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Inbox: Derek

How's Ash doing?

Stiles smiled at the message as he made his way from the lunch line with his tray, his thumb moving over the keys to reply.


No WW probs. A little thing with Lydia earlier. Ask Peter. But otherwise everything's fine.

"Move it Stilinski!" snapped one of the lacrosse teams behind him.

Looking up, Stiles glared but rushed towards a table. He saw Scott and Allison already seated and talking with their heads close together. Stiles eyes scanned the room and sighed when he saw Ash sitting alone on the back table they'd spent the past few weeks sat at. He smiled at Scott and Allison, as he dropped his tray. "I'll be back."

Ash looked up as he paused at the end of the table. "Hey." she smiled.

"What are you doing here?"

Ash frowned, looking down at her tray. "Eating lunch?"

"We don't sit here anymore. Come on."


Stiles sent her a steely look with a warm smile. "We eat together."

Ash scooped up her tray and reluctantly followed after him. He paused by a long table where Scott and Isaac were already sat with Allison Argent. Ash swallowed nervously as she looked at them all. Stiles dropped into a seat at the head of the table and waved for Ash to talk the one at his left side. There was a strained silence as they all stared at their trays, not making eye contact.

"So, we're back at the cool table?" Danny suddenly announced over Ash's shoulder with a laugh.

"This is the cool table?" Stiles frowned looking around with faux horror. "Damn, I thought this was the Freaks and Geeks table. We better all move before someone mistakes us for the cool kids."

Danny shot him a narrow eyes smile. "You're hilarious, Stilinski."

"Was there any doubt?"

Scott scoffed. "So, Derek says there's a meeting after school."

Stiles shrugged. "He might or might not drop by practice."

Scott cringed. "Dude, is he gonna come perv on you in your uniform, cause that's not cool."

Stiles stared at Scott. "Oh, so when Allison and Lydia come to practice and sit in the bleachers watching you and….." he swallowed hard. "…the others running around getting sweaty and being all badass, and perving on you in your uniform is oksy…."

Allison blushed scarlet and dropped her head.

"….but my boyfriend comes to watch me, and that's not cool?"

Scott met his friends gaze unflinchingly. "Exactly. - 'Cause you're boyfriend's…." he looked around and lent forward. "A creepy guy how will just stand in the undergrowth and watch you like a weirdo."

Stiles gasped and flung his water in Scott's face.

"Dude." Scott scowled, grabbing his shirt to wipe his face as the table burst into laughter. "That's was totally unnecessary."

"It totally was necessary. That's my boyfriend you're insulting and everyone…." Stiles glanced at the table when Erica settled down across from Isaac. "….knows that only I am allowed to insult Derek."

"He does have a point through." Erica said smiling into her apple. "He does creep around a lot."

"So, it adds to the sexy man of mystery thing."

Scott made a gagging noise. "God, I'm gonna be sick."

"I don't exactly think you've got any room to judge, Scotty." Stiles glared. "How long were you hanging outside Allison's bedroom window when you guys started dating?"

Scott turned red and glared at his friend.

"I think the creeper thing might just be a….you-know-what thing." Danny said, smiling slyly into his lunch.

"Oh yes." Stiles drew out, turning to look at his friend with interest. "Something you want to share, Danno?"

"Not really."

"Has Tom been creeping around your room at night? - Wait is Tom in town?" Stiles frowned.

"Tom?" Ash frowned, looking from Stiles to Danny.

"Yes, he came back with me, wanted to speak to Derek."

"Tom's Danny's…you-know-what Boyfriend. - About what?" Stiles frowned with concern. "There's not going to be another test is there?"

Danny's head shot up. "No. - I….I think I might have mentioned that you and Derek weren't….getting on."

"Getting on? Dude, you should smell how much they've been—" The blonde started.

"Erica." The table groaned.

"Wait, you're dating a…." Ash leant forward, dropping her voice. "…werewolf?"

Danny smiled. "Yeah."

Ash's eyes went wide.

"And an alpha to boot." Stiles added with a wink. "Cause all the awesome guys get an alpha." he laughed, winking at his friend.

Ash just sat there staring at him, eyes wide. "But you're….."

Danny nodded. "Wait a minute." he suddenly frowned, looking from Ash to the table. "I missed something while I was away didn't I?"

