"Mommy! Look! Look at me!"

"Robin Sky Slender! What in the world do you think you're doing?!"

"Let the girl have a little fun Sky."

"What if she falls?" I looked at my husband incredulously. He remained prone, lounging in the back yard hammock, completely unfazed by the sight of his five year old daughter ten feet up in a tree.

"She wont. She's more than capable of catching herself even if she were to fall - which she wont. Thankfully she inherited my grace and not yours."

Childishly I stuck my tongue out at him. I'd grown out of being a klutz!... more or less. "Still Slendy..."

The Slender man sighed and sat up. "Come on down little one before your mother has a heart attack," he called up.

"Aw, but Daddy!"

"No buts. Come down here."

Robin made a face. Her pale skin was flushed from play and her long - long even for a five year old - raven hair was tangled with sticks and leaves. Small thin tendrils sprouted from her back and gripped the tree branches as she swung back down to earth, landing much more easily than her age would prepare you for. Briefly I wondered at how pitiful it was that a five year old was more graceful than me. She was a lot like her father though, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

I thought back to the first time my little girl had sprouted tentacles and my surprise then. Yes, that had definitely been a memorable experience. I mean, honestly, what mother has to deal with a one year old sprouting numerous appendages?

I drew a deep breath and closed my eyes, letting the sun warm my face. I was glad at times like these that we'd found this little cabin in the woods for such a deal. No nosey neighbors to fall out at the sight of your faceless husband and tentacle possessing daughter playing in the yard was a definite plus.

A hand tugged at my sleeve and I opened my eyes to see a pare of ghost eyes staring up at me. "Mommy, can you come play with me? If you do it Daddy will come too," she begged.

I chuckled. "Alright, alright. What are we playing?"

"Yay!" Robbin squealed and launched into describing to Slendy and I whatever game she had concocted this time. I smiled affectionately at my daughter. My how I loved her - my little Slender child.

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