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Chapter 82

=Orochimaru's Lair=

Currently Orochimaru was standing in one of the training arenas where he was fighting several of this base's test subjects/prisoners. He was fighting the ten or so ninja by himself in a no holds bar. Meanwhile Kabuto simply watched from the sidelines only moving to dodge various stray weapons and jutus.

"Come on bastards not only do we get to finally get revenge on this asshole but we also gain our freedom. Let's hurry up and kill this red eyed freak." One of the prisoners yelled at his 'team'. Still, none of the group were getting anywhere near to actually harming Orochimaru let alone kill him.

Meanwhiles Orochimaru was laughing the whole time as he got use to following the group in front of him with his newly acquired eyes. "Kukuku no wonder you were a prodigy Itachi-kun. These eyes make these slow movements seem to be going at a snail's pace." Orochimaru thought happily. For while it did take him some time to actually get use to the eye's effects, he eventually got the hang of it. As for the mental stress he was already use to many jutus requiring constant attention so he had no problems with that aspect. Eventually he decided he had enough practice and the men that were thinking they had a chance found the sudden realization that their 'chance' was rapidly closing. And closing for good seeing as Orochimaru began to quickly kill off his opponents until five minutes later there were none of them left.

"Well how do you feel the practical test went?" Kabuto asked walking closer to his master.

"It went well. The grown body holds up under my normal speed and has a proper amount of strength. It also has the ability to keep up with my snake enhanced movements rather well without too much muscle fatigue. Though the main issue is that it seems my chakra depletes at a constant rate due to these eyes." Orochimaru stated.

"Hmm, well I suppose that is the problem with not having your body be a normally grown Uchiha." Kabuto stated.

"It seems so. But this body will do more than good enough until my subjects are grown enough to be of proper use to me." Orochimaru states seeing as Sasuke's child was far to young to be a proper body to him at the moment. "How are the black blood troops looking?" Orochimaru asks whipping the blood splatter from his body.

"The number of black blood creatures have been growing at a steady rate but is it wise to put so much stock on them rather than focusing on using the impure world reincarnation jutsu? It just seems more viable to use them rather than creatures that will stay dead when killed." Kabuto asks.

"Kukuku indeed you are right that they aren't as durable but they also require a specially trained controller to work with. Unlike the daku that work off basic commands the reincarnated ninja need far exceed just basic commands. After all most of the ninja we collect don't wish to fight their previous allies so they must be forced to do so. Not to mention it takes proper control to suppress their human thoughts if needed." Orochimaru explained. For anyone could just send out daku seeing as the black blood filled their minds with nothing but rage and made sure they perceived anything as enemies. Meanwhile the ninja brought back using the impure world reincarnation are brought back with their original thoughts and ideas. So, to use them you had to suppress their freewill at all times. In fact in most cases you would have to suppress their ability to think as well if they ended up trying to get people to know their weaknesses.

Needless to say the mental power it took to do this was drastically high and most of the time the user had to be focused enough that they really couldn't do anything other than focus on controlling their 'summoned' ninja. After explaining this Kabuto and Orchimaru began to walk through the base leaving the bodies in the training room for someone else to clean up.

"Besides Kabuto you are forgetting to think about two things. One that with the reincarnated ninja they lose their hold on this world again as soon as their controller is killed while the daku will continue to follow the last orders they are given till they die. And two…no one said we couldn't reincarnate those that we used as Daku in order to have them fight again. All that is needed is a small bit of their living tissue before they get themselves destroyed." Orochimaru added making Kabuto visibly come surprised.

"I didn't know that was still a possibility" Kabuto admitted as he stopped walking for just a second but quickly caught back up to his master. 'So both versions have their own positives and negatives then. Leave it to Orochimaru-sama to think of all the possibilities. Kukuku leave it to him to find a way to have both an ever-expanding army and a never dying army backing him up…how can we ever lose." Kabuto thinks happily as he let his master go rest in his throne as he continued through the base to reach his own research chamber. "I must be sure to note this information down in my project." Kabuto thought serious as he began writing down the new information. For just like always even though he was loyal to his master that taught him everything he knew he also was ever focused on becoming his master. Afterall Orochimaru was one of the greatest ninja to ever live so the best way for him to make sure he was strong is to become him.