"Just the usual, Ash is a member of the special club, everyone almost died, again. Me and Derek are…."

"Bumping hips. - Again!"

"Erica!" Stiles groaned this time. "There was no again. We've only just started bumping….stuff."

Scott groaned again, slamming his head into the table.

"Payback's a bitch, bro." Stiles laughed.

Danny turned to look at Ash. "You're…wow. When did that happen? - Was it one of you?" he looked around the table.

"It was before I came to Beacon Hills." Ash murmured, dropping her gaze to the table top. "I don't know…..who it was. I was….with my….dad." she swallowed.

Stiles sent Danny a scathing look. "Ash, it's alright."

Ash pushed back her chair. "Excuse me."

"Nice one, Danny." Stiles groaned.

"What did I say?" Danny looked around them.

"Her dad…." Scott began before falling silent, his eyes going to the swing doors of the cafeteria.

Stiles pushed back his own chair. "I better go see if she's alright."

"I'll go." Allison said, getting up and heading after the retreating new werewolf.

Stiles sighed and dropped back into his seat. Tension falling over the group.

"Her dad was a hunter." Scott finally said, meeting Danny's concerned and guilty gaze. "He tried to burn us all to death."

"What?" Danny gasped, looking at the pack.

Scott nodded. "If it wasn't for Stiles, we'd all be dead right now."

Stiles slouched in his chair, shrugging nonchalantly. "Hey, it's my job…." he huffed. "….savin' your asses. Aren't you lucky to have me?"

The whole table turned to look at him an overly serious look on each other their faces and Stiles stomach did an odd flip. He smiled warmly at the group and went back to his lunch, turning the conversation away from pack business.


"Derek! Derek!"

Derek looked up from his phone as the door to the deport flew violently open. "Tom?"

"Derek Hale you blood idi…." Tom snapped, storming into the large warehouse with a scowl on his face, only for his features to turn blank as he turned his nose to the air. "Oh….well, this was pointless." he laughed.

Derek narrowed his eyes at the fellow alpha. "Do I want to know why you're here?"

Tom grinned. "Danny told me about you kicking Stiles to the curb. I came to kick some sense into your damn ass."

Derek couldn't help the smile spreading across his face. "Well, I'm ready when you are?"

"And why on earth would I waste my energy? I've got much more entertaining things to do with it." Tom chuckled, rolling his eyes.

Derek shook his head. "As there's no reason for you to kick my ass, are you leaving?"

Tom took a slow walked around the large building. "I'm sorry about the house." he sighed.

Derek frowned. "It was my own fault, I should have done the work myself."

"No. We should have check out the workers. We organised it after all. It was our responsibility."

Derek shook his head.

"I'll talk to the council; we'll see what we can do about the house."

"I'm thinking that I should just pull the whole thing down and give the land over to the state."

"Why would you do that?" Tom frowned.

"Because that place is cursed. It's brought nothing but pain and misery."

"Derek that's….ridiculous. You can't honestly believe that?"

"My pack almost died. Stiles almost died."

"That's what comes with being a werewolf, Derek." Tom insisted, turning to meet his friends gaze. "We're always in danger, we just keep fighting back. - The house, the land, has nothing to do with it."

"I don't know." Derek shook his head.

Tom sighed, taking a seat on the battered couch. "So. Until you've decided what you're going to do, are you all staying here?"

Derek shrugged.

Tom's eyes scanned the space. "Well it's very homely." he remarked sarcastically.

"It's all we have."

"Really? Guess you can't exactly move in with the boyfriend." he chuckled, gaining him another of Derek's glares. "Isn't there a house you can rent or buy?" Tom asked with a raised brow.

"I'm not exactly in a position to rent or buy a large enough house."

Tom sighed. "You know the council would help."

"I don't need the council's help." Derek snapped. "I can't keep relying on the council to bail me out."

Tom nodded understandingly. "Maybe you should look for a job then."

Derek tightened his jaw. "I …The Sheriff's….hired me to work at the station."

Tom smirked wolfishly. "Really?"

Derek nodded. "So he can keep an eye on me."

Tom burst into laughter. "Really. So he knows about you and Stiles then?"

"And about the pack. - I…I had to tell him."

Tom watched his closely. "Why?"

"I…I thought it would help keep Stiles away." he shook his head. "I thought the Sheriff would ban him from seeing us."

