Summary: Rymei Hawke was kidnapped from the ship to Kirkwall by Tevinter slavers and sold to a Magister during a slave auction.

Chapter 1:Kidnapped

Hawke, Bethany, Aveline and Leandra were finally going somewhere they could call home with the help of the Witch of the Wilds. The ship sailed from Gwaren to Kirkwall, the trip taking less than a month. It was dark and everyone was asleep except Hawke. She sat on the deck of the rocking ship, gazing at the stars. They always helped lull her to sleep when she couldn't but she didn't feel like sleeping. No, she was eager to get to Kirkwall and start a new life with her remaining family. She felt droplets of water strike her face as the waves crashed against the ship. It felt good on Hawke's burning skin.

Hawke was running a terrible fever but she didn't tell anyone, not wanting to worry her mother or sister. It had died down when the salt water hit her and the stars and moon helped calm her down but she felt a certain uneasiness in the air. The wind felt like it was howling for her to be careful but she just didn't know why.

In the distance, Hawke could see another ship sail past the one she was on but dismissed it. Fifteen minutes later footsteps could be heard across the deck. She looked up and saw at least twenty men with sword and shield plus a few archers.

"She would make a fine slave," one of the men said. "Very fine." The way he slurred that sentence made her shiver. Hawke went to reach for her daggers but remembered she left them with Aveline to sharpen.

'Shit' Hawke cursed to herself. They inched closer for every step she took back. She had nowhere to run so Hawke fought. She only managed to take out half the men before she was knocked out.


Bethany stretched as she walked up the stairs from her quarters. She looked across the deck knowing Hawke would be there. Hawke had made a habit of being on the deck early in the morning ever since they boarded but Hawke wasn't there. Aveline and Leandra were behind her, both looking for the eldest Hawke sibling.

"Where's Hawke?" Aveline asked.

"I don't know. She doesn't like below deck because it makes her seasick," Bethany replied.

"Then where could she be?" Hawke did everything on deck. She ate, trained, read and slept there. Sometimes she'd be in the same spot the entire day but she was always on deck. Aveline gasped. She ran back to the cabin for passengers and picked up Hawke's daggers before going back up to the deck. "What if she was kidnapped during the night?"

"Preposterous," Leandra denied. "Hawke is too strong to be taken by anyone."

"Leandra, she didn't have her daggers. I was sharpening them and fell asleep afterwards. Her kidnappers must've been armed and numerous." Leandra fell to her knees and cried.

"Maker no! My baby!"

"Don't worry mother, we'll find Hawke…someday."