"Rushed the poor bastard and broke one of his ribs." Rymei started laughing at the memory.

"Then all the women glared at you, screaming their anger and you just gave them a middle finger and walked off shouting nonsense." Fenris shook his head in amusement.

"'You're just jealous because I'm hotter than you!' One of them ran up to me and was like 'Who do you think you are young lady?'"

"'What, you mad because you can't pick up a sword or control you husband? Bet you don't have a clue what he does when he's not being a 'guardsman'. But I guess women do belong in the kitchen so they don't see their husband lay with a whore.'"

"All of them got divorced after that, every single guardsman and Templar wifeless and wanted revenge."

"They tried to sneak up on her while she was on the docks but that was a fail. How can you sneak up on someone when you're wearing heavy armor? Beat the crap out of them, with my help of course."

"I could've done it alone." Hawke puffed her cheeks like a child.

"Perhaps, but what could you do against over a hundred trained warriors?" Fenris raised an eyebrow and awaited her answer.

"I see your point." Fenris gave a triumphant grunt and turned around when she told him to. She slipped into her clothes and armor before kicking Anders awake.

"I'm up!" Anders jumped up at the painful jolt to his body.

"Pack up, we're leaving."

"But your wounds…"

"Are fine, let's go." Anders sighed and packed up his things along with Isabella and Fenris.

Chapter 9: Job Well Done

Hawke, Fenris, Anders and Isabella managed to clear up most the Tal-Vashoth along the Wounded Coast without any more incidents. They returned to Kirkwall the same day, going to the Viscounts Keep to inform Aveline.

"Job well done," Aveline praised. "In the morning, we go to the Qunari compound."

"Why do we need to go there?" Hawke asked.

"When we went to clear a band of highway men near the Wounded Coast, we met a dwarf by the name of Javaris Tintop. He hired us to kill Tal-Vashoth so he could get an explosive powder." Hawke wasn't really listening until she heard the words 'explosive powder'. "Now we have to persuade the Arishok to give it to him."

"Why go through so much trouble?"

"We need the coin to go on the Deep Roads expedition."

"The darkspawn infested dwarven caverns?" Fenris asked for clarification. Aveline nodded. "Why go there?"

"When we got to Kirkwall, we had to bribe our way in by doing some work for Athenril and repaying the debt for a year. Then we had to get Bethany away from the Templars and found this was the only solution."

"Why not move away from Kirkwall?"

"We can't leave your mother Hawke." Rymei glared at Aveline. She recalls nothing of her mother and didn't like the idea of someone knowing more about her and her past than Rymei. The group dispersed to go to their homes. Rymei walked next to Fenris on the way to their borrowed home.

"I wonder you'll ever find your past." Fenris shrugged.

"Yours is right in front of you, why not take the chance to know you have a family that loves you?"

"What's the point? Remembering a lost past doesn't sound too good to me. Paving out the future, moving forward is all we can expect." Fenris nodded and continued to walk with her home.


Fenris climbed up to the roof after Rymei. He wanted to see what her fascination with stars is. When he reached the rood, Rymei was laying on her back, arms folded under her head. Her blue eyes only seemed to concentrate on the starry sky above. He laid down next to her, folding his hands so his head could rest on them. His grass green eyes watched the stars twinkle.

"They are truly beautiful," Fenris said. He never truly paid attention to the stars, just looked at them like another one of the things he could never understand.

"That they are," Hawke replied. A few images flashed through her head, some of a little girl with hair exactly as it is now looking up at the night sky, some of an older woman in brown and blue, some of a man with the robes and staff of a mage. She didn't have time to figure them out but guessed that little girl was a younger version of her. "Whenever we look to the stars, our markings glow brighter."

"I never noticed that." Rymei chuckled.

"We're like blue and red candles at night. I'm not sure you could miss glowing brighter." The moon was already ascending higher in the sky and it was getting darker. "I think we should go to sleep. I look forward to meeting the Arishok." Fenris looked at her like she was crazy and shook his head. Rymei helped him down from the roof and through a window leading to their room.