(AN with Shippuden spoiler: So while Kabuto is a very strong ninja himself he also was very crazy. After all when his master 'died' he used the products he could find to basically become a demented version of the snake before joining with someone that could protect him yet again. So even with all of his brains he seems to be stuck at basically being a psychopathic and obsessed follower. Oh and one of the main reason I included this part is because I was personally thinking about why the wouldn't just use the 'summoned' ninja instead of the black blood seeing as they can still be killed. And this just makes the most sense to me.)

=Meanwhile; Orochimaru=

After leaving Kabuto Orochimaru made it to his throne room and sat in his extravagant chair. He then calmly sat and relaxed after his training session.

"Lord Orochimaru can I do anything for you?" a random servant that was on duty in his throne room.

"Kukuku call my generals here." Orochimaru ordered and ignored the man as he bowed and walked out of the room. After about thirty minutes after the servant left several different men and woman arrived in front of Orochimaru. These people were all the leaders of the various sections of the Sound village with each of them having almost complete control over their own section of the army. After all most of the time Orochimaru was far to busy with his own projects and desires. Something that allowed each of them to have the ability to do basically whatever they wished. A fact that led to the land of the sound being a mostly lawless area but those that had power truly didn't care. These people were the leaders of the daku, researchers, and the ninjas.

"You called Lord Orochiamru?" the group asked in almost unison.

"Kukuku welcome generals. I hope you have been keeping things in proper order while I was being reborn?" Orochimaru asks the group.

"Heh, well the strong remain well fed and ready for anything." The leader of the ninja happily told him.

"Our black blood army is gaining members but has slowed down now that we have to be more secretive." The leader of the daku informed him.

"our projects have gained some moderate success in following your projects and those that have 'agreed' to be our tests subjects. Our studies have found ways to give people various enhancements that seem to increase their capabilities." The researcher explained.

"Wonderful. Now I have asked all of you to come today to state that we finally ready for our next phase of the plan. With the Akatsuki having removed most of the jinchuriki from this world and the most of the hidden villages still focused on their own squabbling it is the perfect time to show our true power. So, now before they have a chance to prepare, we must begin our concurring!" Orochmaru told them with a vicious grin.

"Wonderful. Finally, my men get to fuck some shit up!" the ninja general happily calls out.

"But which of the peace lovers should we go after?" the researcher asked rubbing his chin as he thought.

"What does it matter. With the black blood we will only gain forces as we go." The daku general said happily.

"Kukuku I am glad you understand. So with the main force being non-essential black blood units you may attack anyone as you please. Unless I give the order there is no need to worry about specific targets or until I actually take control of the army. But for now all of you go crazy and conquer the world for me…my only tasks for you is to collect as many jutsu scrolls as you can AND make sure that we never lose any valuable resources. As for the daku keep the higher ranks safe unless they are truly needed and if we ever lose one of them make sure to collect a dna sample for me to use. Other than that go wild and spread our control." Orochimaru told the group happily. After all other than against the truly strong ninja most of the war would be just a numbers game. And with the way the black blood spread they wouldn't have anything to worry about in that aspect.

"Fuck yes! We finally get to spill some blood after all this time. And as much as I wanna!" the ninja leader yelled happily with a blood thirsty grin.

"Yes you can you barbarian…but just remember to follow the simple order he gave AND make sure we get our test subjects." The researcher told him only to be waved off. Still Orochimaru paid no mind to this and let the group do what they wanted.

