A Fox and his kit: Prolouge

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"demon talking"

'demon thinking'


scene transition/time skip

Summary: What if instead of plotting to take over Naruto's body to be free again Kurama decides to follow the will of the Rikudo Sennin and tried achieve peace in his own way.

"I won't be here much longer." the man said.

He was an old man with white spiky hair the top which resembled horns. He wore a long white cape that had a circle with ripple pattern, below it where three columns of three tomoes.

He was surrounded by odd creatures much larger that himself each one having a solemn upon its face.

The first a sandy-brown colored raccoon, with black markings all over its face, body, and tail. It has a jagged, concave mouth and the sclerae of its eyes are black, containing yellow irides with pupils that each takes the shape of a black four-pointed star with four black dots around it.

Next to it a two tailed cat that is completely engulfed with wild blue flames, with a right yellow eye and a left green eye.

Beside it was a three tailed turtle with a crab-like shell, and three shrimp-like tails. Under its shell, it has red, muscle-like tissue. It has a pair of human-like arms and hands, but no hind-legs. Its lower jaw is rather big and has teeth-like horns, together with its big forehead, which also has horns, it somewhat resembles a mouth with big teeth, making it look like the rest of the face is inside the mouth. Its eyes are dark and have red pupils.

Beside it was four tailed monkey with a build of an ape with yellow irides, white pupils, red fur and green skin, with two long horns on its head that curve upwards. The horns themselves originate from the forehead and form a crown like plating with darkened tips. It also has to small fang protruding from its top lip and spike-like protrusions along the length of its tails.

Next to it a five tailed white horse, but with a dolphin's head. It has two pointed long horns and three shorter horns in front. The ends of its horns, hooves, and tails are light brown, with some of the same-colored spots before the brown areas of its horns and hooves. It also has red markings under its dark blue-green eyes.

Adjacent to it was a six tailed white with a slight light blueish tint, bipedal slug with stubby arms and feet. It has two prominent optical tentacles (eyes) and hole-like openings as a mouth. Its entire body covered in a slimy substance.

Next to it a seven tailed green beetle larva with bright orange eyes.

Next to that a ushi-oni(ox demon Japanese folklore) with four long horns on its head, similar to that of a Jacob sheep. It has a muscular upper-body structure, with a hunched back similar to an American bison, arms with spiked protrusions on the elbows, and hands with oppose-able thumbs like that of a human. It has no hind-legs, instead its lower half is made up of its tails which consist of eight tentacles that resemble the cephalopod arms of an octopus.

Between it and the raccoon stood a nine tailed fox with red-orange fur and red eyes, with oppose-able thumbs on its clawed hands.

"Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Gokuu, Kokuou, Saiken, Chomei, Gyukki, Kurama, you will be together even if you are separated, one day you will all be become one. With different names and... different forms than you exist now, and unlike when you were with in me, you will be led down the right path, when time comes you will know what true power is." The old man finished. He looked at these creatures, his children knowing his time on the earth was not long.

The young fox kit started to tear up the raccoon took notice.

"Hey look cry baby Kurama weeping again," the raccoon teased. Just as he said that Kurama gave him a cold glare.

"Oh yeah at least I not the weakest one here One talied bastard," the young fox shot back.,

"why don't you prove-"

"Kurama, Shukaku, enough," the old man shouted, the two quickly stopped their quarry. Then the orange fox stormed off the scene into the forest.

"Kurama what am I gonna do with you." the old muttered to himself.

"Shall I bring Kurama back Grampa?" the large cat asked.

"No, I'll retrieve him Matatabi, I didn't expect him to take this so hard." the old sage answered walk to wherever Kurama went.

Later in the forest, the old sage had followed Kurama by the big tracks he made and saw a glimmer of red-orange in the thicket of trees.

"Kurama I may be old but I am far from blind, come over here we need to talk," The sage bellowed.

The orange-red blob didn't respond.

"Kurama don't make me come in there." Just then the orange blob shot out of the trees revealing the crying fox.

"Kurama you know better that to tease Shukaku, how many times have I told the number of tails you don't indicate strength-"

"But he started i-

"He is your brother like it or not you will need him when for this world to achieve peace." the sage said solemnly.

"But can't you do that grampa all you have to do is take me inside you again-,"


"you could live forever I'd heal you-"


"And you wouldn't have to die,"

"Kurama!" The sage roared the fox flinched at his voice with tears still in his eyes the Rikudo Sennin deeply signed.

