Chapter 5:Team Seven

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"demon talking"

'demon thinking'


scene transition/time skip

The next morning training ground 7

The three genin stood there contemplating what their test would be like, Sasuke is his usual glowering self, obsessed with the man he needed to kill. Sakura surprisingly isn't fawning over Sasuke, well not as much anyway, she has mixed emotions between nervous, angry and hungry. Nervous about the test and angry their sensei had yet to arrive on time, even though everyone else was punctual, and hungry for well.. obvious reasons. Naruto seem bored out his mind with waiting and starting making plans to get revenge on his lazy sensei for making him wait even though he knew this would happen anyway. Then out of nowhere leaves started to swirl and in blur of wind, said jonin appeared.

"your late!" Sakura yelled.

"ah, you see I got lost on the path of life,"Kakashi said calmly.

"Liar!" Sakura retorted.

"Okay lets set it for noon," Kakashi said pulling out a red alarm clock ignoring the ranting academy student, the are genin were confused by the notion.

"here are two bells your task is to take them from me before time is up," The masked man said pulling out two silver bells with thin red string attached. "those who don't have a bell by then, get's no lunch. I'll not only tie up to one of those stumps, I'll eat it right in front of you." he finished.

'So that's why told us not to eat.' the three genin thought as their stomach grumbled in unison.

"come at with shurikens and kunai if you want, you won't succeed if you don't come at with the intent to kill."

"But sensei those weapons are to dangerous." Sakura said worried.

"Sakura, he's a jonin and we're fresh out of the academy I'd be more concerned for our safety than for his." Naruto commented calmly.

Sasuke head nodded slightly in agreement.

"Good now that you all understand the gravity of the exercise, on my signal we'll begin... ready, begin!" Kakashi shouted, two ninja jumped out in a flash looking for a places to hide.

Sakura and Sasuke hid in bushes successfully, while Naruto just stood a couple of feet away from Kakashi, in plane sight.

Kakashi was puzzled. "you're a bit off aren't you?"

"yeah well so is your haircut, again Jonin, It would kind of pointless to hide from you," Naruto shot back.

'You should have at least tried,' Kurama thought.

Kakashi shook his head and pulled out something from his back pocket, "lesson one taijustu, close combat."

Naruto prepared himself for the new threat, it was... an orange book titled Make Out Paradise. This pissed Naruto off, he charged in prepared to strike the masked man, Naruto with a straight forward right jab, which Kakashi caught and tried to twist around into submission, Naruto instead used the momentum to perform a close range round house aimed at his head with his opposite leg, Kakashi releases his hand to block his kick still not taking his eyes of the book. Naruto seethed angrily and jumped back.

'Damn the way he blocked my kick I can tell he's too strong for bear style to work on him and sloth style only works for counters, *Grumble Grumble, combine that with this hunger I don't stand a chance in a close range fight,' Naruto thought.

"Which is why you should have eaten like I told you to," Kurama scolded.

'how the hell was I suppose to know, I thought I was following orders!' Naruto hated scolded by Kurama like this,like he was a kid, then again he was a kid, point is, Kurama is a very condescending individual.

"Alright tell me which is smart thing to do? Listening, a man in his late twenties or a being that's lived over a millennium, come to think of it yesterday the way he worded it sounded like a suggestion rather than an order. That's why you need to pay atte- Hey are you even listening you brat! "

'Oh give it rest sensei,' Naruto had snapped his attention back to Kakashi.

He quickly threw a smoke bomb that encased the small area that he and Kakashi were in. Naruto made three shadow clones and attacked at different angles, Kakashi decided to his book away soon as he noticed.

"So you're going overwhelm me with numbers smart, but I'm afraid you'll have to do better that." The jonin instructed.

In a single effortless motion Kakashi grabbed the clone in front of him, flung into the other clone on the left, and sweep kicked the third, making Naruto grimace, the smoke finally cleared.

'Damn, he must a sensor or his own senses are just that good.' Naruto calculated.

He then pulled out several shuriken and threw them all at once, Kakashi pulls out a single kunai and in several slashes deflected them, the shuriken stayed suspended the air for a few moments before they dove at Kakashi, the shuriken impaled him, he fell to the ground when...


A log stood in his place.

"Substitution damn, where is he?" Naruto asked no one in particular.

The blonde looked around to see a silver bell next a tree on the ground.

'Ha, he must dropped it the in fight, how lucky,' Naruto thought.

"It's obviously a trap, idiot," Kurama said annoyed.

'Can't you let me have anything sensei,'

"alright make a shadow clone and well see if you luck is any good,"

Naruto nodded and made a shadow clone to retrieve it, it became ensnared by rope hanging him upside down.

"Ha! Called it." Kurama exclaimed as proved his point.