=over all=

After the quick and rather basic meeting the world began to plunge into chaos. With the generals of the sound now attacking everywhere at basically random. This lead to most of the various cities and villages being forced on high alert seeing as the information about the attackers is so varied and destroyed most of everything they attacked. Meanwhile the reports of varies groups of black blood creatures have been seen just wandering at seemingly random has increased. Eventually the news of this chaos was brought to the attention of the feudal lords as their subjects asked for help with the random acts of mass genocide. In tern this was brought to the ninja villages attention.

So, soon enough various ninjas were sent out to figure out what was going on and get actual information about the enemies that the world was facing. But many of these villages still had no desire to work with each other making each of them send various teams to get the same information for themselves rather than sharing. This fact was fully due to how the world was but still lead to loads of weaker teams of ninja finding their demise at the hands of the various armies of the sound. This fact of course was not the fault of any one group in particular but rather just how the world worked. For no information would ever be given to a possible enemy…at least for free. So, the world was kept in the dark for the most part as the sound village's power slowly grew. But information was still come in just at a slower pace so the villages were learning just what they were facing…they just have to hope that it was not too late.

Meanwhile the sound was enjoying their landslide of victories more than ever. With the restraint taken pretty much completely off of them they could basically do whatever they want and were happily doing just that. While out attacking basically whoever they wanted they ransacked every area they visited with no worry about problems. After all anyone that would dare complain was being converted into daku that needed no possessions. So, each sound member was able to enjoy basically any worldly pleasures. Though there were some issues with people fighting over stuff no one really cared. After all in the sound village the strong survived and the weak were used till they ran out of use then disposed of. In the sound village 'survival of the fittest' was one of the very few rules that all of the sound followed. Though now another way to stay safe was to be one of the controllers of the daku. After all the brainless creatures needed instructions and the process to get to control even the basic troops was not a pleasant one.

=Random Village=

"Sir we are approaching the village that we have lost contact with and will be at the front gate in about ten minutes." A ninja stated.

"Alright. You all know what the mission is here. Find any information you can about what is causing all theses attacks and help the civilians when you can. I know it's not pleasant but don't any of you dare sacrifice intel just to save a few lives…as much as I hate to say it you know how our world works. You must sacrifice one to save a thousand." The leader told the rest of his group but muttered the last bit after all while they were trained ninja they still were human. They still had emotions and opinions but their training helped them push those to the side and thing with a hive mind when they needed to…even if it never was a pleasant thing to do.

"Yes sir!" the rest of the group called out as they continued to run to what seemed like a quiet village.

Finally, after the ten minutes had past they reach the gate only to find the village dead silent. Even with it being noon there was no signs of any person moving. The village was a complete ghost town but they all kept on high alert as they entered the city. For while there was no one around there certainly was signs of a struggle. Doors were broken and left wide open, blood splatter was all over everything but was already completely dry, and every house looked to be completely ransacked on the inside.

"Where is everyone?" one of the ninja mutters holding on tightly to a kunai.

"I don't know…but we have to find out." The leader told the man equally disturbed. But all of a sudden, they heard a loud crash and quickly dispersed into various hiding spots. They then quietly snuck over to the source of the sound and saw three to four ninja with sound headbands and one man in civilian wear. Currently the group of ninja were throwing around things in and around the house without a care in the world.

"Che, so why do we have to bother getting this shit for you pencil pushers again. I mean we were only told that we needed test subjects not random materials." One of the sound ninja asked angrily.

"Well of course you muscle heads wouldn't understand. But all those fancy upgrades you guys wear take material. And if we run out of material then no more fancy toys or upgrades for you." The civilian told the man without fear. "So chop chop, collect up all the useful metal. I don't want to be in this place all day." The man added clapping his hands.

This of course didn't sit well for the already annoyed ninja and the man quickly found himself with a kunai resting on his throat.

"I think you need to remember just who is in charge." The man growled at the civilian who only smirked at the man.

"Heh, go ahead if you dare…but then you get to explain to the boss why his troops are stuck in this random shit stain of a town." The man told the ninja with surprisingly no fear at all.

