Willy's choice

Willy saw the news, a massive earthquake had destroyed the town of Sunnydale. He didn't know which side had done it, good or evil. Many had fled this town in the last few months, including Willy, including creatures who lived under the ground and didn't spook easily. But even with so many people fleeing, Willy had no doubt that many people had just died. He thought about his life so far, not much to be proud of. He'd been in the army, had believed in something once. Then Willy got involved in the black market, small time stuff. Getting his friends in the field a candy bar or a pair of clean socks, making a few bucks off it. But he got bigger. By the time he was caught he had a three day pass pinting press and rn a cock-fight training camp. The army made Willy a deal. He would go undercover, supply terrorist groups with bad intel, in exchange for an honorable discharge. After that Willy opened his own bar, sold information to anyone with the money. He'd even betrayed the slayer, why she let him live Willy would never know. Maybe she kew he was valuable, he had helped give her knowledge that stopped a crazy cult from exterminating all life. But Willy had no delusions about his motives. He only wanted to survive, and he had. As Willy thought about his life, he knew he'd done little good, but maybe it wasn't too late to change. Many had fled Sunnydale recently, but how many had permament residences elsewhere? Some had been staying in hotels, others with relatives. There were now hundreds, maybe thouands of refugees who needed help finding homes. Willy had the money and resources to help at least ome of these people. He made a vow to help those he could. And for the first time in a very long time, Willy the snitch felt like a human being again.