"Kurama I know you mean well but this world won't achieve peace with me still in it, the world knows how powerful and miracles I've performed,but I would still be a reminder of what have lost to the juubi, with me gone their wounds can begin to truly heal. I believe that their will be time when people can truly understand each other to achieve peace, and I am counting on you and your siblings to find capable individual that can carry on these teachings."

"But what if your death leads to more war and hatred, what if that person never comes" the sage raise hand to stop Kurama's ramblings.

"Maybe your right there maybe more wars and, might go on for few generations, but that day will come, don't give up me Kurama, if you do then it's all over, Have faith in me."

October 10th Present time "Damn you fourth Hokage, Damn you Kushina, Damn you Madara," A mad beast roared inside of the dank dark cage the outside of which look akin to a sewer.

Inside of an enormous orange fox with nine tails whipped violently, lashing out at bars on the inside of its cell.

The reason of its fury, humans, generation after generation he had been either controlled (mainly by Madara Uchiha) because they thought he was a weapon or contained because they he was a mindless beast.

His first container wasn't so bad she was always calm and he respected her to a degree, but she always seen him a wild animal that need be soothed or tamed nothing more, nothing less, he outright didn't like his second container she was loud, brash and apprehensive, She saw herself as the warden keeping her prisoner in check, and now he found himself inside baby with only his yang chakra, courtesy of fourth hokage, needless to say he was livid. After hour bashing his skull on the cage he found the seal too resilient and gave up.

"I believe that their will be time when people can understand each other to achieve peace." The Rikudo Sennin words echo through his mind.

'You were a fool old man these people will never understand anything, they're so petty and weak.' Kurama thought.

'They have turned your teachings into weapons against themselves, they would have no better ideals towards peace they only care about themselves, I hate them-'

"Don't give up me Kurama, if you do then it's all over, Have faith in me." the sage's words ran through his mind again.

'This brat would have a better chance of fulfilling the Ridokou's tasks than the rest of-'

Kurama in his musings had idea one that only fox(or fool) could come up with. His tails gentle swayed as he contemplated his idea then a rather large grin appeared on his face.

"You will be the one to carry on the Rikudo's will, I'll see to that." Kurama spoke to his blonde haired container sleeping the in crib.

His plan will work he just needed to wait for the opportunity to reveal itself.

4 years later

A spiky blonde-haired blue-eyed kid with three small whisker markings on each cheek was running from the victim of latest or rather first prank.

"NA-RU-TO" A soaked to the bone, nun yelled trying to catch the boy.

Alas she was unable to keep up and decided the brat wasn't the trouble or embarrassment of running through village street completely soaked. Naruto quickly ran behind a nearby building to catch his breath still giggling in fits about what had occurred. It a pretty basic if not ingenious prank on his part, a nun was watering the garden by the orphanage, and Naruto stepped on the hose to let build pressure, waiting the very moment when she would check the hose to release it, the result was one soaked nun. She was quite mad but it wouldn't matter, for him it would be the last hurrah, since he was now old enough to live on his own.

He was tired of being ignored all time, being passed over opportunities to get new parents that all the other kids got, not to mention the fact the nuns told the other kids to stay away from him, there were even times was bullied in front of them and they wouldn't spare a glance in his direction. He knew things were gonna be different no one else was going to ignore not if he could help it. He strode out into the streets proudly, hoping people would take notice of him, and they did just not in the way was expecting them to, he glanced at their faces and it shocked him.

'Why?' he thought seeing their faces, some were cold and distant, a few were frightful with hints resentment and anger, a few more looked like a combination of both.

The same faces the nuns had in the orphanage, 'why?' he asked himself again he ran forward hoping the expression would change. They didn't more of the same faces appeared, he kept running, nothing just more cold expressions and resentful faces, it seem an endless hall of empty looks and glares.

'Why?' he came to a complete stop with tears slowly streaming down his face, 'Why do they look at me that way, what's wrong with me?' his breath became short, his heart beating million times a second. He didn't like this the hateful looks and the people looking away from him.

He felt stirred of emotion pent of inside of him it felt like he wanted to explode, he inhaled deeply and yelled at top. "What's wrong with me, why- why, What did do?!" the villager paid attention this time, immediately move away from fearing to them he looked deranged, mad.

As he ranted unbeknownst to him was pouring out chakra in his emotion fit causing tiny unnoticeable increments of nine tailed foxes chakra which stirred the beast from his slumber.

