The Department of mysteries had been both the most amazing day, and worst for Harry. He defeated Voldemort once and for all, ensuring the safety of all those he loved. But too late for one, his beloved godfather, who died moments before. He wasn't sure he would ever get the image out of his mind, of the death of his beloved godfather. The man should have been free, and Harry would have finally had a home. He returned to school, surrounded by people celebrating the end of the war. He didn't begrudge them the happiness, and he was happy too. But he suddenly had no idea where he was going and what would happen with him now. He had been counting on a life with Sirius, and now was alone.

The day he was to leave for the summer, he had been summoned to the headmaster's office. Remus had remained at school, and had sworn to Harry he was suing for custody of him, and prayed he would be allowed.

Harry was confused when he found Severus and Lucius. Lucius was a spy and his wife had been kissed. "Why are they here sir?"

Albus motioned him to sit. "Harry, some interesting things have come up with the reading of Sirius' will."

Harry sunk into a chair. "What sir?"

Albus sighed. "Sirius named you heir to his extensive fortune and title."

Remus nodded. "He did when Harry was born."

Harry didn't care. "I already have the Potter money."

Albus looked at Severus. "I think it best you explain."

Harry looked at his hated teacher. "What does he have to do with anything?"

Severus grunted. "I have been named your guardian."

Harry was shocked. "Why? How?"

Remus stepped in. "I am his godfather."

Severus shot Remus a look and reminded him. "And I am Harry's Uncle."

Harry was confused. "No. You can't be. My dad had no brothers."

Severus sighed. "But your mother did."

Harry was really confused. "My mother only had a sister, Petunia."

Remus was the one who said. "Lily was adopted."

He hadn't known until after his mother had died. His father had revealed it in a drunken rage, and his Great Aunt had admitted the truth. His mother had born twins, Severus and his sister. Tobias had learned Eileen had an affair, with a young wizard, she knew from her school days. A test was done in utero, and confirmed the twins had different fathers. It was rare, but possible with fraternal twins. Tobias forced his wife to give up the little girl. Eileen believed she had been given to her father, but her own father Axel had sent the child away. He was ashamed of both his daughter's marriage, and her affair with a pure blood lord. Affairs were common enough, but usually the men, Axel had plenty of them. Lily was adopted by the Evans family, not knowing the truth. Unlike her twin, Lily was a pureblood, and of two old families.

Severus informed Harry he could add the extensive Prince fortune to his list, and the title. Severus' Uncle had died without a child. Severus gained a small portion, but as Lily was a pureblood, her son got the bulk.

Harry's head was spinning. "My grandfather?"

That was where it got interesting. "Orion."

Harry was confused. "Orion? As in Orion Black? Siri's dad?"

Severus nodded. "Orion and my mother were once in love. Their families refused to let them marry, and my mother married Tobias."

Harry's head was spinning. "Siri was my Uncle? Did he know?"

Severus nodded. "It is how we learned. He wanted to name you his heir, when you were born."

Albus confirmed. "The goblin would have informed him."

Remus admitted. "He told me. He had planned to do a blood rite."

Harry didn't understand. "He wanted to blood adopt me?"

Remus shook his head. "No, just enough to leave you his title."

Albus finished. "He was informed Harry already was a Black. Though Lily was illegitimate….."

Remus finished for him. "If both Sirius and his brother died without children, Lily could claim it."

Eileen and Wallburga were pregnant at the same time, Eileen gave birth first. It would have caused a scandal, if it got out about Lily. Lily was a month older than Sirius, and though a bastard, Orion's eldest child. The laws had only changed with this generation, but allowed a first born daughter to inherit. It didn't apply with Lucretia, who never had kids anyways. Sirius and Regulus being legitimate would have had first claim, but old bloods were all about names. And they were all about proper marriages as well, another reason Harry was there.

Harry looked at Lucius. "Why is he here? Is he some family I don't know about?"

Severus shook his head. "It's about your marriage."

Harry stared at him agape. "Marriage?"

Lucius grunted. "Arcturus signed a contract, to supply the Malfoy lord with a spouse."

Harry pointed out. "Narcissa. She was his niece but….."

Severus explained. "Unfortunately it requires two children."

Remus was confused. "Many old blood families only have one child."

Lucius agreed. "But the contract was meant to supply both the Black and Malfoys with an heir."

Harry was pale. "I am not the only….."

Lucius shook his head. "Tonks is a half blood, she doesn't count. None of the other Blacks are close enough."

Harry was sick. "You can keep my titles and money, I refuse."

Severus stopped him. "You'd face prison and when out, be stilled from your magic."

Harry was shaking. "You expect me to marry him?"

Lucius explained. "In fairness it can be Draco as well, and you don't have to wed till you are eighteen."

Harry was shaken, told he didn't have to bond, they could divorce after one child. It had been agreed, he would live with the Malfoys for the summer. Remus and Severus, who were both his guardians, would live with him. It would give him a chance to get to know the Malfoys, and hopefully make this better for him. Harry didn't think any amount of time would ever make this better.

Severus tried to make him look on the bright side. "Marriage to a Malfoy has to be better than dementors."

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