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A sudden slam of the door caused Naruto to wake up from his peaceful sleep. He rubbed his eyes and grumbled irritably. What the hell was Sasuke's problem, waking him up so early? Didn't he know that the baby was sleeping and that he should be careful when he leaves the house? Because guess who has to soothe the little monster after he has been awakened from his slumber? Not Sasuke if that's what you're thinking.

Naruto gave a yawn that could swallow the world and and stumbled out of bed. He slowly shuffled towards the bathroom when he suddenly felt himself tripping. "Oh shi-

But he was suddenly cut off as his face met the ground. He sat up and rubbed his bruised nose and looked for the offender that tripped him. When he laid his eyes on the item, he did a double take. It was a bra...?

Naruto stared at the foreign undergarment for a few seconds before something clicked . 'Oh crap.' As he rushed towards the the light switch he almost tripped over what seemed to be a nightdress. Seriously, was it so hard to pick up your dirty laundry? After finally regaining his balance, Naruto made it to the switch and slapped at the wall frantically. As soon as light entered the room, Naruto gasped. It was the same damn dream room as yesterday.

How was that possible? Is it possible to fall asleep in a dream? And have a dream within a dream? Because he was pretty sure he dreamt about Sasuke whisking him and Hibiki away for a holiday to Hawaii. As a matter of fact they could even stay in the country and just go to Tokyo. Or even their neighbour city Suna...

Naruto shook his head. 'Focus Uzumaki. There's a possibility you may have drugged and now you can't wake up from this crazy dream.' But then a thought came to Naruto. A thought that he had pushing to the back of his mind because it was simply just too incredulous. What if this wasn't a dream. What if this was real life?

But then, how did he get here? The last thing he remembered was going to bed in his normal apartment and then waking up here. It was official, Naruto was stumped. He was so sure of what was going on yesterday but now with the realisation that he might actually have been somehow teleported to some strange world for real, he was a bit terrified. Okay not a bit, VERY terrified.

So naturally Naruto did the thing he always did whenever he got worried or scared. He ate some ramen. Thank the lords for the fact that his counterpart also seemed to have a penchant for the food of the gods. He quickly made himself some instant ramen and started to brood while slurping away at his meal.

He went over the last night of his normal life, repeating each memory as though it was his favourite scene from his favourite movie. He couldn't find even the slightest hint that was something supernatural was at work. Naruto sighed as he ate the last spoonful of ramen. The most important thing to do right now was to try and find his way back home. The last thing he wanted was to be trapped in this world. His real life may have been depressing but at least it was that. His real life. At this point in time he was currently living a lie. And he didn't like it. So he did the next thing he usually did whenever he was stressed, visit Jiraiya.

(Insert montage of Naruto getting dressed, getting onto the train and walking down Jiraiya's street with some random tune playing in the background)

After reaching Jiraiya's door he momentarily paused. Yesterday he just barged in without a second thought but now he realised what a stupid move that was. No wonder Jiraiya looked so uncomfortable. Tentatively he knocked at the door. Jiraiya opened the door almost immediately with a knowing look on his face and gestured for Naruto to enter. Naruto grinned sheepishly and shyly walked in.

"I knew you'd be back, Naruto. Yesterday's fit was different from all the others." Jiraiya said as he made himself comfortable on one of the seats in the living room.

Naruto perched himself on the edge of his seat and chuckled awkwardly. "After the way I acted yesterday, I'm surprised you let me through the front door."

Jiraiya grinned. "Trust me when I say that you've put through worse before. So listen Naruto, I know this is crazy but there's this nagging voice in my head that kept me up all night telling me that somehow you're not the same Naruto you were three days ago."

Naruto felt himself starting to relax. "Yeah. You're right. That guy's straight. I'm not. He hasn't spoken to you in over seven years and I, well, admittedly haven't spoken to you in while as well but it hasn't been seven whole years and it definitely wasn't intentional."

"Yeah and this Naruto's parents are alive and yours are not."

There was an awkward pause as Naruto processed what Jiraiya just told him. The only sound was that of Jiraiya's wall clock ticking away. "They're alive...?" Was all he could manage to get out.

Jiraiya nodded and replied. "Yes Naruto, they're alive. It's why you never lived with me. You grew up with them around. It's also the reason you became a spoilt brat."

"I was a spoilt brat? Oh my god...I had parents! I have parents!"

Jiraiya sighed. "Look kid, I know this a huge deal for you but unfortunately we have more pressing matters to attend to. Like how are we going to get back to your world?

"Are you kidding me? My mom and dad are alive! How can you seriously be telling me to go back when I finally have the chance to see my parents again? I was only four when they died! I barely have any memories of them."

"Listen Naruto, you need to get it together. You can't be worrying over your back from the parents right now. You really are from another world aren't you? Past you wouldn't have cared about what happened to his parents."