"Che, we could have a replacement for you set up in a heartbeat. Don't let your given control go to your head." The man told him still not removing the kuani.

"Ha! At the rate we are going we can't pump out control units fast enough to keep our minions managed. But if you think that I am wrong go right ahead." The civilian told him with the smug smirk staying on his face.

"Grrr." The ninja growled tensing his arm but after a minute of thinking lowered the weapon and went back to the rest of the ninja. "Just get the stuff and get me the fuck out of here…I want to be back to killing people like normal by sundown." The ninja told his group walking away from the civilian as the rest of them worked.

Meanwhile the still hidden reconnaissance team watched the scene from a far with interest.

"Boss did you hear that? These sound assholes are doing something…we have to get more information." One of the ninja quietly stated looking over at his team leader.

"…whatever this is you are right. The sound has to be to blame but these guys haven't given us enough to go off of. Houki you remain hidden and keep the report of what we just heard safe. The rest of us will be contacting the enemy in front of us. But do not kill the ninja that attacked the civilian if at all possible; he seems to be the leader of the group. Though the civilian is our top priority. Do NOT let him escape by any means…his information will be vital for figuring this out." The leader ordered his men who quickly prepared for battle. Except for Houki who remained looking at his leader.

"Sir can't I join the battle? With the amount of ninja we have here we have them out numbered but not by a lot. Wouldn't it be better to have us all go?" Houki asked.

*sigh* "Houki I know you want to prove yourself seeing as you were just promoted but now is not the time. Remember getting that information back to our village is the number one priority…even if its hardly anything. So, if things go south and we begin to lose I order you to immediately leave us and rush back home as fast as you can. But until then watch the fight closely…who knows what weird things these sound ninja has on them. All those sound freaks are known for letting their bodies be mutated." The leader explained. For just like he told the group the sacrifice of one must sometimes be done to save a thousand. Course he didn't give Kouki any time to respond to him for soon after he finished talking he pulled out his own weapons and signaled his group to attack. With that being said they quickly throw several kunai into the building the sound ninja were going through only for each one of them to miss.

"Oh what the hell." The man that threatened the civilian grumbled after dodging the kunai. He then looked out of the house and saw the group of ninja standing there. "heh, so I get to have some fun after all." He stated happily walking out of the building with the rest of his group following.

"Surender now and cooperate and I promise your sentence will be a lot more humane." The leader of the reconnaissance team ordered.

"Heh. Now why should I do that?" the assumed leader asked. "My boys here have been itching for a fight ever since we were stuck doing collection duty…so you better be enough to satisfy our bloodlust." He told the group with a crazed look. He then wasted no time rushing at the group and beginning the battle. Said battle was rather even with neither side gaining any ground even as various members of each side found wounds being created upon their bodies. Though slowly the reconnaissance team found the battle turning in their favor and with a luck hit ended the life of one of the sound lackeys. After that the sound ninja found the number imbalance grow more and more as they found themselves to be getting overpowered. Still, none of the sound team ever stopped fighting till their very end. Afterall failing a mission might as well be death anyways for them. But eventually all that remained was the leader of the sound ninja who wasn't in perfect shape himself. The recon team did suffer loses of their own but they still were the overall victors of the scuffle.

"I will ask you one more time to surrender. You know there is no chance of you winning now that your lackies are gone." The recon leader told the sound ninja who just laughed.

"Hahaha, Oh you got me good there is no doubt about that….but in my village you can't come back empty handed so I am afraid I'll have to decline your offer." He told them with a wild smirk as he stuck his hand into his weapon pouch ignoring the group around him tensing up. Then quickly before they decided to attack he pulled his hand back out with the recon team able to see a small orb in his hand for a second before he quickly put it into his mouth. The sound ninja then swallowed the orb and stood still watching the recon team with the crazed smile never leaving his face.

