Chapter Five

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"Severus, my boy. I believe we need to talk."

"Headmaster." Severus said inclining his head in the direction of the elderly wizard.

"No need for such formalities, Severus." Albus said his cornflower blue eyes twinkling merrily as he made his way to take a seat on the plush sofa recently vacated by Severus and Hermione.

"What can I do you for, Albus?" Severus said, schooling his features to remain black, hoping to the deities that the headmaster wouldn't pick up on his overzealous beating heart. Merlin the things that witch did to his body, it was like his blood was on fire as it pulsed through his veins.

"It seems that young Ivy's diary has been quite the hit with the student body." Albus said, snapping his fingers, Severus watched as an elderly house elf appeared in his private rooms with a silver tea tray for two.

"Indeed." Severus drawled.

"It's caused a lot of outrage amongst the staff." Albus said leaning forward to pick a custard creams off the fine china platter of biscuits. "It's all rather hypocritical." Albus said illusively.

Severus arched an aristocratic eyebrow.

"How so, Albus?" He asked genuinely curious.

"Ah my dear boy, you are still so young." Albus said smiling upon seeing the scowl marring Severus' handsome features.

"Need I remind you Headmaster that I am 36 years of age." Severus drawled.

Albus chuckled. "Indeed Severus and 36 is still very young by wizard standards. I merely meant that you are the youngest teacher at Hogwarts and therefore have not been privy to the indiscreet moments in your colleague's private lives."

"How does this relate to the young chit's diary?" Severus said.

Albus smiled. "Teacher student relationships are quite common in the wizarding world, whilst seen as taboo in the muggle world; the wizarding world will concede and respect the relationship as long as the student is of age and willing."

Severus didn't speak, he merely nodded.

"Minerva was my student." Albus said suddenly, Severus resisted the urge to shiver at his mentor and bosses confession.

"Pretty young thing she was, clever too. I was her transfigurations professor, as you may well have guessed. I was so enamoured with her, she was so feisty and passionate, it was the only time I had ever found myself thinking inappropriate things about a student."

"I reiterate my question, Albus. Why are you telling me this? I have no desire to listen to you recall your love affair." Severus said.

Albus ignored the dark brooding professor.

"Of course that was 60 years ago, but I still love dear old Minnie." Albus smiled wistfully.

"Filius has had numerous relationships with students over the years, and even Rolanda, Poppy, Aurora and I believe even Pomona took at least one student paramour. It's all rather hypocritical of them to oppose such unions when they are all guilty of it."

Albus shook his head in dismay, whilst Severus resisted the urge to scratch his eyes out at the images presented to him of his colleagues. But he had to confer with the headmaster, it was all so hypocritical.

"Anyway my boy I wish to give you this, I found it on my desk upon returning from my evening stroll."

Severus looked down at the piece of parchment before him, instantly recognising the diary entry.

"It appears that Ivy wrote her entries 5 months after the events that took place" Albus stated looking at Severus. "She inadvertently drops hints of a time frame." Albus replied looking at the unspoken question in Severus' onyx eyes. "We can deduct from the date of the diary entry that Ivy and Alexander's first union happened in June, at the end of her sixth year." Albus added conversationally.

"Union, Albus?" Severus choked out in surprise.

Albus smiled. "I advise you read it my boy. It's actually quite good, the girl has talent. It was quite… erotic. "

Severus arched an eyebrow. "I never had you down as a voyeuristic type of person, Albus."

It earned him a chuckle from the older wizard. "Sometimes people surprise us, Severus. Nevertheless I recommend that you read this entry." He said indicating back to the parchment Severus still held in his skilful hands.

Severus conceded and bent his head to read the latest entry of his lover's leaked diary.

Wednesday 14th October.

He gave me detention for that kiss, can you believe it? He was the one that kissed me! Not the other way round, he kissed me, and I was the one who got a detention! It was so unfair.

A mistake he had called it. A MISTAKE! I can't tell you how much of a lie it was, because with his lips on mine nothing had felt more right. But still I got the detention, and I have never been happier to have been given one, especially since it was with him.

Friday night at 8pm sharp I had to report to his office, no doubt to be given the task of writing lines, how many times can one write 'I must not seduce my teacher into kissing me' before completely losing the will to live?

It turns out that, that wasn't my task at all; in fact the closest I got to a desk during my detention was when I was laid on top of it, with Alexander's muscular body atop of mine, thrusting into me.

It turns out that our kiss had been eating at him just as much as it had me. 3 days had passed with it on his mind only adding to the sexual frustration that unleashed itself that night, frustration that caused such an unrelenting passion.

Even now I don't think Alexander planned that liaison it had just kind of happened, hadn't it? I had knocked on the door and I had been bid entry, there was nothing to suspect, except as soon as the door was closed I was up against it, again.

