"Are you okay Bethany? What was that all about?" Aveline asked.

"Mother, she called Hawke a demon and confessed to hoping she didn't find us in Lothering when we moved. I don't need to be around her at the moment," Bethany confessed. Aveline didn't say anything, just offered any comfort when she needed it.

Bartrand called everyone together and announce the route they would take to the Deep Roads. Hawke put on the coat Fenris gave her and buttoned it so it covered her stomach. It was so warm and she felt so safe in it. Hawke, Bethany, Anders and Varric followed Bartrand out of Hightown and out of Kirkwall.

Chapter 15: Deep Roads Part 1

The moment they arrived in the Deep Roads, there was already something hindering them. The path ahead was blocked to Hawke, Bethany, Varric and Anders had to go find another way around. They also had to find Sandal, the son of Bodahn.

They walked a long way, encountering darkspawn the entire time. Though, Hawke had gotten curious when she saw a chest and couldn't help but pick the lock. Then she found a door and went to unlock it when a whole horde of spiders ambushed them. They quickly got rid of them but the mother of all spiders just had to show up. Bethany screamed as she cast her spells, not forgetting to announce her disgust for spiders.

Defeating the giant spider was hard work but they got it done. Hawke found a bow and arrows she thought might come in handy later. She was right to think so.

At the end of the long path, they found Sandal who had frozen an ogre. He went back to his father and the group continued forward.

A large dragon and its dragon lings ambushed them.

"Why does this always happen?" Anders shouted as he started casting spells. Hawke decided to try out her new bow and arrow and took on the adult dragon. Her aim wasn't bad but the arrows weren't strong enough to penetrate the dragon's skin and actually do damage. Her next best option was to attack it at close range.

"Are you insane Hawke?" Varric yelled, killing another dragon ling.

"Yes, but you can turn this into a story," Hawke shouted back. Varric chuckled and killed another dragon ling. Hawke managed to get on the large dragon's back with the help of her agility and its tail and stabbed it in the throat. She didn't expect her daggers to actually break.

The broken blades were deeply imbedded in the dragon's skin and it became frantic, screeching, swinging its tail at everything and shaking its head furiously to get her off. Hawke grabbed an arrow in each hand and stabbed them in the dragon's eyes. One particularly violent shake of its head threw Hawke off it before attacking her with its tail. She managed to grab hold of it but the dragon smacked her to the ground.

"Hawke!" her companions all screamed. They relentlessly began attacking the dragon with everything they had and managed to stop it momentarily. Anders took the opportunity to get Hawke away from the dragon and heal the worst of her wounds. They continued their assault until the large dragon fell.

"Is she alright?" Bethany asked as she rushed over to her sister.

Hawke opened her eyes and said, "I'm fine." She brushed off her coat and looked sadly at the fallen dragon and her broken daggers. "Let's just get moving so we can get this thing over with." She led the others back to the group of dwarves and humans waiting their return.

"Well, did you find a way around?" Bartrand grumbled.

"If you shut up then I'll show you."