"I didn't want to use this damn thing but you guys left me no choice….this is gonna hurt like a bitch later on though" the man told them and complained about what they assumed were the side affect of whatever he just swallowed. None of them dared move in when something clearly unknown was happening so they simply watched as the sound ninja suddenly tensed up and hunched over.

"RAAAAGHHH!" the sound ninja suddenly yelled out after a few seconds with the crazed look in his eyes even worse than before. But then instead of acting cocky and talking shit like he was before he instead quickly engaged the team in from of him with more strength than he had before. The recon team quickly found this sudden increase of power too much for themselves as he was able to kill a few members of the team. This new version of the sound ninja completely changed his attack style from a rough combat style to being completely random. In fact they quickly discovered he no longer cared as much about any of their attacks even as they damaged him while he tried to get close to them to instead focus on dishing it back to them.

Thankfully for the recon team though they found themselves able to finally end the man after he killed all but two of them seeing as the overpowered man let more of their attacks through which eventually added up.

"Haa, Haa, well we had no choice but to kill him….now let's get the civilian and get out of here. I need a rest and a good drink." The recon leader told the other member who nodded in agreement. Course they then both looked around and noticed that the civilian was no where to be found. "Fuck! That bastard got away from us!" he stated stamping his foot down. "Well at least hopefully Houki kept an eye on him." He added hoping that their teams deaths weren't for nothing.

"Leader look!" the other team member called out pointing at the gate closest to them. For standing there was the civilian that they thought got away. But rather than getting away the man apparently gathered backup. For standing behind him was at least one hundred human like beings that truly seemed almost monstrous to the two of them.

"Well who would have guessed that guy couldn't hold up." The man stated with a shrug. "Oh well I guess I better collect what I can before getting some guards that are actually competent." The man said with a shrug.

"Stop! We won't let you escape." The recon leader called out to the man who looked at them with a bored expression.

"Oh don't worry I know I have to clean up the mess those idiots left as well." The man told them with a cocky smirk. He then motioned to the both of them and simply stated "Go get them". After which all of the mob behind him came running a towards the two tired ninja.

"Oh this just isn't my day." The leader grumbled prepping his tired body to fight again. He also glanced over to where Houki hid and glared at the man who was clearly getting ready to joinin on the battle. Thankfully he was able to get the message just from body langue alone. 'stay the hell out of this'. "Darn fool still doesn't get that the leader's rules are law…if I survive this I will be giving him a real ask kicking to remind him." The recon leader noted before focusing completely on the battle coming at him.

The two ninja quickly found themselves surrounded by the weird creatures the civilian brough but found them actually surprisingly weak. With the two weakened ninja able to already kill off about a fourth of the pack but found the blood being spilt going everywhere around them. In fact, the excruciating pain that the recon leader felt spread up his arm quickly brought this to his attention. For on a cut on his arm the black blood rested and he could see the black color quickly spread through his arm.

"W-what the hell is this!" he called out in pain as the color traveled up his arm.

"Oh perfect you are finally being transformed." The civilian stated happily watching the fight. And soon enough the other recon team member found himself in a similar situation. Course as soon as this happened the civilian called off the creatures he had and simply watched as the two cried out in pain as the color completely covered their body. "phew it finally finished." The man stated happily walking over to the two recon members. "And you both managed to actually survive the transformation… You might actually be worth more than the cannon fodder you just killed off" he stated looking over the two of them. "…oh right the mission." The man muttered before looking back at the two recon members. "You two caused me to have problems to explain…you guys get the stuff…oh and don't forget to strip the other ninja of their goodies as well." The man stated.

Meanwhile hidden from the civilians view was Houki who looked at the man with rage in his eyes. In fact he was about to go down and kill off the man but then remember the last words he told before the fight even started. He then looked down at the scroll he has been writing in with a bitter expression.

"T-The information comes first" he told himself but grit his teeth at the idea. Still he took one last look at his old teammates before turning around and running away from the man. "My team forgive me I don't have any desire to not let your deaths go unpunished….but I just can't ignore what taicho ordered me to do." He thought sadly as he exited the village and disappeared into the forest surrounding them.

