"Maura!" Jane is whining and she doesn't care; "Leave that for Chang! It's time to go!"

Maura glances at Jane over the body on the table; "Stop whining. I will be done shortly. The Cape isn't breaking off and floating away." Jane stomps her foot in protest; "We have been planning this for months. We packed the car last night. We just need to leave. Walk out and not look back for three days. Please. I want to lay on the beach and drink beer. I want you in a bikini. Callie and Arizona are already there!" Jane lets out a huff of air as she walks over the a cleared autopsy table and hoists herself up to sit on it.

"You want me in a bikini and I want to finish closing this victim." Maura says pausing, arm extended as she pulls tightly on a stitch. Looking up at Jane, she narrows her eyes; "But neither of us are getting what we want." Jane shoots her a sarcastic smile; "Fine. I'll shut up." Maura raises an eyebrow and looks back down; "You said it, not me." Jane crosses her arms over her chest in faux protest and dangles her legs back and forth. Jane is annoyed. She is thirsty and annoyed and she wants her girlfriend in a bikini and wants to see her friends and- "Ugh! They are already on the beach with mimosa's. They are sending me pictures. I hate them."


Forty-five minutes later they are finally arriving at Boston Harbor and Jane is breaking into a sweat; "Who packs this much for three days?" Maura smirks as she watches Jane pull each suitcase out of the trunk; "What is even in here? Is this one just shoes?" she asks as she rolls the suitcase to the side of the car, propping it up against it. Maura shrugs; "Shoes make an outfit."

Jane lets out an exasperated sigh; "Maura, sweetie. It's the beach. All you need is flip flops." she says and secures her duffle bag on her shoulder; "Everything I need is right here." Jane pats her bag; "It's the beach. It's simple."

"I packed flip-flops. But they are hardly dinner attire." Maura says, pulling up on the suitcase handle and walking towards the pier; "Says you." is all she hears from behind her.


Maura is standing at the railing of the ferry. She is looking off at the horizon and for a moment all the noise of Boston is left behind. She needs need this, and glancing around the deck she see's women, varying in ages, some alone, some talking amongst friends, some in the embrace of each other.

She is brought back to her thoughts when she feels an arm wrap around her waist and a kiss on her cheek. She smiles and rests her hand on top of Jane's, which is holding a beer. Jane's cheek is pressed against her's and they look off at the sea together silently for a moment, watching the sun move lower and lower in the sky; "Brought you a margarita. They don't have the best wine selection for a ferry." Jane says, handing her the drink; "I may have stolen some salt." and she takes another pinch off the rim. Maura lets out a small chuckle; "We will be there soon. Callie is picking up at the harbor." She can feel Jane bounce on the balls of her feet; "I know. You're excited to see your "bro"." Maura makes the point with air quotes, and Jane laughs.

Stepping beside her, Jane takes a long drink of her beer and looks around; "There's a whole lotta' ladies on this boat." Maura nods; "Well, it is Provincetown." Jane narrows her eyes; "Yeah, but these are like baby dyk-" She is cut off by a slap on her arm; "Jane!" Holding her arm, Jane feigns being hurt and takes another sip of her beer; "All I'm saying is we are adults and those-" pointing her thumb over her shoulder; "are kids."

Maura rolls her eyes and brings the straw to her lips, pulling in a large mouthful of margarita, only she is caught off guard; because that isn't margarita as much as it is straight up tequila with a hint of lime; "Oh my god." she brings her hand to her chest and lets out a cough, "That is a little too strong." Jane takes the cup from her hand and puts down her empty beer bottle; "More for me." and finishes the drink in a gulp as the ferry pulls into the harbor.


Callie leaning against the hood of the car when she sees Jane first making her way down the loading ramp; duffle bag haphazardly hanging off her shoulder, trailing a suitcase behind her; "Jane!" she is waving her hands above her head and jumping up and down and looks like a fool but Callie Torres has no fucks to give because her best friend is here. "Callie! Callie! Callie!" Jane is running full force towards her, suitcase left behind, causing Maura to almost trip over it and kill her and half of the people exiting behind her.

Double low high five and a solid chest bump and it's like the years between since the last time they saw each other didn't exist. "GAH! I've missed you!" Jane hadn't been able to make it out to the wedding or for Sophia's christening because of the shooting. "Where's Maura?" Jane's eyes widen and her back straightens as she turns on her heels and see's a very frustrated Maura Isles dragging two suitcases down the loading ramp; "There. Be right back." and Jane trots to help her girlfriend; "I'm sorry" she says taking a suitcase from her; "I'm sorry, I got excited and the tequila went to my head, and Jesus, are you sure you didn't pack bodies in these things?" Maura leans into Jane, bumping her with her shoulder; "Callie!" Maura exclaims, hugging her; "So good to see you!" Callie smiles; "Jesus woman, you got bodies in those bags?" Jane shoots her a smile and nods vigorously.

