Everybody hates Chuck episode 1

I don't own wreck it Ralph, but I do own Chuck, my new OC

Note: thank you Watcher2418 for helping me with a title. I hope you all enjoy this

(In hero's duty)

Chuck was walking through the game looking for a cybug he could use for experiments. He found a baby bug by a trash can eating garbage. He walked up to it

"Hey, baby bug, dumb bug, wanna play fetch?" asked Chuck holding a can up to the bug

The bug looked up and walked towards him. Chuck grabbed a bazooka out of his bag and put the can in it and shot it over the tower

"Fetch" commanded chuck to the bug, but the bug just went back to eating the garbage

"As bug you no good" said Chuck

He grabbed the bug and loaded it into the bazooka and shot it over the tower

"Fetch" shouted Chuck to the bug

The bug came from the other side of the game and landed by Chuck's feet

"No can huh" said Chuck. He threw the bazooka at the bug

"As bug you no good again" shouted Chuck

The bug got angry and grew big. It growled at him

"Still no good, yes you grow, but you still bad ya fool" said Chuck

The cybug devoured chuck up in one bite. Chuck mutated with the bug and now he was part bug, part robot

"You were idiot ya fool, now I'm you. And now I take you back to my lab and do experiments, haha" said Chuck as he headed for the train

Suddenly another cybug came out of nowhere and devoured him again

That's the end of episode 1 of the series. Who should Chuck annoy next, Felix or Gloyd? You decide, leave a review and I'll see you soon