Back in the present, Bethany was waving a hand in front of Rymei's eyes.

"I remember," Rymei whispered. "Bethy." When Bethany heard Rymei's nickname for her, she cried. Rymei took her younger sister in her arms and rubbed her back.

"Oh sister," Bethany cried into her older sister's breastplate. "I missed you. I thought you died when those slavers took you off that ship."

"Sorry Bethy but I still don't remember that, just a small portion of my childhood."

"What did you remember?"

"When you were born and the time we went hunting ant the bear attack as well as the argument."

"I'm just glad you remember something." They sat together for the rest of the afternoon till late at night and Rymei decided to walk her home. "Thank you."

"No problem Bethy."

"Would you like to come in?"

Rymei shook her head. "Right now, all I have are bad memories of your mother and that's how I think of her right now, maybe when I remember a few more of my past. Good night Bethy."

"Good night sister." Bethany kissed Rymei's cheek before going inside quickly. Rymei left for the rundown mansion she shared with Fenris.

Chapter 11:

Again, Aveline called everyone to the Hanged Man to talk about another assignment. She didn't want to put it off any longer, especially with Hawke back in the picture.

Aveline, Hawke, Bethany and Fenris, since he doesn't let Hawke go anywhere without his supervision, were venturing up to Sundermount. On the way they encountered giant spiders. Bethany had freaked out and started screaming. She began to hurl fireballs like crazy whenever one got near her and Hawke would take the opportunity to kill it.

They were only a few meters away from the Dalish camp to they took the opportunity to rest since it was a long trip up Sundermount.

After a while, the continued their way to the Dalish camp when they were stopped by Dalish elves that protected the entrance to the camp. Aveline told the Dalish hunter they were there to see the Keeper Merithari. They asked how she knew the name and let them pass.

The Keeper told them to deliver the amulet Flemeth gave them to an ancient burial site and perform a rite when they get there.

Rymei was more than skeptical about the whole thing. When Aveline mentioned Flemeth, an annoying buzzing sound began to echo in her head. Even as they continued to traverse up the mountain it wouldn't stop. That was until they met a Dalish elf by the name of Merril along the way. She was the elf Merithari wanted them to take with back to Kirkwall.

Merril was shy and very awkward when it came to conversation. Rymei found it hilarious and she didn't know she started chuckling out loud.

"What's so funny?" Aveline asked Rymei. She just shook her head and continued toward the burial site. Along the way, they faced two waves of skeletons and an arcane horror. While they fought, she and Fenris found out Merril was a mage.

"Another mage…perfect," Fenris mumbled. Aveline glared at him but said nothing.

They got through the cave to the burial site but a barrier was blocking their passage. Merril slit her wrist to use blood magic to break the barrier.

"That was blood magic," Rymei said angrily, Fenris looking just as mad. "You summoned a demon. Are you mad?"

"It's a spirit like honor or joy."

"Call it whatever, you summoned a demon." Fenris said something under his breath only Rymei could hear and they pushed forward. When they were in the middle of the burial site, skeletons and an arcane horror spawned followed by a shadow warrior.

After defeating the demons, they approached the altar. Merril performed the rite and there was a bright light and a woman appeared from the amulet.

"And here we are."

"Andaranatish'an Ashabelenar," Merril said with a bow. She looked at the group and her eyes fell upon Fenris and Rymei."

"You both bear markings full of hate and sorrow, drowning in your own self-pity and disgust so much you cannot see the surface." Fenris looked like he was going to attack but Rymei held him back. "I only offer the wisdom from the eyes of an old, old woman." She then turned into a huge dragon, flapping her huge wind stirring dirt and flying away.