Author's Note

Disclaimer: Hey everyone! Just popping in to say I don't own Heroes or Resident Evil, or any of the characters associated with them. I don't even own the Blue Queen, because she's too heavily based on the Red Queen for me to take credit. I may pop out a few OCs, but that won't be until much later, and I will reiterate the disclaimer then.

This takes place just before shit gets real with the government tracking and imprisoning specials. Let's just say that I extended the timeline a bit to make this fit in between. If I decide to continue on this at any point, the universe gets continuously AU, diverging more and more.

Warnings: Rated M for violence, gore, language, and explicit descriptions. This is also Petlar, but it's secondary at this point. If you don't like this type of stuff, this is your last chance to turn back. Just hit the back button, find a different crossover, something light and fluffy and safe. I won't blame you. I creeped myself out just writing the notes to this thing.

But if you do read, please review. I like to know what you guys think, and your opinions and comments are fuel for the fire. Like a character? Drop me a line! Didn't like a scene? Tell me why!

Brownies for reading past this point...Love you guys! Enjoy!