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~Ann's p.o.v~

It was warm, wrapped around me and comforting. Not the usual intense heat, like a fire raging in front of me, or a festering wound. There was no sizzle or sting to it, just a peasant, soothing warmth. I didn't want to leave it, not something so familiar and safe as this, but an insistent shake of my shoulder slowly pulled me from sleep. I let out a quiet groan of protest, wanting to go back to my dreams, but the hand persisted. It was gentle as it shook me, a light pressure on my shoulder, almost maternal with it's tenderness.

A low, throaty chuckle rumbled in the chest I had my head laid upon, a familiar sound as I slowly opened my eyes.

"There's my little girl."A voice came from above me, a voice I loved that set my few nerves at ease, a voice that I could listen to all day and never tire of it. Unique, rumbling with a special deepness to it. I lightly nuzzled the side of my face into a black trench coat, sitting in this man's lap with my knees curled up.

"Look alive now, the clock's ticking."The man said with a suave, excited tone. I nodded, slowly coming to my senses and pulling out of my coma-like sleep, looking around me. We were surrouned in a thin membrane of hardened eggwhite, keeping the gloopy, chunky exterior from touching us for now. Thin cracks appeared in the membrane, a movement in the capsul-like egg telling me that something, probably a saliva boat, had picked us up.

"Where are we?"I asked curiously, looking upwards at the man whose lap I sat on. He leaned back, his skin a vibrant, 'infectious' red, his smile splitting his face as white teeth flashed, the excitement written on his features bringing a light to my heart, exciting me as his, pun untintended, contagious smile lightened my otherwise dark mood.

His face was sharp, with pointed cheekbones and a razor-sharp-looking chin, barely a nose peaking on his smooth face. Above prominent cheekbones sat two, golden-colored eyes, narrowed and anticipated. He reached up, his left hand flashing a long, deadly, violet-colored claw that streached far beyond his other fingers, brushing it through violet, thick dreadlocks.

I paused a moment, looking at him, reminding myself of just how similar we were, of how truly connected we were. Same deep, red skin tone, with the same small, peaked nose. My hair mimicked his, in slightly thinner dreadlocks pulled back into a pony tail on my head, a few closer-together ones forming bangs slightly over my right eye, violet. There was no mistaking our resemblence.

Even the things that set us apart meshed us together, fitting like puzzle pieces without the rest of the puzzle. My size, considerably smaller than his and yet just as powerful, able to fit into spaces he couldn't and hide where it was impossible for him. My eyes, oddly enough, a 'vibrant blue', as he often described them, 'my little gems'.

But the main thing, the way I knew we were meant to fight together, what made our team inseperable, my hands. Though they missed the long, leathal-looking claw that his had, both of my hands had small but impossibly-sharp nails, also a deep violet when unlit. When lit, they glowed a bright, luminescent orange, such as his claw did, able to cut through steel and more. But that wasn't their true purpose, no. The purpose wasn't as much the ability to cut, as it was to infect. To be a pathogen of heat, of unbelievable fire.

That was what made us unstoppable. That was what made us almost picture-images of the other...almost. I rather did not like thinking about the only thing that truly set us apart, the sole reason on my own head and in my very heart that I tried to smother through the years. The only thing that followed me, that I couldn't destroy with a pinprick. A cursing morality. A guilt that my older brother lacked, a sense of right and wrong.

Unfortunatly, what my brother found oh so right, I found horribly wrong. I didn't want to, had adapted to most things over the years, but it was inevitable every single time I stood by, watching a body burn from the inside out. I felt a pain, a guilt. I didn't want to harm the people we had... But he was my big brother. My everything. He was all that I had, all that I ever had had. And he loved this, this completed him. So, regardless of nagging guilt and a painful concience, I would do all I could in my power to accomplish his steadily-growing goals.

"45-year-old, ate an egg of a zoo floor."He mused almost rhythmically, and I made a small face, slowly shifting off his lap as I felt the egg make a stopping motion, slowly adjusting my black jeans and black tanktop, the knee-length, black trenchcoat barely making a sound as my brother brushed it lightly, standing on his own with an almost similar dress: An ankle-length tench coat, black pants, combat boots, and a grey turtle neck underneath.

