"Curclamans?" Hawke asked confused.

"Sororretrocupit," Fenris replied which confused Hawke. Something in the back of her brain buzzed when he mentioned a mage being her sister. "Magos commemoraveroautem Bethaniadeviribus suisutentes,ad auxilium populus. QuæsuusGreyCustode."

She thought about it for a second and so many questions filled her head. 'I have a sister? What's her name? How old is she? Do I have any other siblings?' The questions made her head ache with the memories that tried to force themselves to the surface. It hurt her so much inside.

She just couldn't take both the physical and emotional pain.

Hawke strapped her daggers onto her back and ran off, hands pressed to her temples.

Chapter 26: A Wolf Has His Ways

Fenris found Hawke in the forest where they first made love. She was watching the water crash to the shore, legs swinging freely off the ledge. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist like he did the last time they were there. She allowed herself to relax into his warmth, leaning back so her head was on his shoulder.

"Erit poena umquam sit finis?" Hawke asked. Fenris shook his head no and spun her around so she was looking him in the eye.

"Nulla," Fenris replied, "sed facilius est ferre quam ad." He kissed her cheek before their lips actually met in a kiss they hadn't shared in a long time. She closed her eyes and allowed her wolf's warmth spread over her like a blanket. He made her feel safe, wanted and loved.

Fenris quickly removed Hawke's armor, leaving her in only her small clothes. She removed his armor as well so he was only in his underwear as well. Hawke attacked his neck, sucking his flesh before biting down hard enough to draw blood. She lapped at his blood as if in apology. He quickly pushed her gently to the ground and ripped off the rest of her clothes and attacked her nipple.

"Aaah…Fenris," Hawke moaned in pleasure. Each and every one of his touches moved lower until he was fingering her weeping hole. He pushed his index finger inside, eliciting a sweet moan from his grounded bird. She was squirming and moaning in the undeniable pleasure he was giving her.

Just seeing her in such a vulnerable and sexy state made Fenris want to come at that moment. Hawke was begging him to enter her even though she wasn't properly prepared.

"Obsecro autem vos volo intra me," she pleaded. That was all he needed for common sense to be thrown into the wind. Fenris lined his aching, dripping cock up with Hawke's opening. He pushed in slowly so he didn't hurt her too much but she didn't want to go slow.

Hawke twisted once he was inside her so she was on her hands and knees and pushed back onto him with incredible power causing both of them to scream.

Fenris picked up the pace, slamming into her so his head hit the edge of her uterus slightly but enough for her to scream his name with each thrust.

The intensity of the coiling in their stomachs was building. One last harsh thrust after over an hour of screaming and he spilled himself deep inside his bird with a scream when she clamped down tight on his throbbing organ.


"Fenris!" He fell on top of her, breath coming out in labored pants. Hawke was smiling brightly, the sensations of their love making calming her of earlier pains. "Faciamus iterum." She already regained her breath and was asking for more.

"Lubenter." Fenris pounced on top of her again and they continued their previous activities for the better part of that afternoon to night the next day.


Eritpoenaumquam sit finis?: Will the pain ever end?

Nulla, sed facilius est ferre quam ad: No, but I know how to make it easier to bear

Obsecroautem vos volointrame: Please, I want you inside me

Faciamusiterum: Let's do it again

Lubenter: With pleasure