Hey guys! So this one is gonna be torture! *slaps head* Spoiler alert! Anyway, if any of you have read my other stories, this one is going to be quite similar to another one I wrote. Since I have a bad writer's block at the moment, I figured why not do this? Okay, here we go!

In the deep forest where it was gloomy and dark, down in the tunnel that led to Pitch Black's lair, Jack Frost sat in the corner of a dark room. He had his knees tucked up against his chest and his head was resting on the top of his knees. His staff wasn't beside him, in fact, Jack had searched the room but he couldn't find it. He felt like such an idiot. To think that five or ten minutes ago, he had been spreading snow days across villages of all countries only to be caught off guard by Pitch.


Jack was flying through the air like a magnificent hawk and flipped his staff here and there so frost and snow formed below him and he could hear the shrieks of delight from children. All of this made him smile. After all he was the Guardian of Fun but in Bunny's case, a little too fun sometimes.

The strong breeze ruffled Jack's blue hoodie and his white hair whipped against his crystal blue eyes. He hadn't felt this relieved and relaxed before. Having being believed in at last and becoming a Guardian, he finally felt satisfied with himself, now knowing his purpose and that he had made his first in a long, long time.

Suddenly, the blue sky above him started to fade and was replaced with dark clouds and the breeze that carried him went rough. Jack stopped flying and hovered in the air with his staff at the ready. Jack knew what would happen if he was late for another meeting and Bunny would have plenty to say to him. A shriek came from behind him and as he turned to face the sound, he felt something stir that made shudders run up his spine. Okay this was weird.

Jack was about to make his way out of this bad patch when something hit him square in the face and he cried out in surprise. He felt his staff slip out of his hand and whatever had hit him in the face was clinging to his eyes so he couldn't see a thing. Now he was falling since he couldn't fly without his staff and he was scrabbling at his face in desperation to get the thing off his face. As Jack was sure that this wouldn't go down well, something broke his fall and it felt soft as he fell into it but when his hand brushed against it, it felt scarily rough.

Jack then grabbed a fistful of the stuff and he felt it slip between his fingers and he then knew what it was. It was sand. This didn't feel at all like Sandy's sand but quite the opposite and his heart leapt into his throat. Even though he couldn't see, he felt a presence looming over him and just before he felt a fist coming to his head, he heard the voice that he never wanted to hear again. "Hello Jack, I hope you enjoy your nightmare." It was Pitch Black.

End Flashback

Next thing he knew was that he woke up in the room with no headache surprisingly and not a drop of blood.

The room Jack was in was fairly big and wide and it had torches hung up on the walls. The flames brought no comfort to Jack as he wasn't too fond of fire but that wasn't really bugging him. He was wondering why Pitch hadn't killed him when had the chance. Jack was powerless at the time. He couldn't see or fly so why had he had a blow to the head? Not that he was complaining or anything but he couldn't help wonder what Pitch was up to.

Then Jack heard the clanking of a lock the opposite side of him and he raised his head from his lap for he knew that it was Pitch who had come to taunt him. In walked Pitch with a gleeful smile on his face as he saw the youngest guardian before him.

It had been a simple task getting him here. Child's play really but he wasn't concentrating on that but what he had in store for Jack Frost. "Ah Jack, how nice to see you here" Pitch said and Jack looked at him with a death glare.

"How are you alive? We sent you to cower in your hell hole with your fearlings" Jack said and Pitch's smile dropped.

"Yes, you did but I didn't die as you probably hoped I did. There is always fear in the world Jack and when there is fear, there is always Pitch Black" Pitch told him but Jack didn't drop his glare. Personally, Jack didn't give a toss that he had come back and yes, he had hoped that he had seen the last of him before. Well he was obviously angry that he was back but he still didn't tell him why he was here but he didn't want to talk with him anyway.

"Get lost" Jack said with a scowl and Pitch looked as if he wanted to hit him in the face as Jack saw him grind his teeth together.

"As much as I want to hurt you, I cannot. You'll need your strength" Pitch said and he retreated from the room and the torches on the walls became brighter and Jack got to his feet as he knew something was going to happen. Now Jack could see Pitch standing behind a wall of glass so he could watch his every move. Next to Pitch was a control panel with different buttons and levers on it.

"Now Jack, I am going to ask you a question" Pitch said and now Jack felt cautious. Since when did Pitch ask questions? It was usually the other way around! "How much do the Guardians mean to you?" he asked and Jack Frost froze.

How much did the Guardians mean to him? They were like his family now, no, were his family. Even though they hadn't been with him for the last three hundred years, he felt like he fitted right in now and they all really cared about him and even Bunny was getting quite used to him now. Wait a minute. Why Pitch ask about them? If he had hurt any of them, then Jack would do something that would probably get him in prison if he was human. He would never forgive himself if anything happen to them.

"They mean the world to me" Jack answered and Pitch chuckled. "What's it to you?" he added.

"I thought so. Well now Jack, I have a deal for you" Pitch said and this surprised Jack. Since when did the boogieman make deals? This was new. "It's simple, you must go through four tests, one for each guardian and if you pass them all you and the guardians will go free" Pitch explained and he couldn't help but smile.

Jack thought about this, there has to be a catch. "What if I don't pass the tests?" he asked curiously and he knew he wasn't going to like the answer. Pitch raised a finger and moved it back and forth across his throat. Jack's breath caught in his throat; so if he didn't pass then his friends would die? Well that wasn't gonna happen!

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