"Sometimes I wonder how humans have survived this long."I said quietly in my small, reserved voice. I didn't mind when my tone came off a quiet, almost shy and a bit odd. I didn't do the talking in the team, my purpose was to protect my brother with my very life and carry out anything he needed done. A soft, gentle hand ran through my hair as he chuckled again.

"Don't worry, on the rate we're goin' they'll be good as Ebola."He chuckled, and I nodded in confirmation, though the thought did disturbe me, shoving down the guilt once more. Muffled voices came from outside, a snap of a rubber glove as some old-sounding, gruff voice mused,

"Hey, cells vote man. Cells vote."

"Game time."He whispered, the membrane shattering silently as some sort of trumpet-like instrument was shoved inside, me dodging out of its way as his left hand took a hold of it. I paused, looking up uncertainly at my older brother.

And, almost instantly, the guilt and fear subsided. That was the wonderful thing about him, he could set me at ease with anything he did. The smooth, confident smile on his face, rivaled by none, was enough to silently and stoicly stand and frown, ready to assist him in his latest, greatest goal.

I reached forward, seeing a pale blue hand break through the egg, surrounded by a white membrane. I took the hand and, before the man could utter so much as a grunt, my big brother shoved the trumpet instrument onto the man's hand, a quick and confused scream uttered out as he was sucked right back through his own machine with a sick sucking noise.

The instrument fell through the cracked egg, snot-like goop falling in front of the hold as another younger, more timid voice shook out.

"A-Artie?...Y-you there buddy- What the..."He whispered, finding his friend as I raised my hand, arm diagnal across my face. I felt a new heat in my arm, slowly growing in intensity as it made its way to my fingertips. For others, the heat would be too much to bear. For me, it was a theriputic thrum of warmth. The pinprick-sharp nails on my hands lit up, only my right arm quickly slashing in front of us.

Five pencil-straight, long, infectious-looking, red gashes erupted on the surface of the egg, seeing the glow of the fire within spread quickly, the egg vibrating as a mild adrenaline filled my body. A scream was heard outside as the thrumming grew loud, and finally exploding. I didn't so much as flinch as we dropped to the ground, sticky and gloopy muck completely covering out bodies.

I didn't move quickly, calming myself as we slowly straightened out. I sensed another presence in front of us, a small whimpering sounding as I felt the muck slop clean off of me, giving my head a slow and steady shake as the last of the egg reminants fell in a disgusting pile at our feet. I stood in front of my brother, slightly turned in as I gave the man in front of us a calm, steady glare.

I ignored the fear in his eyes for my own good as my brother's voice rolled out, an orange glow in the corner of my eye,

"Careful, I'm contageous." There was a smile in his voice as he moved forward, the man in front of us dropping his own trumpet-like instrument, visibly shaking and giving a fear-idled smile, holding up his hands in defense and an attempt at mercy.

If there was one thing I knew about my brother, it was that he was never taught mercy.

His claw reached out, barely touching the man's shoulder in a movement so light and delicate that, like most of the gentle touches he gave me, people would be shocked came from such a strong, destructive being.

"..O-ow..."The man squeaked out, his eyes rolling up a bit as his face slacked, the fire numbing. Like a firework after it's initial boom, the flame exploded, spreading like wildfire over the man's body. I heard his screams, the pain in his voice barely blocked by my now-instictive defenses, heard the popping and knew the red plasma slowly seeping and exploding from his body.

I just didn't see it, turning and walking next to my brother as he drug a claw along the inner wall of the saliva boat, leaving a thin, crooked, glowing line of heat in its wake. As he walked, he hummed a smooth rhythm, and I almost closed my eyes to listen to it. I loved it, his voice when he hummed or sang, something so soulful, so raw, so calming about it that it, above almost all, was my favorite thing about him.

Something else broke through my lullabye-like phase, my eyes flickering over to see a small green germ, no bigger than my foot, jumping from foot to foot and surface to surface to avoide the spreading heat, flames licking up the sides of the boat and flickering in the dark mouth. For a second, a fleeting second, our eyes met. His widened, terrified as he saw he was caught...

And for my own, reasons, to relieve what little guilt I could, I kept my own promise. I looked away from him, acting as if I'd never seen him, never killing anything that didn't absolutely need to be killed.

