Chapter thirtyfour

It was almost midnight when Mr. Raglan looked at his watch. It seemed that this torment wasn't even near to its end.

He had spent the whole day inside of the hospital and now even the smell of it started to sick him. The only sound which broke the awful silence was Fredrika's heart beats. The space between the beats felt awfully long and each time Mr. Raglan waited in horror that the beats would end. But Fredrika's heart kept on going although it sounded so weak and sickly.

Ashley had come few times to see her too but now she had gone to her home. On the last time she had confessed that she couldn't bear to watch the sick and dying around her. The death horrified her and her reaction towards her best friend had made Mr. Raglan angry. The death was part of life and Ashley wasn't able to shut it up no matter how much she would try. And now she had left her friend behind because of her loathing towards the death.

Mr. Raglan sighed and looked at his empty coffee cup. He needed to drink more of it if he wanted to stay awake but he didn't dare to leave. He was sure that as soon as he would get up her heart would stop, that was of course a ridiculous idea but he wanted to be sure.

Then suddenly the lamps at the ceiling started to flicker. He knew right away that something was going to happen. He held his breath and took a firm grip on his chair. His heart started to beat faster when he looked at the darkness but he managed to keep himself calm, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Room's temperature dropped quite rapidly and for a moment Mr. Raglan could have sworn that he was able to see his breathing.

Then the darkness started to pack together and soon he was able to shape a figure of a man from it. King Richard stepped away from the shadows and he was carrying Fredrika on his arms. Soundlessly he walked across the room towards the bed where her body was struggling for life.

His expression was serious and with great care he lowered her soul back to its earthly residence.

The instruments showed how her heart started to beat more strongly and the colour returned on her cheeks. She gasped and tried to breath but there was a tube in her throat which complicated her breathing.

Mr. Raglan pushed a button at Fredrika's bedside which would alert a nurse. She needed to get rid of those bloody tubes and machines.

Then Mr. Raglan turned his gaze at Richard who was still present.

He got up from his chair and gave Richard a serious look.

- Richard, during the time I have known you I had taught that all the people who are connected to you will end up dead in one way or another. I want you to leave and on this time don't come back.

Richard was silent and bit by bit he started to fade away.

He gave one more look to Fredrika before he was completely gone.

The temperature retuned back to normal and the lights were back on.

Soon the nurse came to set Fredrika free from the machines and she was able to breathe normally.

- It's a miracle, the nurse babbled.

- Indeed a miracle, Mr. Raglan repeated tonelessly.

- Now dear when I count to three you'll have to cough, do you understand?

Fredrika gave her a nod.

- Okay, one, two, three and cough.

The tube was pulled away and Fredrika took a couple deep breaths strait away.

- I'll fetch a doctor, the nurse said and she left.

- How are you feeling, Mr. Raglan asked when they were left alone.

- Not too bad, um where are we?

- At the hospital.

- Why?

- Because you were about to die!

- Don't shout at me, please.

- I'm sorry it had just been a bloody long day; Mr. Raglan said and rubbed his eyes.

- I really appreciate your concern but you don't have to be worried any more.

- That's a relief.

Then Fredrika smiled at him.

- My Lancastrian knight. You have no idea what I saw.

- I'm sure it can wait till tomorrow?

- Yes, of course you must be exhausted.

Mr. Raglan was about to leave but Fredrika asked one more thing before he left:

- Where is Richard?