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Ally POV

Hi, I'm Ally Dawson, but you probably already know that. You want to know about me? Well I'm the it girl apparently. The most popular girl in high school. But I'm the weirdest popular you'll ever meet. You know when you watch a movie, like Mean Girls, and the most popular girl is always a bitch with loads of money that hates anyone below her status? Yeah, well I'm not her.

I used to be a complete geek. Geeky, with purple glasses and braces. I also sort of milked the smart thing. I was kind of a Hermione Granger. The goody, goody, always putting her hand up and not very good at making friends. Then I kind of turned it down. I was constantly bullied. Eggs were thrown at my best friend, Trish and me. Our books were stolen and everything. We couldn't take it anymore. You're supposed to love life as a kid, not want to kill your self because of how school is (which at one point I actually thought of doing). But you know what, I changed.

The summer before 11th Grade (year 12, 16yrs old) we decided to change. Not completely, but change. I got over my stage fright so that I could make friends easier. I got rid of my glasses and started wearing contacts. I ditched my braces. I got caramel blonde highlights and got a completely new wardrobe. I'm still the same person I was in 10th Grade, just more… noticed. Trish lost a tonne of weight. I helped her; we were in it together. When we got back to school everyone noticed. Boys were suddenly flirting with me all over the place, and Trish too. No one bullied us anymore. We joined clubs and made all types of friends, debate club (Trish loves to argue), Choir and I even joined the Cheerleaders. I know what your thinking. Oh great, a cheerleader, I thought she was meant to be a different kind of popular. Well, I am. I'm useless at dancing, so I can't do what the other cheerleaders do.

So now you're thinking, how on earth did she become a cheerleader then? Well our cheerleading coach, Coach Clarkson, has been trying for years on end to win the cheerleading championships. They always came in second because other teams had unique things about them that helped them win. And then she was watching Glee, when Mercedes and Kurt sang for the cheerleaders. So that's what she wanted, a singer. She asked her best friend, Ms Halton, (also the choir teacher) to help her look for a singer with a good voice, and she recommended me. At first I didn't want to. What if I got nervous? I mean, yes I got over my stage fright, but only just. What if I had to dance? But Trish convinced me and I was assured that I didn't have to dance. And then, after six months, I was offered head cheerleading position.

So that's how I became popular. Me, simple me. And I like being popular. Everyone likes me and I still get to be myself. I'm still the same geek. I get straight A's, but I just don't put my hand up as much. And I'm not the type of popular who puts down those who are different. Those with glasses, braces, overweight or anything else. Because that would be plain hypocritical. They're all my friends and loads come to me for advice. And the best thing about being the way I am now, other people are starting to follow my trend. You see some of the most popular students in school mixing with those no so popular.

That's me. Everything I told you up there was true. Well… almost. I was kind of lying about the "everyone liking me" thing. There is one person who doesn't. My worse enemy. Austin Moon.

Before we were fourteen, no one would have guessed that we were enemies. We were best friends. Inseparable. But that's changed now, as you know. He's the popular jock who uses girls and has a group of five friends. The typical high school jock. If I was the typical head cheerleader we'd be dating and he'd be cheating on me. The horror. It's kind of hard to explain our… special relationship. How about I just show you?

12 years ago- Kindergarten

Today was the first day of school for all those in kindergarten. I just happened to be forty-five minutes late because my mum kept fussing and crying about my first day of school. Then we got stuck in traffic. A ten-minute drive and you get stuck for half an hour. How unlucky is that I walked into the classroom nervously, chewing my chestnut brown hair. A tall woman with short ginger hair walked up to me. "Hello dear. You must be Allyson Dawson." She told me kindly.

"Y-yes, but can you call me Ally please?" I asked her nervously.

"Of course dear. Everyone, this is Ally. You all make sure you make her welcome. Ally dear you go over there and sit next to Austin." She told me. I nod and walk over to the boy she was pointing at. A boy a few inches taller than me, with hazel eyes light blonde hair.

"Hi I'm Austin." He told me from his seat, smiling.

"Ally." I told him, sitting down.

"No class, today I would like for you to write your names on a large piece of paper in large block writing. You can use colour and maybe draw pictures underneath that represent your name. This will help us get to know each other and remember each other's names. Colour crayons are on your desk. Chop-chop, I want us all to be finished by lunchtime." She said.

I looked at my sheet of paper and started drawing the large block letters of ALLY DAWSON. I looked over to Austin and see him writing the name AUSTIN MOON.

"Your last names Moon?" I asked him interested.

"Yeah, pretty cool huh." He said.

"Cooler than my last name. Boring old Dawson." I said

"Don't say that. Dawson sounds just like Awesome. And the last syllable of your name is like the sun which is cool." He told me.

"So I'm like the sun, and you're like the moon?" I asked him. He nodded happily and it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Well… beautiful at the time.

So that was how we first met. I was the sun and he was the moon. We became best friends after that day. The sun and moon suited us perfectly. We were complete opposites, but at the same time we always got along. So now onto the next part of our friendship.

