me." she looped her other arm around Baby's shoulder and tugged them both in to her sides with a large grin. "AND from you too. SO! Say hello to your new shadow for a while!"

"Allo, Baby." Ferdinand coughed out, slowly picking up his hat from the ground and dusting it off against his leg. "I hope you do not do the beating often."

"Hey! Not my fault I didn't know who you were! I didn't even see you when we got here." She shot back a little defensively. She looked up to her sister for some kind of support but was left hanging when all she got was a heavy North like pat on the back.

"GREAT! You too will get along. I'm sure of it! For now though with the shots of Jack and Aster I'm getting I need to call a certain magazine." Her chipper smile suddenly had a darker more mischievous look to it suddenly. "UST should be interested once I send over some shots…."

"UST? With them?" Baby probed, "What makes you think – ohhhhhhhh." Her own violet eyes lit up just like her sister. "I got it. Niiiice."

"Exactly! Now, place nice and Toothy got some shooting to do. Ta you two!" And with a whirl of color Tooth was flittering off, talking madly to herself and making plans. Baby shook her head with a wry grin; sometimes her sister was just too much.

"What is this UST?"

Ah right. Ferdinand.

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