"Sweetie, hand me my shades will ya?"He asked, and I nodded, reaching into my own pocket as I saw him swinging something from his claw. It was thin, black, with small purple orbs radiating from the inside. His chain, the one thing that made me horribly uneasy, the one thing I couldn't bare to look at for long periods of time. Almost like the souls of our victims, forever taunting me.

I handed him the shades, avoiding the chain as I said quietly,

"Here, Thrax." He took them, flicking the sides open and grinning a wide, Cheshire-grin.

"Time to turn up the heat in here!"He exclaimed excitedly, and I moved lightly, his arm wrapping around me protectively as the saliva boat lurched forward, falling down the throat at a rapid, stomach-churning pace. "Hold on, baby!"He shouted happily, me turning and latching my arms around his torso, his arm releasing me and holding onto the sides of his trench coat.

Almost like bat wings, we took off, glinding through the steady inhale and exhale of oxygen and carbon dioxide, flying unseen in the shadows of this man's body.

"Where are we going, Thrax?"I asked my older brother, Thrax dipping quickly as police sirens began to sound below us.

"To get some recruits, baby. Wanna keep you as far away from the dirty work as possible, afterall."He said calmly and happily, me nodding and breathing in the scent of ashes and heat, relaxing for just a moment.

The next 48 hours, I knew, held nothing but chaos.

~Osmosis Jones~

"Uh huh!"I exclaimed outloud, walking my stuff across the airport as diverse and sometimes freaky-lookin' passengers arrived on the delicacies of Frank's diet. "My own case! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!"I walked with pride, swinging my arms as I felt an imporance in my chest, on my very first case! It was about time Chief decided to place some responsibility on yours truly!

Right now it might just be a sore throat, but give me two weeks and I'll be fighting the biggest, baddest germs to grace this side of-!

"...Well well..."I mused, a sweet piece of eye-candy making me stop in my tracks. I stood behind a giant call board, watching as a purple-ish blood cell moved in all the right ways, a hand on her hip and the phone to her ear, pulling down a short-and-sweet, purple skirt. I felt a smile creep onto my face, deciding that today wouldn't just be the day I cracked my first case, but the day I finally broke through sweet Leah's icy wall.

I'd been aching to take her out for months, maybe years now! Every time I might have gotten shot down, but not today! Nu-uh, not after she got to see the master detective at work. After this case, she'll be Jones-in' for some Osmosis! But first I had to spiff myself up, give her the full monty.

I reached down and streached my abdomen, puffing out my chest and then pulling my chin down into a suave, dimple-chinned look. Oh yeah, here I come!

"Well, well, well!"I exclaimed, walking up to the Mayor's assistant just as she flipped closed her phone, her face turning to me and giving me a look at her fine features. I leaned down, hands forming a type of camera as I took in more of her, earning an amused look in her own eyes. Hey, I could work with amused! "What do we got here? Someone's been working out! Leah you lookin' fine."I laid it on, seeing her roll her eyes and brush a hand through her short, silky-looking hair.

She crossed her arms and asked in a velvet-smooth voice,

"Jones, did they have to assign you to this job?" Ouch, strike number one! Leah was playin' hardball today. I kept smiling, not one to give up on a girl like Leah, and brushed back my hair.

"Spit, wasn't my idea!"I said smoothly, "But now I'm startin' ta like it!" I moved, taking one small, smooth hand in mine and gently pulling her close, spying the beginning of a smile on her lips that only encouraged me more. "Baby when are you and I gonna hook up? I know this nice spot right behind the eye, has the perfect view."I mused, Leah girl pulling away and crossing her arms, rolling her eyes despite the smile on her face.

"C'mon, how 'bout a little rendevous, between me-and-you?"I offered, moving closer again, closer to her face as I smoothed out a finishing line she couldn't refuse, "Do ya hear what I'm sayin? Do ya hear what I'm sayin'? Cuz I've been sayin' it a long time."

Still, despite my best efforts, she pulled away and turned her back to me, an icy chill coming from her, like always.

"Jones, what in the world makes you think I'd go out with you?"She asked with her own smooth tone, walking away. Still not giving up, I exclaimed in my own defense,

"Whatchu talkin' 'bout girl? I'm a legend! Girls be linin' up to divide with me!" Leah turned, a lopsided smirk on her fine face with an eyebrow cocked, confidence that no one could help but find sexy.