Putting the suitcases in the trunk and getting into the car, Callie slaps her hands together; "Let's get drunk."

"Already on my way!" Jane says from the back seat, and all Maura can really do is laugh, because she can already see where the night is heading with these two. And she is happy. Happy that they have such amazing friends and happy that they can all spend this weekend together relaxing and catching up; "Arizona started dinner. The house is stocked with booze. We are all set."


"Holy fuck. This is our place?" Jane's face is pressed against the window. The condo is huge, joined to another by a garage; "Right. That's the same thing I said. How long have you had this place, Maura?" Callie asks, parking the car. "A little over five years. I rarely come down to the Cape anymore, so I've been renting it out mostly."

Walking in the door, Jane drops the suitcase; "This living room is the size of my first apartment." Pushing passed her, Callie smacks Jane on the back of the head lightly; "Move." Maura smiles, and places her hand on Jane's shoulder; "Three floors. Two master baths. Four bedrooms. Patio connected to the master bedroom." Callie breaks off her kiss with Arizona in the kitchen; "WHICH WE CALLED. You took too long."

Jane shrugs her shoulders and walks towards the kitchen; "Whatever. I could sleep in the driveway and be happy. This place is too damn nice. Hey!" Jane says as she gives Arizona a hug. Arizona leans into the hug and plants a light kiss on Jane's cheek and smacks her hand as Jane tries for a spaghetti noodle; "Ah. No. Get me a glass of wine." Jane smiles and turns, opening a cabinet; "A glass for me too, please." Maura says as she walks by, suitcase in hand and heading to their room.


Upstairs Maura is putting the last of her clothes away in the drawers when she feels Jane's arms slip around her waist; "This is awesome." and Maura sways in her arms as she feels Jane trail kisses from her ear to her neck; she turns in the embrace and kisses Jane; "You taste like tequila." Jane shrugs; "It's vacation. Callie made me do it." Maura smiles and gives her one last quick kiss; "Let's go eat."


Arizona is gushing about Sophia and how big she has gotten and the work the hospital is doing with the children in Africa; "Maura, it's amazing. These little kids, they don't understand anything you're saying, but you can just see it in their eyes: They know you are going to make them better and save them." And Maura is glued to the conversation while Jane and Callie cheers another shot. Suddenly thumping music from the basement silences them. Jane bites into her lime and shoots Callie a questioning look; "The fuck?" she says as she turns and heads down the stairs, Callie on her heels.

Through the garage door they can hear voices and music, and when they open the door it's like being hit in the face with how loud it is. Women, 'No.' Jane looks around, girls are spread out and in the middle of the garage is a beer pong table. A small girl with a popped collar and sideways trucker hat greets them; "Hey! You must be the neighbors!" Jane and Callie just look at each other; "Yeah. Neighbors. Uh, what is going on down here?" Jane asks, making a swirling motion with her hand, beside her another girl with a faux hawk is handing Callie a beer; "Pre-gaming. It's Memorial Day weekend." The smaller girl says, taking a sip of her beer; "It's lesbian Homecoming."

Jane blinks and looks over to Callie who drinking her beer and she shrugs her shoulders. Looking back at the girl, Jane snatches the beer from her hand and eyes her suspiciously; "How old are you?" the girl snatches back her beer; "Old enough." Jane narrows her eyes and puts her hands on her hips, tapping the badge there and takes back the bottle; "How old are you?" she punctuates the words to make her point. The girl looks down, then back up and puts her hands her hips and cocks her head; "Twenty-two." Jane hands her back the bottle; "Just turn the music down, alright?" Jane turns on her heels and Callie follows; "Ok, mom."

Callie stops in her tracks and grabs Jane by the belt loop, pulling her back through the door; "Oh hell no. Listen here little girl." Jane tries to suppress a grin, and brings her finger to her lips; "She asked you to turn it down. The adults over here-" motioning between her and Jane; "are asking you nicely." The girl cocks her head, and takes the beer out of Callie's hand, leaving her momentarily shocked, then pursing her lips together and clenching her fist she takes a step forward; "Girl-" Jane steps in front of her; "Look, we are just over there having dinner, talking and having a good time. Just lower it, alright?"

The girl rolls her eyes; "Whatever. Don't want to cut into your sleep." she says glancing at her watch. "It's passed ten, don't wanna keep you up." Jane's eyes widen; "Did she just call us old?" Callie chimes in from behind, equally shocked; "I think so." Jane replies and turning her head towards Callie, she never breaks eye contact with the girl in front of her; "Go get us beer. I want to kick her ass in beer pong." Callie smiles and pats her friend on the back; "Be right back."