~Iwa; Kage office~

Onoki sat on his chair looking through the reports he has been receiving with a frown stuck on his face. For each scroll was worse than the last explaining what was happening and left over from the towns and cities that were attacked. He couldn't help but fear these strange black creatures that seem to spread like a virus to those around them. Truly he was at a loss what to do with the information that he received. For while he was only reading about his own country his spies have told that the same thing was happening for everywhere.

So while he fully wanted to deal with this situation himself he could easily figure out that whatever was going on was much bigger than any one village. Whatever these creatures were they left him feeling a cold chill that he hasn't felt since the last war.

"Ahh! These damn creatures and that damn sound village how dare they cause all of these problems!" Onoki yelled out in annoyance. "Damn brats always ruining everything. Back in my day we didn't have to worry about some weird creature that you couldn't touch its blood. We fought for real without such a dirty trick." He complained to himself. "In all seriousness this problem has serious potential to end the ninja world as we know it. Not just for my area but for everyone. Afterall who cares if I can keep my people safe. With the way those things infect people all it would do is make us the last stand with the entire world attacking us…as much as I hate to think it there really is only one way we can have a chance to cut this problem down by the roots.

"ANBU!" Onoki called out and one of the members appeared in front of him right away.

"Yes Onoki-sama" the man said giving proper respect to the small old man in front of him.

"Prepare some messenger hawks I think its time for us kages to discuss recent events." He told the man seriously.

And that is where I am going to end this chapter. Now I tried hard to push the story along a fair bit without it seeming too crazy or out of place. And personally I feel this did a pretty decent job even though it took me a while to figure out the wording I wanted to use in some parts. Sure some wording still isn't as perfect as I want but I don't want to fret about stuff like that when I do have to make sure to get a chapter out for those that care to read. But anyways one of the main things I had annoyance with is that the ANBU of each village in any other story seems to be named something special. I am unsure if that is just the writers preference or cannon but going to the wiki and finding "Iwa Anbu" made me just give up and go with it. After all it serves very little purpose other than not having the old man actually try to walk.

Now as for putting the sound the way I did I am purposely trying to show that the village is filled with what people would call the 'scum' of the world. Those people that are so horrible that people think they are evil. After all other than to reach his goals Orochimaru cares very little about his people. So in my mind it makes sense that the people are allowed free reign as long as he continues to get what he wants. Hence why it is survival of the fittest there. The strong become the leaders and the weak become the pawns. The only difference is that the process to be able to mentally command the black blood creatures isn't pleasant and still takes brain power. Hence why the people doing it are the researchers instead of the 'meathead' ninja. Though having a ever growing army at their command does go to the head of many of them making them think they are more important than they truly are.

As for the villages I have it stating that they all sent out people to get information and a lot of those men didn't return for a decent reason as well. The villages need to find out about Orochimaru somehow and just having another kage say they need help doesn't bring the urgency. As for the groups well none of the villages really share information with each other; at least not for free. So each person needs to find out what is going on for themselves. And for that many wouldn't 'waste' the best of their people to find out about a mystery and instead will send out various lesser teams to look into it unless it showed that it was truly important. So, these weaker teams aren't as well trained and aren't the 'strongest' ninja out there leading to many meeting their demise as they try and learn about the unknown. After all the black blood is highly contagious and the sounds strange weapons aren't something a normal person can see once and fully understand how to work around. (yes this is stating that shikamaru even as a kid was one of the smartest people there is)

Finally yet again I will say that I can easily just say that it is the army of the undead that Orochimaru has but I have already given reason why the black blood are used instead. As for another reason it is a story that I wish to go a certain way. Everyone already knows all about the undead army and how they end up being controlled/pacified. What I wanted was a different approach to it such as a 'version' of how zetsu took over people. So the fight could be vary similar with what they are facing but it also gives a tiny bit of a different flavor to the story in my opinion. Well Ja Ne.