10 years ago- 7 yrs old- 1st grade (year 2)

We were at my house, colouring. That was what seven year olds did. Well at least that's what I think they did. I guess other girls would play with dolls and princesses but having a guy as a best friend makes you turn down your girly side. I still loved to colour princesses though. It allowed me to think that I could one day be one. "Ally, why do you always colour inside the lines?" Austin asked me.

"Because it looks pretty." I said carefully colouring in my princess picture with a pink crayon (pencil).

"But don't you ever just want to go wild? Colour everywhere?" He asked me.

"Not really." I tell him. My mum walked in and smiled at the sight.

"Austin dear, would you like to stay for dinner?" She asked.

"Yes please Mrs Dawson." Austin replied looking up from his picture of a guitar. A messy one at that.

"Alright then, it'll be ready in an hour." She said before she walked off.

I actually don't know why I showed you that. It's just a memory I have from when we were kids. Not exactly important. But it shows you how close we were. We were just us. Austin and Ally. Wow that sounded weird. So onto the next memory.

7 years ago- 10 yrs old- 5th Grade (year 6)

"Hey, Ally." Austin said to me, looking to the side. We were lying on the grass, looking at clouds peacefully.

"Yeah?" I asked him also turning to look at him.

"When we get into High School do you want to be popular?" He asked me.

"I dunno. Maybe, I guess. But I don't see how, I'm a loser." I told him sighing.

"You're not a loser. You're my best friend, that has to count for something." He said cheekily. I wacked his arm playfully before settling back down again.

"What about you, do you want to be popular?" I asked him.

"Yeah. My cousin said that popularities everything. If you're not then you're no one. He's popular and it means everything. He goes to awesome parties, has an awesome girlfriend, get's away with anything. He says anyone that's popular is the only ones that are ever going to have a good life. He said that if I wanna be a pop star I have to be popular first. That way you're used to the popularity and everything." He said looking up.

"I guess. But I mean popularity can't be everything. Good grades are important too." I replied.

"Yeah, yeah, who cares about grades."

"I DO!"

"That's because you're a goody, goody." He teased.

"Am Not!"

"Are Too!"

"Am Not!"

"Are Too!"

"Are Too!"

"Am Not!"

"Ha ha, you lose." I replied.

"Oh man." He said.

"Come on, we better get back for lunch." I said as we walked back laughing.

I guess after that I should have realised that Austin would do anything for popularity. I hope you're starting to realise just how close we were. That's another reason why I hate him so much. He was so sweet as a kid. I have no idea why he's the way he is now. Now onto the next memory.

3 years ago- 14 yrs old- 9th Grade (Year 10)

This was my third week in High School. Freshman. Austin and me were starting to grow apart. Ever since we got here we never really talked or anything. He was starting to hang out with the populars. Yesterday they had broken my glasses in half and called me a geek. He even laughed a bit. That's when I knew our friendship was lost.

Let me tell you how the whole popular thing works… at least with the boys. Every year there are five senior guys and they're the most popular guys in school. The Goofy one, the one who's crazy and makes everyone laugh. The Lazy one, the one who doesn't do anything apart from walk around and look good. The Nice One, the one who tries to keep all the guys grounded but never actually does. The Vice Leader, basically second in charge of the group. And then the Leader, the one who plays with girl's hearts and is the main bully towards geeks, good at football and most of the time captain.

In our school there are one of these groups in every year, they are the most popular guys in every year. All four. The senior group get's to pick the new group from the freshman. Once they've picked they teach them the ways of the populars, and once you become a senior and you're in this group, you're the top of the food chain. The top dogs.

The new leader for our year… Austin Moon. My best friend.

I saw him there, with his leather jacket that his cousin had given him for good luck, along with ripped jeans, a t-shirt and a blue shirt that was left open. The only thing that was keeping me going was my new best friend Trish.

I looked up to see Austin and his friend Dez (the new goofy popular) walk over to me. "What're you doing here brace face? Shouldn't you be with the teacher's, begging them for extra credit?" He asked me.

"What happened to you? I thought we were best friends." I asked him.

"Best friends. Ha, as if I would be friends with a geek freak like you, let alone best friends." He said and he walked off. So much for friends forever.

And that's how our friendship ended. He was offered popularity; the chance to be the most popular guy in the year until he finally became the most popular in school, which he is now. And he took it. The rest of that year, and the next were hell for Trish and me. I was bullied over my geekiness and she was bullied because she was slightly over weight. But who actually cares? I'll love Trish no matter how she looks and she'll love me no matter how geeky I am. And that's true friendship.

After our friendship ended he started calling me geek all the time. He still does; the I have to admit it was fun when me and Trish walked in on the 1st day of the 11th grade and the whole school was shocked. Even Austin. He acted as if he didn't care but he started hating me even more after that. I think it was because I was his only rival with popularity, still am.

So anyway, I hope this gives you a jist of my life and enemy. Both of us populars, ex-best friends and now enemies. But don't you go away. I can guarantee you that you want to hear the rest of this wonderful and complicated journey of ours. Bye, Ally xxx.

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