Upstairs Callie is walking quickly through the kitchen; "What's going on?" Arizona asks, filling hers and Maura's wine glasses; "Nothing, just gonna kick some kids ass at beer pong. Wanna be our cheering section?"

Maura perks up, "What is beer pong?" she looks back and forth between Arizona and Callie; "Oh lord. Let's go." Callie says, clutching the beer bottles close to her chest and heading back downstairs.


Maura is dumbfounded. It's like a frat party in her garage, and she wasn't sure if she had ever seen more cargo shorts and popped collars in one place. Her and Arizona stand behind Callie and Jane while they line and fill up their cups; "What is the point of the game?" Jane glances over her shoulder; "I get your ball in the other teams cup, and get drunk in the process. Each time you get a ball in their cup they have to drink it. Once they are all out of cups, you win." Maura nods her head slowly then looks at Arizona; "Why is this happening?"

"Because they called us old." Callie says, a little louder than expected and Jane nods, a serious look on her face. A crowd begins to form around the table, and trucker hat girl and faux hawk girl take their places at the end of the table; "House rules. Fingering, no blowing. Only three re-racks and no rebuttals."

Jane waves her hand; "Whatever."

"Eye to eye for who goes first." Jane squares her shoulders and makes eye contact with faux hawk and throws. Jane's ball clips the cup. But faux hawk has made it dead on.

Splash. Right in her center cup. Jane looks down and frowns; "Drink up." Jane begrudgingly takes the cup and gulps the beer down and takes a step back towards Callie, her lips still to the cup; "I don't know what any of those rules mean." she whispers. Callie looks just as confused.

"Fingering implies that if the ball is circling inside of the cup, you can scoop it out before it falls in. Re-racks have to happen per request before your teams takes its turn and if a ball makes it in your last cup you cannot call rebuttals in an attempt to save your team by making it back in the opposing teams cup." Callie, Jane and Arizona look at Maura; "What? Google." she says waving her phone and looking between them before taking a sip of her wine.

"Alright. Lets do this." Callie says craning her neck back and forth. Trucker hat takes her shot and misses. Jane catches the ball before it bounces off the table; and gives Callie a nod as she rolls back her shoulders to throw. And it's in; "Bam. Suck it." Callie says looking dead at faux hawk and trucker hat as she low double high fives her friends and aggressively chest bumps Jane. Walking over to Arizona, she places a light kiss on her cheek, and takes her wine glass, taking a sip. Jane is aiming and tosses the ball. It's in. And Maura and Arizona high five each other.

"Gimme back my balls." Jane smirks. Faux hawk and trucker hat look surprised as they roll the balls back across the table. As Callie comes beside her, she taps her on the shoulder; "We got this."

Only, they don't. Because they are down to three cups and haven't taken out any of faux hawk and trucker hats cups since their first round. Callie sent Arizona away to get the tequila and is resorting to nervously taking swigs directly from the bottle. And Jane can't stop rubbing her hands over her face in frustration.

"That's it. Let us try." Maura says, taking Arizona's arm and pushing between Callie and Jane. Taking the bottle from Callie's hand, Maura takes a drink and then passes it to Arizona who takes a drink too. Jane and Callie look at each other, dumbfounded, and step away from the table.

"Oh, great. The wives to the rescue." Faux hawk chimes sarcastically, but is quickly silenced when Maura's ball lands in the cup in front of her. She smiles as she steps to the side for Arizona, who makes it in the same cup; "Drink up."


Jane and Callie watch in amazement as their Maura and Arizona make quick work of their tormentors; "Oh my god." Jane says, slacked jawed, taking a drink from the tequila bottle and handing it to Callie; "Yeah, no shit."

Arizona turns and beams proudly as faux hawk drinks the last cup; "Owned it." she says walking towards Callie and placing a kiss on her lips on her stunned wifes lip; "I'll fucking say." Maura smiles as she comes up beside Jane and wraps her arm around her waist; "Has the questioning of her age been properly avenged?" Jane's brain is swimming in the warm waters of Jose Cuervo as she nods touches her head to Maura's; without looking she raises her hand and Callie rewards her with a high five as she kisses Arizona lightly.

"To bed!" Jane cheers, standing up straight, raising the tequila bottle to the ceiling; and taking Maura's she heads towards the garage door; "Keep the music down, or so help me I'll make them come back down here and kick your ass again." Callie and Arizona follow suite, and as Callie turns to close the door, the stunned group looks on as she flips them double birds.