Harry loved being home with the twins, but had been happy to start teaching in the new term. His husband still helped with some classes, as they were both very hands on with the babies. He smiled as he watched his husband with the babies, and saw that like his son, Malfoy men seemed to be puddy for daughters. Abraxas and Lucius were both waiting, and Harry as well, for Draco to give birth. Harry had to choke though, it was hard enough being a step-grandfather, and he was to add step-great grandfather to the list. The baby was more like a nephew though, as he was Draco's age, and he and Fred were brothers in all but blood. The third Weasley-Malfoy baby was set to make their entrance, and everyone was excited to find out what the baby would be. With Elena and Prewett, there was already one of each, but most bets were on a little boy this time.

Harry was in Scotland on the Saturday, when news arrived that Draco had gone into labor. The other Malfoys were in London, including his husband, but Harry had stayed for quidditch. The twins were with him, he had remained for quidditch, starting to help coach his old team.

Luna arrived down on the pitch. "Harry."

Harry looked up. "Hey Luna."

Luna kissed his cheek. "Your husband just sent a floo."

Harry was surprised. "Why did he floo you?"

Luna laughed. "He knew you'd be on the pitch."

Harry smiled. "My great-grandchild is on the way?"

Luna nodded. "The term growing on you?"

Harry smirked. "Not so much."

Luna motioned. "You should head to London."

Harry reminded her. "The twins are with the elves."

Luna assured him. "I will take them for the day."

Harry stopped. "Are you sure?"

Luna laughed. "Doubting my baby-sitting skills?"

Harry joked. "I don't know, you may try taking them on a Nargle hunt."

Luna was serious. "Not at least until they are six."

Harry just shook his head. "Are you sure?"

Luna kissed his cheek. "Neville and I need practice for our own."

Harry was happy to accept, and headed for the gates. Luna was a born mum, and learned recently, she was expecting. She worked for her dad, but also had studied to be a magic zoologist, and often helped Charlie and Hagrid. Her and Neville were excited, and already asked Harry to be godfather. Luna was not upset she had not been named for the twins, and she doted endlessly on them, happy to be Aunty Luna. Harry reminded her, he might not be back that night, but Luna had no problem. She and Neville would stay in Harry's suites if so, so the babies were at home.

Harry found all the Malfoys and Weasleys already at the hospital, even most of the kids. The family kept expanding, and Molly would be kept busy knitting, happy when the next baby was announced. Hermione and Penny would add again soon, Ginny the only one without a child.

Abraxas saw him. "Where are the twins?"

Harry kissed him. "Hello to you too."

Abraxas laughed. "Sorry, I am just surprised."

Harry assured him. "Luna and Neville are practicing."

Abraxas shook his head. "As long as she doesn't take them on any hunts."

Harry snorted. "She assured me, not till they are six."

Lucius came over. "We should be able to go in soon."

Charlie laughed at his husband. "I have never seen him so anxious."

Harry reminded Charlie. "His first grandchild, and yours."

Charlie shook his head. "I guess I know how you feel. My step-grandchild, as well as niece or nephew."

Molly smiled. "I never imagined on this many Malfoys."

Arthur agreed. "One of our sons was a shock."

Harry shrugged. "They do grow on you."

A nurse came out. "You can come in now."

George was at the lead. "I can't wait to see."

Harry went with his husband. "Four generations of Malfoys."

Abraxas shared his amazement. "And three to go to school together."

Draco and Fred were in bed together, and they were all anxious to see the baby. Like Harry and Abraxas, the two had never found out the sex. They had said it from the start, but had faltered from time to time, but kept true to their word. No one was surprised, when they saw the baby, to see that Draco had given birth to a little boy. He had said once, that Malfoys had sons first, and it seemed he proved his own words true.

Molly had a huge smile. "Another grandson."

Lucius was as pleased. "My first."

Fred looked at his twin. "We hope you will share the honors with Blaise as godfather."

George laughed. "I better be."

Harry pouted. "Should I be hurt?"

Draco smirked. "You are already great-grandpa."

Arthur took his new grandson. "Red hair."

Charlie laughed. "At least he escaped the freckles."

Fred shrugged. "I think his best characteristic. Besides your two have strawberry blond."

Draco agreed with his husband. "I quite like the look."

Abraxas shared a smile with his husband. "We may have to disinherit, the red headed Malfoy lords have come true."

Harry elbowed his husband. "I think we will just have to keep this one."

Bill asked. "What is the third Weasley-Malfoy named?"

Draco did the honors. "We have named our son Ambrose James Malfoy."

Ambrose had been chosen from Arthurian legend, but a Roman name, for both their families. Ambrose came from the name of Uther's brother, high king before him, and Uncle of Arthur. Fred and Draco had decided since two dads, not to use one of theirs, as a middle name. They had considered a grandfather, and in a way they had. They were reminded what a close friend Harry was to both, and how he helped set them up and later propose. They had used his middle name, and not his first, to honor step-great grandpa Harry.

Draco shot him a look. "Should be enough to get you to forget about not being named a godfather."

