Oh what's this? My second Fanfiction?! Gasp! It is! So it's going to be fluffy and might be a little funny. Hope you love it! :)


Ahsoka snored, like a teenage girl would and was splayed all across her bed. Her master walked over to her from his side of the room.

"Ahsoka," he said gently, "Wake uuuupppp. It's time to fight the war." His Padawan still snored. "AHSOKA! RISE AND SHINE!" He yelled. She just let out a moan that said: Leave me the kriff alone! "Ahsoka Cai Tano get up this instant!" Anakin ordered. Ahsoka still snored. Her master sighed, "Snips I didn't want to have to do this," he grabbed her feet and pulled her off the bed...she still didn't wake up. Anakin had only one option left, "LOOK! CHOCLATE AND LUX BONTERI!" He exaggerated.

"I'M UP! I'M UP!" Ahsoka shot up. "Hey, there's no choclate...or Lux!" She whined. "Oh my Force. You can see your boyfriend later." Anakin said irritated. "He's not my boyfriend!" Anakin laughed, "I know. If he was I would have his head on a platter by now!" Ahsoka stuck her tongue out. Anakin did the same. "So...why'd you wake me?" Ahsoka yawned. "Because we need to train. Duh!" "Well why does it have to be do early in the morning?!" Ahsoka whined again, "The morning is evil." She continued. Anakin laughed again, "Come on Snips." He knew Ahsoka probably wouldn't come so he grabbed her by the waist and hauled her over is shoulder. "Master! Put me down!" Ahsoka screamed. "Nope!" Anakin said laughing his head off.

"So Padme wants us to attend a dinner party tomorrow?" Ahsoka said. It was a night after a day full of training. (because the author of this story is too lazy to write that part! Shame on you author!) "Yeah, c'mon you haven't seen Padme in awhile. You've been spending too much time with me and Obi-wan. You may be a Jedi, but you still need some girl time." Anakin nodded. "I will have you know just a month ago Barris and I ate ice cream and watched romantic comedies!" "A month! My Padawan! A month! 30 standered days!" Anakin pointed out. Ahsoka raised up her hand in a surrendering way, "Point taken...but Master it'll just be a bunch of senators." "You're right. Now if there was only a senator who was about your age and is just as bit as reckless and stubborn as you are. Come to think of it...there is!" Anakin teased. "Ha, ha. Very funny. I know Senator Chuchi will be there!" Anakin face palmed himself, "Lux...Lux, Ahsoka, Lux. I meant Lux." "I know. I just wanted to see your face when I said that." "You're an evil little Togruta." "No, I'm just a teenager...so for this dinner party, I don't have to dress up or anything do I?" "Actually you do. It's a very formal party. You'll need to where a dress." Ahsoka slouched, "Kriff." "C'mon Snips it won't be that bad!" "Fine, I'll where a dress if you where tux." "I was going to anyway." Anakin shrugged, "Now come on it's late and you've been training all day, tomorrow Padme's going to take you shopping for a dress." "Fine. But I won't like it." "I didn't say you had to." Anakin retorted, before he went to bed in their shared quarters.

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