"And how did that work out for you?" Tom smirked, eye brow raised.

Derek dropped his gaze with a shrug. "Obviously….really well."

Tom laughed again. "Yeah, so I can…." he wrinkled his nose. "….tell."

The two men sat laughing for few minutes.

When the laughter between the two men died, Tom pushed himself off the couch. "Come on."

Derek frowned. "Where are we going?"

"Well, I plan on going to see my boyfriend run around, getting all sweaty." Tom grinned wickedly. "Are you coming?"

Derek shook his head. "I can't. - The Sheriff….we're meant to be keeping a low profile. I'm pretty sure hang around the high school lacrosse field isn't going to accomplish that."

Tom smirked at him. "Like you haven't done it before."

Derek glowered at the fellow alpha. "That was different."

"Yeah. Now you're actually allowed to perv on the kid." Tom chuckled.

"I wasn't perving." Derek snapped. "I was…."

Tom waited, his brow raised and his arms folded over his chest.

"Keeping an eye on Scott, Isaac and Jackson."

Tom shook his head. "Sure you were. - Come on."

Derek wanted to argue, but he didn't. He grabbed his jacket and followed him out of the warehouse.


Stiles didn't know what Allison had said to Ash, but the girls had returned from their trip to the girls room with smiles on their faces and Ash seemed much more at ease. No one had seen Lydia since her outburst that morning which Stiles had to say but he was glad for. He didn't think he could handle anymore tension among his friends right now. They went though the rest of the day like normal teenagers, sitting bored in lessons, passing looks and whispers behind teacher's backs till the final bell rang and Stiles groaned as he followed Scott, Isaac and Danny to the locker room.

"Bilinski, bout time you got your scrawny little ass back here." The coach grumbled, not really paying any real attention to the teenager.

"Always nice to feel welcome, coach." Stiles shot back as he headed for his locker to change.

Stiles and the others stepped out onto the field to see Allison and Ash sat in the stands. Scott waved.

"McCall, stop flirting with the girls and get your ass out there! You too, Bilinski!"

Stiles nodded and followed Scott onto the grass. When Scott and Isaac suddenly stiffened and turned towards the bleachers Stiles frowned and followed their gaze. His heart skipped at he saw Derek and Tom talking to the coach.

"What they saying?" Stiles rushed to ask the werewolves.

"Tom's telling the coach he's a scout for his university. - And that Derek's his cousin." Isaac chuckled.

"Really? And Finstock is buying that?" Stiles frowned.

"Seems like it. He's singing Scott's praises."

"What just Scott? - Dude, I won't the championship." Stiles huffed indigently.

"Stiles, you scored one goal the whole season." Scott remarked with a raised brow.

"That won the championship. That's way more important than all the goals you scored, dude."

"If it wasn't for my goals, we wouldn't have made it to the championship."

"Geez, will you two quit it? You're both the world's best lacrosse players." Isaac chuckled with a roll of his eyes. "We all bow to your combined awesomeness."

"Damn right." Stiles laughed, turning to glance over at the stands where Derek and Tom had taken seats beside Ash and Allison.

"Alright, you lot. We've got a scout her from some college out east, so you're going to make me look good." Finstock demanded. "Get to it."

Everyone rushed to their places and waited for the whistle, Stiles facing down Scott. "Now, don't you go and cheat. You know the rule Scott, no wolfy powers. Play fair."

Scott smirked behind his helmet. "Or what? You going to tell your boyfriend on me?"

"I don't need to dumbass, he's watching."

"Even more reason for me to kick your ass." Scott chuckled as the whistle went and the pair flew at each other, Scott playfully knocking Stiles to the ground.

Derek watched from the benches as Stiles chased after Scott, trying to get the ball from him. He was aware of the others chatting beside him but all he could actually bring himself to concentrate on was the way Stiles was moving, the small beads of sweat peppering his forehead beneath his helmet. When Scott scored Allison cheered and Derek clenched his jaw and tried not to flash the boy a red eyed glare as he looked their way.

"It is a little unfair. Scott's got all that extra speed and strength on Stiles and the others." Ash murmured beside them.

Derek grunted. "That's why I never played."

Ash turned to look at him. "But you were on the team. I saw the picture."

Derek looked over at her. "But I never played."

"Always with the nobility." Tom chuckled. "Seriously Derek, you're like something out of a fairytale."

