A Demonic Guardian Angel

Set in an AU world

Chapter One

Meeting Marshall

Journal entry number 16

There's a time and place for everything, if something's over and done with, the hatchet's buried you just stop bringing it up 'ya know? But anyways today it was weird, me and Bubba got into a fight again, like a big one. I thought we were over this? Yeah sure I put gum in his hair but is that really a reason to call me….what was it again? Oh yeah it was uncivilized. I'm totally civilized like I have a house and everything, all by myself. When I was just a kid my dad died, he was a really cool guy like sneak me into the movies to see horror flicks kind of cool dad. I don't like to talk about it much but I do miss him.

My mom's around but with how much she works she might as well have just up and left me too. Is that too much to say? I don't know, I pretty much raised myself since my dad died and when I turned eighteen I moved right out of the house and got my own place. I guess a lot of people expected me to drop out of school after that, but why would I? I get free lunch and who says no to free food even if sometimes it's crappy? But anyways at some point between my dad dying and my moving out on my own I picked up this badass reputation, I don't even know how I got it, yeah I can play the guitar and bass, yeah I'm probably the coolest guy you'll ever meet but still, where'd it come from? Actually I think it was all those fights I got into in my freshman year of high school, that was back in my 'I hate everything phase.'

That was the week of Halloween, and for the entire week we were allowed to dress up in our costumes just to get into the holiday spirit, well my eyes are already a reddish brown color so I got black out contacts and some cool stick to your teeth fangs and was pretty much a vampire the whole week, I totally milked it for what it was worth too, telling the teachers that the room was too bright for my safety and complaining about garlic in the food saying that they were trying to kill me, all that jazz. So anyways I got into a whole bunch of fights that week, I mean I was never the type to make many friends, but I wasn't the type to make enemies either so why I got into so many fights I have no clue. Well needless to say I'm a lot stronger than I look and I kind of earned the nickname the Vampire king. High school kids seriously come up with the stupidest names, but it's grown on me a bit, now it's like a title, Marshall Lee the Vampire King, it's got a bit of a ring to it no?

Whatever, Anyways the only reason I'm talking about this, writing to be accurate, is because I was born with a mild case of Xeroderma pigmentosum. That basically means too much sunlight will kill me. Well because of my condition and the names those guys came up with my mom is now convinced that I'm convinced that I'm a vampire. It's a what the heck moment right? Like seriously. I hope this is enough for you people to go 'oh this kid's normal and his mother's psychotic, let's pick her up and ship her off to loony land.' Because I'm tired of wasting my evenings in this stupid place!

-Marshall Lee

Snapping the book shut Marshall stood and handed it to the man with a scowl.

"This enough to prove my sanity? I'm leaving now."

"Ok, have a pleasant evening Marshall, we'll see you tomorrow." Shaking his head at the doctor's serene smile he walked from the room heading down the hall to his freedom. His mom thought that he thought he was a vampire….seriously? Sure when he fought he fought like a beast from the very depths of hell but what do they expect? For him to just lay back and get attacked? Teachers were dumb to say the least and this was his mom's version of helping him out, the moment the teachers told her what the kids were calling the black haired teen she'd come completely paranoid and set him up with mandatory daily psych appointments at the mental hospital. It's not like he could control what other people called him!

With a sigh Marshall waited for the elevator, got tired of waiting for the elevator because the thing was at least a hundred and slower than a snail, and made his way down three flights of stairs waltzing into the lobby past the eighty year old secretary who had listened to his mother and definitely believed that the teen thought he was a creature of the night.

Now more than anything Marshall was someone who liked to mess with people, and pulling his hood over his head and shoving his hands into his pockets he walked past the desk feeling the woman's stare on him the whole way, and when he got to the door he paused turning his head to face her and hissed loudly at the woman making her jump before rushing from the building laughing as he passed the gates. Flipping off his hood Marshall slowed to a stroll taking in the night air around him. More than anything he loved night time, it was when everything settled and you were allowed to just be, it was his favorite time of the day. It was also the time of day where he could walk around without a pain in the butt umbrella long sleeved shirts and copious amounts of sunscreen.

With a smile he walked home, Bubba could be as mad at him as he wanted to be, their friendship was a rocky one at best and to be honest Marshall often wondered if all the fighting they did was even worth keeping that friendship, it was a bit ridiculous to be honest. He shook his head and walked up the dark walkway of his house. Pulling out the loose brick from the side of the house he pulled out the key and unlocked the door before putting it back in its hiding place. Kicking off his shoes he flopped on the uncomfortable couch. Immediately regretting his decision, but too lazy to move he reached over and grabbed his bass leaning on the side of the couch and strummed some notes on it making a tune to fill the silence. After a few minutes the black haired teen rolled off the couch tossing his bass on it and made his way upstairs where his room was.

Pulling off his hoodie and shirt the teen crawled into bed not caring that he was still in his jeans or that his homework wasn't done, technically he should be a senior but after a particularly difficult time in his freshman year and refusing to take summer school classes Marshall ended up being held back not that he cared much. Falling asleep he wondered vaguely if there was someone out there that would actually see him, not what others called him, not what he had for a reputation or who is family was but see him as himself, just Marshall.