"Okay, what's the deal with the other me seriously? First I don't talk to you in over seven years and now I don't care about my parents? What the hell is my problem?"

Jiraiya squeezed his eyes shut."Fine. If I tell you about what happened with you, your parents and I, will you promise to let it go and help me help you find your way back home?"

"Yes I promise." It wasn't Naruto's fault that Jiraiya couldn't see his fingers crossed behind his back. It was just a coincidence. Really.

Jiraiya cleared his throat. "Alright then. There's actually not much to say. Shortly before you we're born Minato, your father, started up a company and named it after you and your mothers surname, Uzumaki Corporations. Your dad's company went from strength to strength and eventually became one of the most powerful and influential companies out there. Which made him one of the richest men in Japan. Which in turn made you one of the most wealthiest teens in Japan .Anything you wanted, you got. It's actually almost Kushina's and Minato's fault for the way you turned out. They loved you too much for your own good."

"No way, I refuse to blame my parents for the way I acted. I took advantage of my their good intentions."

Jiraiya nodded. "There's no doubt about that. Anyway sometime when you were fifteen or sixteen you started experimenting with drugs. It wasn't long before you were completely hooked. You almost emptied out your trust fund. It wasn't really a surprise that you failed your senior year. The only reason you even got a diploma was because you bribed your principal with a large sum of money."

"And then when I graduated I left home and probably never went to college, right?"

Jiraiya chuckled darkly. "See, you do know yourself better than anyone. Yes that's what happened. But that's not where the story ends. After you graduated, you took the remaining money from your trust fund and started up your own company. You said something about not wanting to have to rely on yout parents and being independent." Jiraiya paused to let it sink in before continuing. "I personally just think you were trying to prove to everybody that you were more than just a rich guys son who got everything he wanted out of sheer luck . Then again though, you didn't really try very hard to prove everyone wrong. Once again though, thanks to some freaky, supernatural luck, your company success skyrocketed, almost beating your own fathers company actually.

"Almost?" Naruto questioned.

"There's only so far you can go on just a famous last name you know. After that you stopped talking to me and your parents because we tried to help you with your addictions. Your parents tried to reach out to you many times but you ignored all their pleas. Eventually they got the hint and left you alone…"

Naruto was silent. He couldn't believe his ears. His other self had the opportunity to grow up with a loving family and two parents, and he just threw it all away for NOTHING? This wasn't right. He had to fix this. Even if it meant being away from his Sasuke and Hibiki. It would probably do him good though now that he thought about it. He wasn't ready to return to that environment quite yet.

"Well, that's the whole story. Now are you going to tell me what happened on the night you arrived here now or not?"

"Gramps…I'm sorry. You know I can't. I know I'm going back to my world, but not now. Not while things here are like this. You said it yourself anyways, Sasuke is here. If I could just find him, I know he could help me. Despite his faulty ways, there's nobody would understand what I'm going through better than him. He may be a player here but he's still my Sasuke. Once I find him, he'll help me patch things up with my parents. He'll help me through my crap and he'll definitely help me dump Sakura without hurting her feelings."

Jiraiya groaned. "Why won't you listen to me when I say that our Sasuke is not your Sasuke. They're different. There's no way our that unstable FOOL could help you. Look, I'll help you okay? You managed to patch things up with me so doing it with your parents will be a breeze. They miss you. Once we talk to them, they'll forgive you and you can then leave back to your world. Simple right?"

"Yeah then what happens when your Naruto comes back and realises what happened. You think he's just going to sit back and pretend like he doesn't have a drug or drinking problem? No he isn't. The only person who can keep Naruto sane is Sasuke. In every world." Naruto paused. "Including mine. He sure gives me headaches but at the end of the day he's the reason I am who I am. Even if he's slightly different he can still help this crazy Naruto."

"Naruto, I swear you're worse than the original. Please just try and understand things from my point of view. Right now you're upsetting the balance of the universe. By being here, god knows how many universal laws you're breaking. You need to get back to your world before you upset the balance of things anymore"

Naruto huffed. "And how would you know about all the laws of the universe?"

"I write Science-Fiction novels. My days are spent doing research about other planets and alternate universes."

Naruto bit his lip to stop himself from laughing. Science-fiction? Seriously? From pornography to Science-Fiction? He stood up. "I'm sorry Gramps, but I've never been good at listening to other people. I'm going to be doing this thing my way. I'm grateful for the help you've given me so far. But for now I must go. My other duties call me." Naruto gave the Spock sign and saluted Jiraiya before running out the front door. He could hear Jiraiya calling after him.

"Naruto! Get back here! We're not done! Listen to me damn it!"

Naruto stopped listening anymore then. In his mind he was already formulating a plan. It was going to be a difficult task no doubt but he had to do it. It was just something he had to do for his other self. He had to reunite that Naruto with that Naruto's Sasuke. It was going to be walk in the park for him. If he could make Sasuke fall in love with him the first time, what could be so hard about the second time…?

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