Naruto simply sighed and went to retrieve the bell himself but also became ensnared by the second trap.

"Oh come on!" Naruto shouted as waved his arms frantically upside down.

Meanwhile in hiding, Sakura and Sasuke watched on in eagerness.

'What was that, a solid clone? We were never taught that at the academy, Naruto just how strong are you?' Sakura mused.

'Hn, loser he should have at least expected a second trap, him being a prankster and all, but still he got good moves he forced Kakashi to substitute like that'. Sasuke thought.

Kakashi strode over to the hanging Narutos still reading his book.

"It was a good effort to expect the first trap but a ninja must see beneath the underneath," he lectured picking up his bell.

Right then he plastered with shuriken and kunai, once again turning into a log. Naruto check around for Kakashi's chakra before cutting himself down with kunai and ordered his clone to do the same.

"Alright we need a plan...Grumble... but first we need some food," Naruto groaned with a face the screamed famished.

"hey boss, I smell some food over by the clock," Naruto sniffed himself to confirm.

"good work lets get us some-

"Hold it if you get that food you will undoubtly fail this test."

'wha? But your the one who told me to break rules in first place sensei,'

"I know brat, but this is one rules you shouldn't break send your clone out of the training area and get food from the village he won't expect that."

'Hey that's good plan,' Kurama simply huffed at his naïve host.

"Alright you go into town and grab some Ichiraku," Naruto ordered handing him his frog wallet.

The clone saluted and ran off, after a few seconds Naruto got memory of Kakashi dispelling it soon as made it outside the grounds.

'Darn it, what do I do now?'

" hmm try the summoning justu,"

'What good will that do if my clone could get out?'

"because unlike you the fox clan excels suppressing their scent and chakra, your good at infiltration but they're better.

Naruto nodded at this new information and bit his thumb and form the hand seals, he tried to muster up enough chakra to summon that Honta fox again, he seemed dependable Alas when the smoke cleared it revealed Tsuki and Yuki.

"Sup boss up for some major pranking today," Tsuki greeted.

"now is it the time for that he probably needs us now," she said with a sense of urgency.

"Oh come this is boss were talking about he always summons us for a good prank," Tsuki chimed.

Which was true he always summoned the kit twins to pull some of his more difficult pranks.

"Yuki's right I do need you guys to do something important," Naruto said.

Tsuki huffed in slight annoyance, while Yuki listen attentively.

"Need you get me some food," Naruto said as stomach grumbled.

"what no way!" Tsuki answered.

"Tsuki, the one time boss needs us and you refuse?" Yuki scolded.

"why can't you just get yourself?"

"Because I can't leave here even if I tried, I really your help need please," Naruto pleaded to the kit.

"hmph... fine but you owe me," Tsuki blurted out.

"cool, anything you want," Naruto said desperately.



"Fine I'll hold you to it,"

"okay, I need you to find my wallet and go to Ichiraku's you remembered where it is?"

"we don't need to know, we can just smell around for it," Tsuki snidely replied causing Naruto to groan impatiently.

"Anything else you need boss," Yuki asked.

Naruto was about say no when thought about yesterday at Ichiraku's, it wasn't really that bad maybe he could help them as well.

'Gah what am I thinking, I could Sakura out no problem but Sasuke, ughh,'

After a short mental debate with himself he decided to give up and his conscience get the better of him.

"get one two rice balls with a tomato, small shrimp ramen, along with the usual,"he sighed

"How are we suppose to carry all this stuff?" Tsuki complained.

Naruto tossed a small scroll over to them,Yuki quickly understood.

"You know how to use it don't you?" Naruto asked.

"of course we just pour some chakra to activate the array right," Yuki answered, Naruto nodded.

"Alright Tsuki let's go," Yuki said enthusiastically.

"And watch for a man with silver hair," Naruto added as the kits ran off.

"only thing left to do now is find Sakura, ugh and Sasuke." He muttered and walked off.

Naruto wasn't by any means the best sensor but he could tell where people were depending on the distance, he came across Sakura who passed out, but upon closer inspection she was under a genjustu, Naruto place his hand on her should and disrupted her chakra flow. She immediately shot up and saw Naruto standing over with an unusual grin almost looking bishonen which was a really creepy look for him,causing her shriek and punch him in the face.

"Oww! what was for?" Naruto yelled.

"You idiot, only Sasuke can get that close to me!" she exclaimed and then she thought about something. "Sasuke," she darted off or would have if Naruto didn't grab her wrist.

"why you- lemme go idiot,"

"The bastard's this way come on," said gesturing her over in the opposite direction.

"how can you tell?!"

"I'm a sensor," Sakura looked at Naruto with hesitation and wonder evident in her eyes.

'just how many more times will Naruto surprise me.' She pondered.