Kurama slowly awoke noticing his container's dilemma, he curtly grinned and fed more of his chakra to strengthen the connection making his presence know the sickening chakra began to fill the air, resulting a small panic among the shinobi who were their at the time some of the chunin starting going for their kunai fearing the worst, until the third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi made his entrance. He wore the traditional kage hat, and haori, along with a red, full-length kimono tied together using a white sash, he was a light skinned man with a small thick goatee, short spiked gray hair,Three lines running down vertically from both eyes, with a prominent crease on his forehead a few wrinkles liver spots, and wart near his left nostril. He looked at the situation it wasn't good, the seal hadn't broken but the nine-tailed foxes' chakra was slipping through the seal, and he needed to do something as not cause panic in the village but the problem sorted itself out when Naruto suddenly fainted and the chakra abruptly stopped.

Naruto opened his eyes and found himself in sewer like place he cautiously waded around in the low water, he started examining the tunnels walking through each one until he came upon a great chamber with cage on the other side. On the door was small white tag written black kanji was the word seal. Naruto staying a considerable distance away from the door tried to peer inside the cage. One red-eye with verticle slit that seemed to glow a bit he jumped back.

"Don't be frighten little boy, I can't hurt you in here," Kurama voice boomed in the chamber.

"Wh- who are you, where am I?" Naruto still frighten by whatever he was looking at.

Kurama wasn't surprised about Naruto not knowing who he was in fact he was counting on it. The third's law, if anything helped him because Naurto had one quality his other containers didn't share, Kushina and Mito both became his jinchuuriki at older ages having their own conception about him, but Naruto was born with him and the third's law all but isolated him leaving Naruto with his influence. He could but smirk at the delicious irony as the third's law was trying to protect Naruto from him in the first place.

"I am the nine tailed fox and are inside the seal so to speak."

'Seal?,' Naruto thought.

"This is quite confusing for you, I'll do my best to clear everything up, you see four years I was forced to attack village against my will. The fourth hokage risked his life stopped my mindless rampage and sealed me inside you," Kurama said not giving too many details about what exactly happened.

Naruto gasped he heard a few things about the fourth hokage, heck for him becoming hokage was his dream ever since he seen the third hokage appear at orphanage in his usual visits everyone was always watching with admiration, they respected and loved him. He thought for a second before asking another question.

"Why did he seal you in me?"

"you were there and time wasn't really on his side," Kurama responded shortly.

Naruto was hoping for more than, like if his parents were there or that gave up to fourth for some reason. Then he realized why everyone looked at him that way, he heard about nine-tails to some degree the destruction it cause the people it killed it was a monster or so he was told the way it was calmly talking to him, confused his perception, when he finally connected dots he started to tear up.

"You finally get it now? The reason they looked at you that way, they hate you because of me." Naruto nodded and began wiping his tears.

Kurama liked being correct in his assumption he could use this to get the boy to side with him.

"In the end we're both just misunderstood so it's only natural that we help each other out." Kurama grinned.

"How can you help me out, when you're in that cage?" Naruto asked.

"I have power and wisdom that goes far beyond any human, with it you can attain what that which you want most."

Naruto eyes beamed "you mean," Kurama nodded. "A lifetme supply of free ramen!" Naruto said drooling.

"What?! No, becoming hokage!" Kurama roared in anger why the hell did he have to inherit Kushina's love for that stupid junk food.

"Oh yeah, but what do you want?" squinting his eyes, getting into his thinking pose.

Honestly the first thing he thought of was his freedom but that could wait for now, he needed Naruto to spread the Grampa Rikudo's will for peace.

"Simple bring peace to the world." He smirked.

"How am I supposed to that I just a kid?" Naruto asked though he could the gravity of Kurama's request he had no idea what peace really was.

Naruto was worried how exactly was he to going do this when Kurama interrupted his thoughts. "you remember that feeling you had when those people stared at you, how alone you were, how angry at them you for ignoring you, Would make them feel the same way as you did?"

Naruto thought about those times he didn't like that feeling he wanted to stop the pain so badly, 'no one should have to feel like that,' he thought with determination.

"Alright let's do it Mr. fox, lets bring peace to the world ttebayo!,"

"Very well, by the way my names Kurama," the fox said bringing his fist to the cage.

Naruto walked up to the edge of the cage brought his fist to bump Kurama's when he gleefully said. "Naruto Uzumaki."

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