In recent events, I find myself reflecting on this fic and wondered " Is this fic the best I can give?" Sad to say it is not, so leaving to any author that feels they can finish what I myself could not. Aside from self-disappointment, I've run out inspiration to continue had this story still been fresh as the day I conceived it this might not have been the case so my procrastination is to blame as well, my apologies to readers who were and still are following the story, but fear not I won't leave you high and dry I still have some ideas rolling around in my noggin to share with you all. Not your typical self-insert a project I'm excited to see come to fruition a multi-universe crossover epic that starts in the naruto universe, and goes in a mad dance of tangents. Era: Age of Supermen one I have been working on for quite some time set in mankind's imminent future where people develop superpowers due to evolution and how society is made deal with it as a whole, (Think Heroes and X-men without a safety net organization like the Paper company, or Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters)