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Now, that Jack was now back and responding well, the yetis and the Guardians had all left him to sleep in peace. North had suggested that Tooth, Bunny and Sandy should stay at the Pole for tonight so they could see Jack in the morning. Tooth had said yes without question, Sandy had nodded with a thumbs up and Bunny had nodded with a bright smile. He actually didn't mind staying in the Pole since he usually hated the cold weather.

It was now quite late in the evening and Bunny was lying on his bed in the guest room. The orange evening light split through the blinds of the room and shone onto Bunnymund with a warm but chilling touch. Bunny sighed as he stared up at the ceiling with his green forest eyes. He couldn't get those scarring screams out of his head.

He should have done something. He repeated the same thought over and over in his mind as the evening sun started to fade. The thought kept repeating itself in his mind, wracking him with guilt until he dozed off. He didn't even notice the freshly fallen snow starting to fall outside his window.

The next morning was bright and merry. The air was crisp and fresh with the smell of the coldness wafting around. The snow on his nose irritated him and yet he didn't want to brush it off. Wait what? Bunny bolted up from his position to see the snow that gently covered his body. It wasn't thick at all but nice and thin that made his fur sparkle and glitter.

What in Moon's name? That only meant one thing!

Bunny sprang up from his bed like lightning and ran out of his room only to crash into Tooth. They fell to the floor and Tooth huffed in irritation, "Bunny!" she scolded as she got up and straightened her wings. Bunny scrambled to his feet and seized Tooth by the shoulders.

"Tooth! I woke up and there was a layer of frost covering me!" Bunny burst out. Tooth's violet eyes widened in shock.

"That… that was the same with me too!" she exclaimed, her breathing becoming excited. It had coated her wings with a glittery layer of frost!

They said nothing for a couple of more seconds but with the eye contact they were both sharing, they knew they were thinking the exact same thing. They both made a dash for the infirmary room, almost stamping over a number of elves on the way.

Ignoring their cries, Bunny reached the infirmary first and he kicked the door open with one of his big feet. Getting a full view of the room, Bunny and Tooth could see the bright sunlight pouring into the room that was covered in frost and the empty bed where a winter spirit should have been resting. Even though the room looked beautiful, Tooth and Bunny started to panic as they saw that Jack wasn't there. What if Pitch had taken him again? What if he was in a place where they could never find him?

"Jack?! Jack?!" Tooth squealed, buzzing around the room like a crazy butterfly. Bunny's eyes darted here and there looking for the youngest guardian until he started to hop around the room, now feeling as panicked as Tooth.

"Jack! Pitch if you are hiding here, I swear if you have hurt him again, I will make you pay until you beg the Devil to take you to hell!" Bunny shouted. He shouted it so loud, it echoed through all of the halls of the workshop. His lungs then started to feel clogged up and Tooth felt as if she was going to faint. Then a little snickering came from the doorway and it was a snicker that Bunny knew so well.

Turning his head towards the door, he saw the grinning winter spirit leaning on the door frame. Even thought it had been one day, he looked much better.

The bruise on his head wasn't as big as it was yesterday and it's black and purple colour was starting to fade. His hoodie had been washed and sewn back together from when he cut his stomach and arms and he was moving them much better and they were bandaged. He was wearing his brown pants that had also been cleaned and sewn with a bandage obviously going around the wound. His other leg which was the one that he had broken with the slate, was in a white cast and he was being supported by staff which was good to lean on.

Once Tooth saw him, she flew right at him and gave him a tight hug and he almost fell over. "Oh Jack, don't scare me like that!" she said hugging him tighter. Jack laughed but then he wheezed.

"Uh Tooth? I have a damaged pair of shoulders!" he said wincing and then Tooth let go of him quickly. Jack breathed out and rubbed his left shoulder but the grin never left his face.

"Sorry" she said but she still looked relieved all the same. "Where were you?" she added.

"I was in North's office with him and Sandy having a… discussion. They will fill you in on it later" he replied with a little flinch in his smile. Bunny nodded as he knew Jack didn't want to talk about it and quite frankly, neither did he. Still, he wouldn't want Jack to guess that he was worried; he would never hear the end of it.

"Glad you're still here. You had a lot of strength when you came back" Bunny said with a smile. Jack smiled at the memory with his family in heaven yesterday but actually before he returned, his father had called something out to him. This would be fun.

"I guess I did. I have a lot of strength for an annoying, foolish, obnoxious and stubborn teenager" Jack said folding his arms. Bunny went as red as Christmas holly.

"But… you were…! I mean…! You!" Bunny spluttered and Tooth had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Jack started to laugh too.

"Just because I was dying doesn't mean I didn't hear you" Jack told him and now Bunny was getting a bit mad. Jack could see this and just to make him even madder, he hobbled over to the other bed on the other side of the room and pulled out something from under the bed sheets. He held it in front of him so Bunny could see and Bunny froze at the sight of it.

It was a video camera.

"Now, I didn't know if I was gonna live or not at the time so I asked the yetis to bring you guys in here in case I did die. But before one of them left, I asked Phil to leave a camera there" Jack said smugly.

"Why?" Tooth asked, although she could see where this was going.

"In case I lived, I wanted to see what Bunny's reaction would be like because I know that I am not the Kangaroos' favourite" Jack said and now Bunny was boiling with rage. "But now from this video tape that recorded his reaction, I now know that he really does care" Jack said and he said the last bit with honey dripping from his lips to tease Bunny. He then started to make his way towards the door since he knew what Bunny would do next.

Bunny was bewildered and angry at the same time. He had been tricked! By a monster! A devious, cunning and evil monster! "FROST!" Bunny shouted and he made a dive for the white haired boy who quickly hopped back even though his leg was still recovering. He gripped his staff and he started to fly down the hallway. Bunny looked down after him, wondering how he was flying when he was inside until he noticed that all the windows were open. He had planned this!

Chasing after him, Bunny rammed through the yetis and trod upon elves and this caused so much commotion, North and Sandy were alerted to see what the matter was. They both rushed out of the workshop to see a flash of white and then a flash of grey whizz past them and towards the entrance door to the workshop.

North smiled as he and Sandy jogged after them and was quickly joined by Tooth who had flown out to see what was going to happen. "I take it the reunion went well?" he asked Tooth who grinned back at him.

"You have no idea" she replied smiling.

Jack laughed out loud as he used the current of wind to force open the big double doors and he flew up into the clear blue sky leaving a trail of snowflakes behind him. Bunny stopped chasing him as soon as he stepped outside for he wasn't about to get his feet frozen. He looked up at Jack in the sky as he saw him flying about like crazy with the snowflakes zooming after him like a rocket.

North, Sandy and Tooth stood behind Bunny as they watched him fly about. "Show off!" Bunny shouted up at Jack. North laughed too and he placed a hand on the Pooka's shoulder and Tooth smiled at Sandy, now so happy that their youngest guardian was better and free again. They vowed that day to protect him and lookout for him and to make sure that Pitch would never harm him again.

Jack saw his friends or should he say family, looking up at him. He then looked up high in the sky and waved at the sky as he knew that his other family was watching him too. He let out a whoop as he saw the giant snowflake he had formed in the sky with his snow and he knew that there would always be someone watching over him and even though he couldn't see them, they would always be with him.

From the corner of the Pole on top of a mountain, Pitch was sitting on his fearling horse watching the show. He smiled as he watched Jack as he knew it wouldn't take that long for him to recover. Soon, fear would once again control the world and the Guardians would fall but maybe not all of them. He saw lots of promise here. Great promise.

This was far from over. It had barely even begun.

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