Ten years later…The family was gathered together at the Malfoy home on the coast. Over the years Harry and his husband used the Black one, where they had married. Lucius and Draco with their families, used this house, which one day would likely be Prewett's. The Malfoys had seven homes in the UK, and both Elena and Prewett would have a few. Lucius and Charlie had stopped at two, but Harry and Abraxas had a third, and Draco and Fred had a second. Elena and Cate remained the only girls, Draco and Fred having welcomed a second son, and Harry having a second. Because of new school rules, both Elena and the twins would start school in the fall. Everyone had wondered what Prewett would be, all Malfoys were Slytherins and all Weasleys were Gryffindors. It seemed he decided to break the mold, and was a Ravenclaw.

Harry smiled as he arrived with his husband and the kids. He had not celebrated his birthday here, since before they had married. He smiled to watch Cate and Teddy, and their brother who was about to turn eight, Felix Nicholas, playing on the beach.

Harry's eyes went to the cave. "Still not sure I'll ever go back."

Abraxas remembered. "He is your son in law."

Harry smirked. "Still don't want to relive those memories."

Abraxas pulled him in close. "We could make a few of our own."

Harry kissed him tenderly. "I have a few other places in mind."

Three groans came from the side. "Daddy and Father."

Harry turned. "Hey brats, watch it, or I will throw you in the waves."

Cate put her hands on her hips. "Oh get a room."

Abraxas motioned. "Get going before we remind you where yours is."

Teddy pulled his sister. "We have to go."

Cate nodded. "Before Prewett gets here."

Felix was bouncing. "Can I help?"

Harry lifted an eyebrow. "Can I ask what you three are up to?"

All three had a fake smile. "Nothing."

Abraxas shook his head. "Remember your brother would like his kids in one piece."

It seemed odd, the dynamics. Lucius was their brother, his children were their niece and nephew, and Draco's sons were their great nephews. Prewett being older than them, and already at school, made it even more unique. The kids were like cousins though, and were as close as the Weasley cousins, and were with their red headed cousins as well. Felix had Oliver and Luna as godparents, no Weasleys and no Weasley blood, but they were all members of the family. Ginny and Sean had been married five years, and now had two sons and a daughter. With their three Molly had seventeen grandchildren, not counting Harry's, eleven grandsons and six granddaughters.

Harry smiled as the kids explored He remembered when he and Draco spent the first summer there, and had fought. Their time working on being an animagus, had helped. It had also helped him and Abraxas grow closer together as well.

Abraxas noticed his husband laugh. "What is so funny?"

Harry smiled. "Thinking of the first summer."

Abraxas lifted an eyebrow. "What was so funny?"

Harry reminded him. "My birthday gift from your son."

Draco had appeared. "I never found it as funny."

Fred smirked. "You wouldn't have."

Harry shrugged. "You did end up learning."

Lucius shook his head. "Was not about to be showed up by you."

Draco agreed. "And ferrets have their good qualities."

Fred kissed his husband. "No longer worried they are like weasels?"

Draco snorted. "I happen to be married to quite a sexy one."

Harry groaned. "I am going to take a page from my children."

Severus appeared with his husband. "I see we are not too late."

Harry reminded his Uncle. "The party is not till tomorrow."

His birthday was not for another day, and the others would come then. The extended Weasley family, and his friends would come, to celebrate. But tonight was a family affair, and it was just the four generations of the Malfoy clan. And Harry's Uncles, who were not Malfoys, but they were long part of the dynamic. Harry had no idea how he would have gotten through those first months without them. Elena, Prewett, Ambrose and his brother Gideon Draco, were soon off playing with one another, as the adults spoke.

He was surprised before dinner when his husband took him up. "Where are we going?"

Abraxas smiled. "You'll see."

Harry smiled. "Haven't been in here in years."

Abraxas pointed. "A lot of good memories."

Harry noticed. "More than one painting is missing."

Abraxas nodded. "There is a section for first wives."

Harry had wondered. "Didn't burn it?"

Abraxas shook his head. "She was Lucius' mother."

Harry looked. "Odd not to see your own."

Abraxas kissed him. "A painter is working."

Harry laughed. "I guess you need a new one."

Abraxas added. "And you need one as well."

Harry looked at the wall. "I never thought to be happy by the prospect."

Abraxas turned him around to face him. "You are now, aren't you?"

Harry looked into his husband's eyes, and kissed him passionately, reminding him there was no doubt. He had thought marriage into the family was little better then prison, how wrong he had been. He loved not only his husband, but the family he gained, in Lucius and Draco as well. Copies would be made, so his painting would hang in Potter and Black homes as well. He still often spoke to Orion.

Harry touched the empty space where Abraxas' once hung. "I much prefer you in flesh and blood."

An: Hopefully a good end to the story. I hope you enjoyed, and looking for a new challenge.

Ambrose James: Ambrose (Latin) Immortal. Name of Ambrose Aurelius, a High King of Britain. He was said to be brother of Uther and Uncle of Arthur. Arthurian legend for the Weasleys, Latin for the Malfoys. James (English) supplanter. For Harry, who helped the two get together.

Gideon Draco: Gideon (Hebrew) warrior . Uncle that Fred was named in honor of in part, his middle. Draco (Latin) Dragon. Since first name was for Fred, middle they used Draco's name this time.

Felix Nicholas: Felix (Latin) joy. Latin names, often used as a title for emperors. Nicholas (Greek) victor. For Nicholas Flamel, an old friend of Abraxas. Mentioned earlier, he was the one who came up with the painting idea, as a way to counter the curse.