"Really? Because you look like the kind of cell that mostly divides with himself."She shot back, and my enhanced features immediatly fell, not that I needed them to woo the ladies. Fighting back the momentary put-down, I held up my hands in mock-cold and exclaimed,

"Wooo! Who turned down the heat in here? Somebody pay the bill!" Leah looked just about to shoot back at me, but a female announcer over the intercom rang through the busy stomachport.

"Now arriving: Cold Pill Drixenol with some Milk."She said monotonously, and I followed Leah as she immediatly turned and walked up to the terminal. Massive, see-through windows shone as white milk slapped up against the sides, the massive red-and-yellow capsul slamming into the end of the terminal as the loading dock streached out to it.

"Wow, that's big!"Leah exclaimed, me crossing my arms bitterly at what was supposed to be my 'partner'.

"Please, 99% of that's just sugar."I mummbled, Leah rolling her eyes in my perifrial vision.

"Yeah? And 99% of you's just stupid."She retorted, and I held up my hands in defense against the ice crystals forming on her nucleus.

"Ohh! You want my jacket girl, that nucleus must be cooold."I said smoothly, looking forward at the crowd surrounding the door that the pill would come out of. Suddenly, like blowing up a balloon, the tube of the loading dock puffed up worse than Frank in poison ivy, a massive cloud of bright-red smoke exploding from the terminal door. It quickly fogged up the entire terminal, a smell making me scrunch up my nose.

"What is that cherry stank?!"I exclaimed, as Leah and I made our way up to meet the pill as the doors opened. They slid apart, the fog clearing immediatly as the pill emerged from the darkened hall.

A big fella, with a capsul-like head that was red on top and yellow on bottom, a massive chest with a yellow + in the center. One hand was normal, with a red glove, but the other was some heavy-lookin' machine, possibly a gun that spun as he held the arm up, face serious as those around us gasped and 'ahh'ed.

"Agent Drixo-Benzo-Metaphetramine."He announced in a too-serious, too-polite voice. Damn, someone needs a stamp for their signature! He held up a hand, tone lightening as he said in rapid succesion: "Drixomine! The brand that eases your coughs and sneezes. Warning, do not exceed reccomended dosage. If symptoms persist contact physicion, may cause drowsiness. Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery, pregant women should not handle broken capsuls."

I smiled, nodding as I said,

"I feel better already!"Clearly this guy knew what to do, which would make the job that much easier, me look that much better, and get Leah that much closer to some Osmosis!

"You can call me Drix!"He exclaimed happily in a deep voice, floating over to us as I noticed a steady stream of air and bubbles coming from his be-hind. I'd be sure to keep him far from my baby, and when I said baby, I mean my smooth ride! Don't need any of that cherry crap stinking up the interior. Leah walked forward to greet him, saying,

"Welcome to the City of Frank."

"I'd like to examine your irritated areas."He said seriously, and I held up my hands playfully.

"Wo! Not on the first date, Drips!"I exclaimed, and he gave me a narrow-eyed frown.

"It's Drix."

"I know that!"I defended airily, and he raised an eyebrow.

"No, you said 'Drips', with a 'p'."He retorted, and I waved a hand at him carelessly.

"Whatever!"I mused, Leah tugging on my sleeve and making me face her, her face angry and frustrated and still oh-so-cute.

"Jones, this ain't workin' out! I'm gonna call Chief and ask him to assign someone else."She said stiffly and angrily, pulling out her phone. My gut sank immediatly and I grabbed her, making her face me as I resorted to pleading, seeing all of my hopes for this going down the bowels.

"Wait,"I said sadly, "Hold up Leah, I need this. Just give me a shot, I'll be good. I promise."I begged, palms together and scrunching up my face into the best puppy-dog eyes I could give. Slowly, her scowl fell and she rolled her eyes, snapping shut the phone and placing in her shoulder-purse.

"Fine Jones, but not screw ups!"She scolded, frownin, "Ya dig?" I almost jumped for joy, spinning to Drips as I mused,

"Yeah yeah, I promise everything's gonna be fine!" I took Drix's arm and turned, leading the confused pill out of the main section as I threw over my shoulder, "Not as fine as you, but fine." Bam, that'll keep her thinkin'. Now to just get this stick-in-the mud to make me look as good as I was and things would finally start goin' my way.

After all, what's the worst that could happen with a sore throat?