What happened to the mistake bit right?

But the fact remains that Alexander was kissing me passionately, and I was kissing him back with just as much fervour. Oh Merlin it was so good.

And then his hands were on my body outlining the slight curve of my hips as he grabbed them roughly pulling me closer to him as his skilful hands touched me where I had longed for him to touch. My nipples were so sensitive to his touch even through the fabric of my blouse and the lace of my bra, I'm sure he could see the hard peaks.

I could feel Alexander's body pulse with excitement, his hardness, which was throbbing with desire and want, strained against my tummy, and I longed to touch it. I wanted him so bad in that moment, looking at his lust hooded eyes, I wanted to watch him come undone, whether it be because of my fingers, mouth or pussy, I had to make him mine.

Anyone would have thought he had heard my thoughts since he literally ripped the buttons off my blouse in an attempt to get it off me. By this time I was attempting to undo the zip of his trousers, fumbling more like. But hey I was a virgin and severely inexperienced, but I knew what I wanted.

Feeling how hard he was as my hand brushed against his crotch, made me feel so sexy, so desirable and wanted, in that moment I wasn't the bookworm, I wasn't a student, I was a woman claiming what she wanted, what she needed . As I embraced Alexander's cock in my hand and teased the leaking head with the tips of my fingers I think he realised that too.

It was as if my action was all the permission and reassurance he needed as the kiss deepened becoming more intense. It literally took my breath away. A couple of minutes had passed when my breath was taken again as Alexander cupped my face with his hands and smiled.

Oh Merlin, that smile made me weak at the knees. His dark eyes were intense with lust, and pleading at the same time, I could see the unspoken question: "Was I sure?" My days I had never been surer.

How does one convey with another that you might die if you don't have them inside you?

Cliché I know, but so true.

I must have conveyed it right, since he locked the door to the classroom, before carrying me, my body wrapped around his, to lay me on his desk, spread out on the hard, cold surface as he kissed my body.

I should have been nervous, I should have been scared, it was my first time but I didn't. I just wanted him to make love to me, regardless of the lack of feelings on his end. But apparently he wanted it too since he began to tease my clitoris with his tongue. I have experimented with masturbation, but it never and still doesn't feel as good as when he teases my little bud of nerves. The first experience of him pushing his tongue inside me to taste my sweet juices had me keening for more.

Alexander's perusal of my womanhood revealed my virginal status and if possible only seemed to spur him on more as he teasingly rubbed his cock against my clit before finally pushing himself inside me, stretching my walls as they accommodated his size until he was finally encase inside my tight, wet core. He was so big, and after the initial pain on entry it felt good, I felt so full, full of my Professor's thick cock… Merlin thinking about this is making me incredibly horny.

I knew I would be tight probably unbearably so, but as he withdrew and thrust back into me the look on his face will remain with me. The sheer pleasure seen on his usually hidden and blank face only served to make the encounter that much sweeter.

It felt so good to have him thrusting inside me. It was like Alexander knew what I wanted, as if he knew how my body would respond to his touch. He began to speed up developing a rhythm, one he knew would satisfy us both, such an unselfish lover.

My body was humming with pleasure, I had experienced orgasms at my own hand but this was different the pressure continued to build in my groin, tightening with every deliciously hard thrust inside of me. The tension in my body was ready to break, tightening until its peak.

My orgasms had never been that powerful until that moment with Alexander, my entire body convulsed as the orgasm took over, it was amazing, the pleasure enveloping my senses; it took all of my self-control not to scream out. My lip bled I bit it so hard. But the pain was worth it.

As I reached my peak Alexander did also, his back straightened and his body tensed as he gave one more thrust inside of me, before he was cumming, his cum thick and full as he filled me.

When our eyes met, he said nothing, and neither did I, it was unnecessary. It was a silent understanding that what we had done wasn't something we could come back from, but more importantly it wasn't something we wanted to come back from.

Perhaps I knew that I loved him, even then.

Severus looked up from the diary entry, his onyx eyes meeting the headmasters as Severus attempted to shift position and hide his arousal. Hermione's account of their first time had turned him on, unbearably so and he wanted nothing more than to march into his bedroom and possess her body as he did that first time.

"Rather descriptive." Severus said, his voice husky, he hoped that the headmaster didn't notice.

"Indeed." Albus replied a smirk forming on his lips.

"Why did you bring this to me, Albus? I have no use for it." Severus said dismissively, throwing the parchment onto the coffee table before him.

"On the contrary my boy, you are the exact person who needed to read it. Its only right that you knew how Hermione felt."

Severus spluttered in shock, his cool façade all but disappearing.

"Headmaster I…"

Albus held his hand up demanding silence; his blue eye twinkled mischievously as he announced clearly "You can come out now, Miss Granger."

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