"Does that make Stiles a Disney princess?" Allison asked with a small smirk.

"McCall, pay attention!" Finstock yelled as Scott tripped on the field, clearly having heard Allison's comment, which he quickly shared with Stiles.

"Dude, I'm totally not a princess."

"So Derek's the princess?" Scott asked with a laugh.

Stiles glanced over at the benches, meeting Derek's gaze across the distance. "Dude, why do either of us have to be a princess? Can't we just have two Prince Charmings? - You are totally into each other. I mean, twenty-first century, bro."

Derek's heart skipped and he felt the knowing gaze of Tom and Ash on the side of his face. "I don't remember practise being this boring."

"I wouldn't say it was boring." Tom chuckled, tearing his gaze away from Derek to look in the direction of his boyfriend. "I'm actually enjoying it."

Play began again and this time Isaac worked to keep the ball away from Stiles and get a goal. Derek had a feeling both boys were trying to make some kind of point. He slouched down in the seat and sighed. Watching the display and fighting the desire to rush onto the field and help Stiles out. But he couldn't, this was Stiles world, and he had to learn to deal with the pack in his own way.

And deal with it he did a few minutes later when he finally got his hands on the ball and ran down the field, always completely aware of where Scott and Isaac were behind him. Derek shifted forward onto the edge of his seat, holding his breath. Stiles wasn't nearly as close to the goal as he needed to be and it was pretty much a moment of pure faith and panic that had him fling the ball towards Danny. Everyone watched as the ball flew throw the air as if in slow motion.

"Yes!" Derek yelled as he shot to his feet, his arms in the air, a proud grin spread across his face. It took him more minutes that it should to realize that everyone's eyes were on him. Once it settled into his brain he slowly lowered himself onto the bench and dropped his gaze to his feet. He could hear Stiles across the pitch laughing at him.

"Like that did you? You going to reward me for making that killer shot and beating the betas?" Stiles whispered and Derek growled under his breath.

"Way to be discreet there, Derek." Tom laughed from beside him.

"Shut up." he replied from between gritted teeth.

Derek was pinned to his seat for the rest of practice, his gaze never leaving his shoe until he heard the whistle blow and the coach ordering everyone into the showers. Derek glanced up to see everyone strolling off the field, led by the coach who seemed unwilling to hang around any longer than was contractually necessary. At the tail end of the group were four familiar figures, all heading towards them instead of the showers. Derek saw Tom leap to his feet and literarily jump off the bleachers to land in front of his teen boyfriend, who was covered in sweat and grinning. Allison was taking a little more time, stepping down, only to be met half way by Scott. Isaac just hung around at the bottom of the steps his gaze flickering between the couples and Ash, who was smiling and rolling her eyes at him before strolling down and heading off toward the school building, Isaac in her shadow. Leaving only Stiles, who was smiling smugly up at him, wiggling his brows and waiting for Derek to make any kind of move. When Derek still didn't move, Stiles huffed and walked down besides the bleachers, his gaze never leaving Derek's.

The alpha sucked in a breath and stared at the other who seemed completely focused on their own relationships.

"You coming," Stiles voice whispered from beneath him. "Or do I have to do this myself?"

Derek growled, closing his eyes. Without another thought of what the others might hear or see or thing, he gripped the metal railing and flung himself over, landing crouch at the side of the stands, his eyes fixed on Stiles who stood with his arms crossed and his shoulder pressed again a post.

"What took you so long? I want my prize." Stiles smirked cheekily.

Derek crept closer, his eyes heavy with want. "Prize huh? And what exactly is it you expect me to give you?" he all but growled.

"Right now?" Stiles huffed. "All I want to know is if the rumours are true?"

Derek stopped in front of Stiles, meeting his equally hungry eyes. "Rumours?"

"Yeah, remember? The bleachers is the place where all the cool kids make out."

Derek forced back the grin that was pulling at his lips. "Oh, that rumour." he sighed, stepping forward to press Stiles into the post he'd been leaning on. "I don't know if it's where the cool kids make out, but it's apparently where the infuriating mouth pieces do." Derek murmured before closing the gap between them and attacking Stiles mouth. He pulled back only for a second to add. "Great shot by the way. - But then, you do have a way with balls."

Stiles burst out laughing just as Derek took his mouth again, confident that this wasn't going to be the last time they did this.

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