"Ok, fine I swear if this is some kind of trick Naruto!" Jerking him by his collar.

"It isn't honest," Naruto panicked.

They made it to Sasuke when silver hair jonin just left, Sasuke was buried up to his neck, Naruto only laughed at the sight, and Sakura fainted thinking that Sasuke was nothing more than a severed head.

"Hey loser stop laughing and help me," Sasuke sneered,

"And why should I do that I could leave you in this hole and get the bells myself,"Naruto snidely replied.

"hmpf figure you would do that, afraid of a little competition? Besides you couldn't beat him any way since I couldn't," Sasuke muttered the last part and grimaced.

"Fine I'll beat you and him and take those bells," on that note Sakura had awoken to their bickering.

"Finally, can you dig me out of this hole? I need someone competent to do it since the loser can't." Sasuke asked, causing her to faint again.

"so annoying, can... you... help... me?... Naruto? " Sasuke groaned.

"I'm sorry what that I could have sworn you asked me to help you, but I'm too much of an incompetent loser to do so," Naruto chided.

"I'm... sorry.., now...please help me," Sasuke gritted his teeth keep himself from calling Naruto a loser.

"Meh you could do better asking, but I'm not looking for miracles," Naruto joked as he pulled out a kunai and dug in.

With in a few minutes Naruto dug him out, Sakura was up and happy that was Sasuke's fine and not decapitated, Sasuke started to walk away looking the silver hair jonin only for Naruto to stop him.

"Move it loser," Sasuke said trying to move the blonde.

"where are you going?" Naruto said as he gripped his shirt.

"to pass this test what else? I almost got one of the bells," Sasuke finally shoving him out of his way.

"Sasuke even at your prime you couldn't those bells alone," Sasuke turned around glared at Naruto's statement.

"Naruto shut up, Sasuke can definitely get one of those bells," Sakura supported him.

"I didn't say he couldn't do it, just not on his own," Naruto stated.

"You're suggesting we work together to get the bells, why so could sneak off with one?" Sakura snidely asked, Naruto shook his head.

"how about the person who makes a plan to get the bells keeps one, while the other two fight for the last spot sound far?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke looked at his "team" he smirked he knew he was going to get the spot, between Sakura and the loser fighting he knew he was better. Just then kits had appeared yuki with a scroll in her mouth and Tsuki with his frog wallet.

Naruto took both items, Sasuke and Sakura wondered what they were doing here.

"is that all boss?" Yuki asked politely.

"yeah you guys can go now," Naruto ordered, yuki nodded and tsuki yawned as 'poofed' back.

Naruto unsealed the contents of the scroll to reveal 12 bowls with different flavored ramen as well as two rice balls, a tomato and small bowl shrimp ramen. Sakura was nearly drooling over the scent of food, Sasuke looked indifferent but ever once in while eyes shift nervously towards the food.

"well what are you guys waiting for dig in!" Naruto already digging into the first bowl.

"Wait this for us!... do you honest expect us to fall for that?" Sakura exclaimed thinking she was on to something.

"falth fof whath?" Naruto asked as he stopped midway into the bowl.

"you re trying to poison to get the bells, you used the things we ate late night to temp us!" Sakura explained.


"What? I don't know much about poison, unless you count stink-bombs, and I only got this stuff because I don't know what you guys really like." Naruto casually explained after finally swallowing.

"and you just expect us to eat this out the goodness of your heart? In the middle of a test where we're pitted against each other?" Sasuke asked not convinced , Naruto sheepishly scratched his head.

"well yeah, I definitely want Sakura and I to be on the same team but, I want kick your ass on equal ground so eat." Naruto pointed indignantly at Sasuke both Sasuke and Sakura were surprised at how naïve that sounded but were still on alert.

"ugh, if you want I'll trade you my order with both of yours, it's that or you can watch me eat it all in front of you," Naruto deadpanned on the last statement, Sakura and Sasuke stomachs seemed to growl in protest.

Later 5 minutes til noon in forest training ground Seven

'Hmm it looks times almost up, and these rookies will be sent back to the academy,' Kakashi thought reading.

Abruptly, Kakashi had to dodge a giant fireball hurling at a swift pace, he leaped on to high branch almost instantly three kunai with paper bombs attached hit the trunk near where he was standing, he leaped as they exploded but didn't expect the power of the blast, it knocked him several yards back, he rolled as he hit the ground and quickly got to his feet as several smaller fireballs were aiming for him, once again forcing him to jump out of harm's way. He nearly triggered a wire trap, he managed to skipped over it, but caught the other discreetly hidden in dirt, causing paper-bomb kunais to rain down on him. He used a substitution to escape back into the trees, again a large fireball was hurled at him, he jumped to a lower branch narrowly escaping but was blown away by yet another a volley of paper-bombs that knocked him to the ground.

