The intensity of the coiling in their stomachs was building. One last harsh thrust after over an hour of screaming and he spilled himself deep inside his bird with a scream when she clamped down tight on his throbbing organ.


"Fenris!" He fell on top of her, breath coming out in labored pants. Hawke was smiling brightly, the sensations of their love making calming her of earlier pains. "Faciamusiterum." She already regained her breath and was asking for more.

"Lubenter." Fenris pounced on top of her again and they continued their previous activities for the better part of that afternoon to night the next day.

Chapter 27: As Normal As Can Be

A few weeks after Bethany was rescued things went back to normal. A few rounds of sex and a lot of 'remember when this and that happened?' banter at the Hanged Man helped Hawke regain some of her memories, the ones from after she and Fenris came to Kirkwall. Fenris also had to teach her how to speak again though. That had taken a while but she was a fast learner.

Now they were sitting around a table, talking about the rising conflict between Knight-Commander Meredith's Templars and the Circle mages. It was giving everyone a headache, especially Hawke since trouble just can't resist her.

One of the bar maid tapped Hawke's shoulder and handed her a piece of parchment. She read it over and stood up.

"Care to share with the rest of the table?" Varric asked.

"Meredith and Orsino are causing a ruckus at the Gallows," she said. They all got up and followed her to the Gallows where people were crowded around the arguing pair. Of course the moment Hawke arrived she was pulled into it, forced to choose a side when she wished to remain neutral despite disliking mages.

The ground shook under her and a beam of light rose from the Chantry. People watched in horror as the only source of peace in Kirkwall crumbled to the ground with the Grand Cleric still inside.

And it was all Anders' fault.

He believed it was the only solution for peace, to make him a legend. He only sparked a war that was long since coming. The strings that attacked Anders to Hawke were broken when she punched him out.

Meredith pushed Hawke to make a choice, and after what just happened, the choice was obvious.

Merril pretested but Hawke was able to make her see reason. Isabella was not too happy either but she was with Hawke 100%. Anders sat on a crate nursing a bruised and bloody face.

"I'm not going to make it painless either," Hawke said as her marking began to glow bright. She jabbed her hand through his chest and grabbed his heart. All too slowly she squeezed harder and harder with each passing second. His screams could be heard throughout Kirkwall. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make her stop.

Hawke only eased up entirely for him to take one last good breath before she completely crushed his heart. Blood seeped from his mouth as his body became cold and he fell to the ground dead.


They had fought their way through hordes of demons only to confront Orsino first. For years he had protested the use of blood magic but he himself resorted to it in the end. What he became was, to put it simply, a disgusting, pathetic existence, a monstrous abomination of corpses.

Hawke picked up a bow and arrows from the ground. He was strong so she decided to stay away from him. Fortunately, along the way, Bethany returned to the group. The sisters plus Varric stayed far away from Orsino while Fenris, Meredith and a few Templars attacked him at close range.

She could feel him become weaker but didn't expect his head to detach from his body and skeleton archers to spawn.

"What the hell!" Varric yelled when Orsino's head leaped over him. While everyone focused on the archers, Hawke and Bethany focused on Orsino. Bethany froze him momentarily so Hawke could send a downpour of arrows towards him. That used all the arrows, each of them either getting imbedded in his disgusting skin or breaking upon impact.

He broke out of his icy prison and lunged at Hawke. She rolled to the ground and tried to kick him but he bit her. She stabbed him with a dagger and pried him off.

The others had already finished off the archers and were trying to attack Orsino but he was too fast.

"Back him into a corner!" Hawke ordered. They nodded and pushed him back into a corner. Once that was done everyone unleashed all they had but it still wasn't enough.

He became something worse.

He could drain everything they had, paralyze them.

Even so, Hawke and company managed to defeat him, Bethany the only one walking without a limp. The young mage healed Everyone's wound and they pushed on.


Hawke and company took their time to regroup in the courtyard.

Fenris sat behind his lover on the blood covered ground, arms wrapped around her shoulders as he pulled her closer.

"Hawke, can I ask something of you?"

"Anything," Hawke replied. She was nervous about everything and her strength was slowly waning. She probably wouldn't be able to last another fight.

"Promise you won't die and leave me alone." His voice sounded with desperation and genuine worry.

"Only if you promise too."

"I will never leave your side." Fenris brought her in for a passionate kiss as if it was the last they would ever have but their story is only just beginning.