'it can't one assailant they're working together perhaps? They're pretty relentless for some hungry genin' Kakashi thought getting to his feet.

Kakashi looked cautiously around for his students when smells the two scents closing on him.

"Well it seems like your working together despite being the fact the there are only two bells," Kakashi casually stated turning to see Naruto and Sasuke.

"hn, lets just say we've figure out a solution," Sasuke said pointing his finger out behind Kakashi.

He looks behind to play their little game, but what he seen shocked him Sakura tied to a tree, with dirt and several bruises on her face and body. Her eyes slowly fluttered open giving an exhausted look.

"K-Ka-Kakashi sensei." she said weakly.

'What's going I thought they were working together,' Kakashi thought.

"We decided to just get rid of the extra baggage and take the bells ourselves," Naruto in creepy gleeful tone.

"After all she is the weakest one here," he finished grimly.

Kakashi was good at not showing his emotion which was good thing for them, because on the inside he was livid. He place his hand over his hidden eye.

"Alright but since you two are taking me on together allow me take it up a no-Jingle jingle

'What but when did they,' he quickly turned around to see Sakura happily claim both bells.

"Way to go Sakura I knew your plan would work believe it," Naruto cheered.

" Alright loser stop stalling and get over here it time to settles this," Sasuke getting into a fighting stance, Naruto glared and then smiled getting into a fighting stance of his on against Sasuke.

"Wait a second what's going on here?" Kakashi asked completely left out.

"Well Naruto suggested we work together to get the bells who ever came up with a plan to get both bells would hold one and the other two fight out for the last bell." Sakura summarized looking onward at their fight.

Kakashi was positively grinning from the inside of his mask, 'they figured it out, but let's test out that they have,' "that's enough you two."Naruto and Sasuke stopped mid fight.

"fighting won't solve who gets the bells, since Sakura has both them she will decide who stays, right now,"

At that statement, Naruto started to leave the when sense something being tossed to him, he caught it, it was a bell! He looked over to see that Sasuke had one to.

'But that means,' Naruto knew what came next.

"Sakura I- I can't accept this your the one who came up with the plan, you can finally be on a team with the bastard," Naruto trying to force the bell back into her hands.

She smiled and shook her head, "Naruto you blockhead, without you we would have never come this close in the first place, beside you and Sasuke's skills are beyond mine, I need to hone more of my skills as a kunoichi,"

"hn if that's the case I might as well go back to," Naruto and Sakura we're both shocked that Sasuke would say something like that.

"What?! Your rookie of year why would you need to go back?!" Naruto angrily blurted out.

"because today I found how little that title means," Sasuke seethed still disappointed with his performance when he fought Kakashi.

"well since neither of you can figure who leaves I will decide." Kakashi interuppted their quarrel.

The three student look at each other and then had a mixture sadness, disappointment, and anger on their faces.

"you all pass," the jonin grinned.

"What, wait a minute I thought only two of us could pass," Sakura said.

"oh, did I actually say that, I said the one without a bell would be sent back to the academy, I didn't say that you couldn't share the bells. The answer to this test was teamwork, it was made to pit you against each other." Kakashi said in matter-of-fact tone.

"Wait, so Naruto, you knew this the whole time?" Sakura asked getting a new-found appreciation for the blonde.

"Y-Yeah I t-totally knew it was t-teamwork since the beginning, b-believe it " Naruto lied constantly sweating bullets.


'He really didn't know at all!' Sasuke and Sakura thought unison a sweat-drop forming on the back of their heads

"You genin were the first to actually pass my exam on first attempt, the others listened to what I said and failed. The real test is what you did just now, you ignored your own self-interest and goals for the sake the team, follow me.

The one eyed jonin led them to a stone slab names inscribed on it.

"what is this Kakashi sensei?" Naruto said looking at the slab.

"all shinobi whose name is placed here is recognized as a hero to village."

"That's so cool, my name's gonna be on there next wait and see,"

"I hope not or at least not to soon, these shinobi died in action. My best friends name is here as well."

Naruto chipper expression turned somber when he heard that as did the Sasuke and Sakura.

"A shinobi who doesn't follow the rules is scum, you were all taught this much I assume." The three genin gently nodded their heads.

But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum, that's the lesson you learned today," Kakashi lectured on.

"this guy's actually pretty cool," Naruto smiled, Sakura nodded, and Sasuke 'hned' they shared his opinion as well,

"Team seven starts their official duties as shinobi tomorrow! Now lets eat." Kakashi said with a nice guy pose.

"Umm sensei? We already ate thanks to Naruto," Sakura chimed, making Kakashi rather baffled.


The next Morning

"time to start my official duties as ninja." Naruto as he yawed and stretched of bed.

"just one problem though... where the hell am I!?"

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